Status for free and discounts with Kingfisher KingClub till Dec 31, 2011

Kingfisher’s loyalty program KingClub is offering free status to premium MasterCard holders all the way uptil December 31, 2011. To register, you should have an eligible MasterCard (Platinum, World, Titanium Credit Cards or a Premium Debit Card), and you have to plonk the first 6 digits on the Kingfisher website here, to get your upgraded status. Titanium and Platinum tiers get Kingfisher KingClub Red tier, but World MasterCard users get KingClub Silver. Please note, this promotion works when you open a new account with Kingfisher Airlines KingClub, and not on existing accounts. You also get 250 miles credited for opening your account, and if you fill up your details to complete the profile, another 500 come your way.

In the new scheme of things, where Kingfisher will be a oneworld member airline soon, this could be an easy way to get Ruby tier status on oneworld, where it is expected to be equalled on the ow heirarchy. Won’t get you lounge access, but surely will help you get priority tagging for bags, Preferred Seating (where offered) and Priority Check-in and some perks if you travel outside India frequently. Benefits on Kingfisher will include Lounge Access also, when travelling in India, and 15% tier bonus on flights credited.

If you fly some on Kingfisher, you stand to get anything from 500 to 3,000 bonus KingClub miles for taking return trips on Kingfisher. If you are a trunk route flyer like Mumbai-Delhi, or fly abroad with them, you should do well since these flights are not affected by the current turmoil at the airline.

Also, if you note the promotion posted, you can get INR 500 (10$) off on round trip bookings using the promo codes you can obtain here. Also, 10% off for business class bookings on the same site!

I should have posted this earlier, but it makes more sense now that Kingfisher is finally boarding on the oneworld bandwagon. If you choose to donate some miles to me, PM me for my KingClub membership number for the member-gets-member promo!


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  1. I just tried 549852 3 different times for new accounts for my sister and brother-in-law and I only got normal status. I don’t think it’s working anymore because I was able to get silver status last week with the same number.

  2. Didn’t work for me either. Could it be that you have to access from the US and be US citizen? I put a US postal address but accessed from Germany and citizenship is German, too.

    • Guys. Try again with a different browser? I see a lot of people getting browser errors. And the codes I put out were from my own MasterCard World cards. So I have seen an 80% success rate with people using them!

  3. I’m running into the same issue as @frog… Can’t find the word “silver” anywhere on this site. I’m using Firefox and the 549852 code.

  4. Tried many times with IE and chrome, used 549852, but never see silver status. When I click the daily status review button, it says King Base. I’ve been using US addresses. I noticed the page refreshes when choosing united states, is that breaking it?

  5. @bird
    Here is how I got the silver membership for myself and others.
    1. Used Internet Explorer or Firefox
    2. Used above link which asks for your Mastercard number.
    3. Entered “549852”
    4. Select “No” when asked if you already have an account
    5. Look for the popup registration page. If you don’t see the popup then look around your browser because it is preventing the popup.
    6. Signup using the popped up registration form only, enter all required details.
    7. Cicked OK/Confirm at bottom of form.
    8. Form changed into a confirmation screen which showed my account as silver
    9. Ignore original MasterCard form where you entered 549852
    10. Confirmation email showed up 2 minutes later.

    Hope that helps.

  6. @ AK or anyone else who set up a dummy account – how do you transfer these benefits to your real oneworld membership once kingfisher joins? Used my real last name but my nickname instead of legal name to set up a dummy to get silver. Who do I call to make sure that oneworld picks up my dummy account? Sorry if silly q but pretty new to the game. Thanks!!

  7. I live in the US, visit India 3-4 times a year, am usually AA Platinum (OW Sapphire). Is there a benefit to me in having a separate status on Kingfisher itself?

    • as of now KF and OW are separate status. as of Feb they should be integrated. so, maybe not, unless you’d like domestic lounge access

  8. tried everything said here.

    Cannot tell what if anything took hold.

    Been away from India for fourth years…still marvel at the hoops you go thru to just get a FF account. !

  9. Thanks AJ! 549852 gave me silver status as I saw the banner showing SILVER when go to account summary. Anyway, how to use this silver status as I saw Campaign End Date was 29.FEB.2012.

  10. Nevermind…549852 works – avoid using Chrome, the signup page and links seem to act funky; I had success using Firefox.

  11. I used 552093 last night but a/o this morning still shows me as a base member. Tried starting anew with 549852 but gives me the invalid member error.

  12. Make sure to disable pop-up blocking. Tried to register a few times with what seemed like nothing happening then realised Chrome was blocking pop-ups!

  13. I went to the MY profie and my campaign and click the register again and I can only see “red level” in my Award Wallet
    I used 552344. Does anyone know why?
    Plus where do u see the status level in the membership

  14. Looks like you have to go back in to your account after your register on the web site and select My Profile->My Campaigns where a Master Card International option has to be selected.

    • Mark seems to have found 552093 to work! I am already a Gold Tier with them else I could have used hit-and-trial on my own account and told you more.

  15. I have a World Elite MasterCard, Platinum Level and got an ‘invalid member’ when going through the link. The card is a Citi Aadvantage card for American Airlines, maybe thats why?

  16. Thanks for the tip!

    Just used 552093 and it seems to have worked…

    At least I was told I was registered on the promotion.

    Let’s wait for the status change now…

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