Free Chaayos At T1 Terminal Mumbai Airport!

I’ve been a Starbucks regular for coffee ever since they arrived in India, but it does not overtake my love for good tea one bit. Apart from the homebrew and the cutting chai on the roadside, the one tea chain I’ve taken to since a year now has been Chaayos. So, I was only too ecstatic to see that Chaayos has opened a new outlet at the T1 Terminal Mumbai Airport. As is their usual positioning, they are usually adjacent to or a few feet away from Starbucks. So at Mumbai Airport Terminal 1, about 6 months ago, they came up next to Starbucks India as well.

Chaayos T1 Terminal Mumbai Airport

I hadn’t tried out this outlet, however, given I fly from Terminal 2 all the time. Yesterday, on the odd flight from Terminal 1, however, I found out about this new opportunity to get a free cuppa tea from Chaayos as I got out of my Uber. Turns out Uber and Chaayos have a marketing partnership ongoing, where anyone who arrives atT1 Terminal Mumbai Airport and orders an Uber to go into town or arrives at T1 Terminal Mumbai Airport on an Uber, is eligible for a free Chai from Chaayos.

Chaayos Near me

What do you need to do? Just pull out your app and show them the pickup or drop from Terminal 1, and they will be able to get you a free Masala Chai or something equivalent.

Free Chaayos

This is not an unlimited offer, but too many people don’t know about it as yet. 300 free cuppas go out every day, and I was able to snag one at about 3 pm yesterday. I like my tea with less milk, and saunf and tulsi, and they were able to get me a very good cup of tea in 5 minutes flat. There is no end date of this giveaway at the moment.

Chaayos Tea

About the outlet, it is still being rolled out fully, but they have some very good travel related inspiration on the walls. And the story of the Mumbai airport as well! When fully rolled out, the airport outlet will also have a conference room you will be able to hold meetings at.

Chaayos T1 Terminal Mumbai Airport

Have you got your free cup of tea from Chaayos? How do you like your chai?

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  1. I was there on 31 aug 19 Ambience was good but the food i ordered was not
    I have ordered for bun samosa
    Filling of samosa was not hot or infact i can say it was freezed
    When i told about this to waiters they said we give you another and took my one but they didn’t come for half an hour then i just said thanku to him…

  2. Yes I was on one day trip to Bombay and I availed this while arrival and departure both, also I had business discussion which I did there only in a corner as the area is very big

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