Some discount codes going away

A reader of the blog, Girija Prasad, has sent out to me two INR 500 discount codes from, which are valid for use till August 31, 2013, and date of travel is completely open.

The two codes are published below, and they are valid for one-way flight bookings only.

  • skaKyXxgftS
  • 7pAb4qHrAw6

In case you use these codes, please let me know via the comments section, and if you have any more codes, do let me know as well. Safe travels, and thank you Girish for paying it forward.

Edit: Looks like multiple people can use the same codes, so do try it out and report back if it works like that.

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  1. Hi AJ, This is excellent initiative to pool in unused vouchers / multiple use vouchers. I am sure it would benefit lot of regular readers like myself. Thanks.

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