SpiceClub has further changed colors!

I have written extensively about SpiceClub, the membership program that SpiceJet is trying to get the world excited about over the better part of the year. When they launched, the program was priced at INR 399, and members got a free ticket on the member’s birthday, and 50% discount on travelling on your wedding anniversary. Other freebies included discounts on their meals and other services.

Then, they devalued, by increasing the price of the the membership to INR 599, and reducing the wedding-anniversary benefit to an INR 2000 discount rather than a flat 50% discount.

SpiceClub Version 3

We should not really be giving grief to Air India or Jet Airways for restructuring their loyalty programs with no notice, when there is this guy in the market who is trying to make a loyalty program, but is horribly failing at it. They’ve changed the program a third time around recently, since April 2016. Here are the new benefits.


Like you see, SpiceJet has stopped giving out free tickets on the Member’s birthdays. Now, you just get the INR 599 discount vouchers (x2), 50% discount on anniversary tickets for two (maximum discount at INR 2000), 2 vouchers of INR 100 for other services, however, you cannot use them for meal bookings.

New SpiceClub Benefits: Priority Check-in

On one of my recent trips, I happened to notice that SpiceJet has converted dedicated SpiceMax counters into counters for SpiceClub members and SpiceMax check-ins. I was not flying SpiceJet out of Mumbai that day, but on the way back from Goa, I was flying SpiceJet, and I was able to use the counter without any hassle, by telling the counter staff that I was a SpiceClub member.



I almost hate SpiceJet for doing this over and over. They are perhaps doing a public beta of the program right now, and this is still an experiment for these guys it seems. I’m glad I took the INR 399 version of the program, used my 2 discount vouchers for flights, and now over with. Because hey, I don’t fly on the day of my anniversary but before or after. And hey, similarly I would rather be in one place on my birthday rather than flying that day.

Any one of my readers able to get the full benefits of the SpiceClub for themselves and their families? I am just confused with their ever changing benefits all the time!

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  1. This third version did not come in April 2016. I did it for my fiancee around last week of July and she availed her Birthday Free Ticket. It was August’s 3rd or 4th week i guess. They have something called loyal points in SpiceClub Now. More like 1% cashback. And you always get waiver on processing fee if you pay by topping up your spiceclub account. These are two good points i see now.

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