Still Available: Goa DoubleTree by Hilton for 5000 points

Those of you who are regulars with the Hilton HHonors program in India would know that the DoubleTree by Hilton Goa is(was) one value gem in their portfolio at Category 1. Last year, I had a very good stay at this property for 2000 HHonors points and cash, and one night redeemed for 5000 HHonors points.

Now, this year, at a very short notice, the property is going to move from Category 1 to Category 3, which means that the redemption requirements will move from 5000 points to 20000 points. This change comes into effect 24 hours from now approximately.


However, at this moment, lots of dates are available at the hotel for 5000 HHonors points, or even 2000 HHonors points + INR 2000 Cash (inclusive of taxes). So, if you’re interested in booking the hotel on these dates, it may be a good idea for you to do so now. You can always cancel later if the dates don’t work for you.


In my head, I had already switched this property to Category 3 over the weekend, but I realised there was still one more day to go, so I thought it was good to give a heads up for those of you who may want a value deal. The hotel also honours elite benefits, and last year I helped myself to free breakfast being a Hilton Gold.

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  1. Hi AJ.. I dont see 2K HH+ 2K Rupee option for Nov-Dec. I thought the option has been withdrawn. I have some 8k points only and would like to make best use of those (4nights). Please help.

    • Hi Gaurav, the period you mention only has points bookings available and not cash and points. you can either book those or buy more HHonors points/transfer Citi PM. However, it will take time to get transfers inwards. Even if you buy the remaining 12000 points for INR 7200 ($120), you would be good to go on a 4 night stay for the price of one night only.

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