Half way there to SPG Platinum with 8 stays

A few days ago I’d mentioned about my intention to go for SPG Platinum status. Before the start of last week, I had just stayed 4 nights in SPG hotels, over 3 stays this year.

The Road to Platinum

The Road to Platinum

There were many reasons to look at it just now:

  • An SPG Exclusive Promotion that would give double credit for elite nights and elite stays count, making it very easy.
  • Another SPG promotion, which is offering every one 500 to 1000 SPG points per stay through January 2018. That made the case better, because now I could get more RoI out of every night spent in a different bed.

Given both these perfectly timed together and I was anyways going to spend some nights in a hotel, I figured it would be a great time to chase SPG Platinum status. I had to be gone for 5 nights, and the inconvenience I added to myself was splitting 4 nights over 4 different hotels instead of one hotel. While the details will come in later, I’m glad the counter moved fast.

Not just that, I now have a few more nights coming up with SPG and then I’ll be closer than ever before. But what I am wondering is, is how to capitalise on a new promotion SPG & Emirates sent me a few days ago, and also to a lot of you. I’m sort of confused if Starwood wants my 1-night stay business, or my 2-nights plus business!

Anyhow, I also did requalify for Gold along the way once again. First base. Hmmm…

Now time to go for the kill. 6 more stays, and I’ll be home. Any ideas where should I celebrate my SPG Platinum status? Don’t take me far away from home guys…

Are you chasing any status this quarter? Do share…


  1. I received the same offers. I will definitely go for it. Plus Marriott Plat gives you United Silver with their crossover rewards too 🙂

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