Star Alliance airlines are giving away 21 million Miles

Star Alliance, the world’s oldest airline alliance, is celebrating their 20th anniversary, and they are giving away a whole lot of miles to celebrate the event. 21 Million miles to be precise.

The contest has already begun a couple of days ago, and you have time till July 31, 2017 to participate. You could be contesting for 1 million miles which could come from one of the 21 member loyalty programs of the Star Alliance network (many of them share programs, such as Miles & More for Lufthansa, Brussels, Swiss, etc. ).


Entry to the contest is free. All you need to do, is to head up here, and post a picture of yourselves with the membership number to your favourite Star Alliance program. If you win, you get a million miles from one of the 21 Star Alliance programs which are offering the promotion.

You will be judged on the back of the creativity of your submission, along with your capability to convey the cultural experience you are trying to communicate.


This is a fun contest, with some great prizes to boot. The prizes are good enough for a few round the world tickets.

I’m already a mileage millionaire, but I do hope some more of you could take part and win the stakes!

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