Singapore now offers 96-hour Visa Free Transit for Indians

Singapore has been one of the biggest draw for Indians, and a long standing hub for Indian passengers to transfer to Japan/Australia as well as the North American continent who chose to fly west. However, it always sounded odd that they could not enter the country unless they had a separate visa for Singapore. I remember back in 2013, I could not organise a visa in time, and I was at the lounge for the whole 15 hours I was in Singapore. A client of our mileage redemption service recently flew Singapore Airlines Suites Class from Australia to India, however, he needed a separate visa as well for Singapore.

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But this has been changed as of October 2016. The new rules notified by the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority now allow for a 96-hour Visa Free Transit Facility for Indians, on one leg of their trip (outbound or return) when travelling from India to a third-country by air. To be admitted Visa Free, here are the requirements for Indian passengers:

  • You need to have a valid onward air ticket with journey commencing within 96-hours of arrival.
  • You need a valid visa/long-term pass (with a validity of at least 1 month from the date of entry into Singapore) issued by the any of the following countries:
    • Australia
    • Canada
    • Japan
    • New Zealand
    • United Kingdom
    • United States of America
    • Germany
    • Switzerland
  • Single Journey Visas (SJV) issued by the above countries are also acceptable when transiting through Singapore on the onward or return leg of the same journey. For those on the return leg of the journey, i.e. after the SJV has been utilized, the following conditions must be met:
    • The traveller travels directly from the country that issued the SJV, on route through Singapore, directly back to the home country; and
    • The traveller has not returned to their home country since the SJV was last utilized.

How does this work?

So if you have long term residency or visas (such as the US B1/B2) on your passport, you should be able to go through to Singapore without a visa when travelling to any country. Let us say, you are doing a Mumbai-Singapore-Seoul trip and you would like to enter Singapore for a 2 night halt, you could flash your 5-year or 10-year American visa (B1/B2 at the least), and go into Singapore.

However, if you have a single visit visa to Japan, then you can only do, for example, a Mumbai-Singapore-Tokyo trip, and stop at Singapore on one of the legs of your journey.

It does strike me as odd that instead of the entire Schengen Zone, Visa Free Transit is offered only against long term Visa issued specifically by Germany and Switzerland.

Another point to remember, the 96 hour transit cannot be extended under any circumstances, so don’t bank on that if you need to stay longer.

Here is the exact notification from the ICA. You can use this privilege with any carrier and not just Singapore Airlines.


This is great news for us, because this means that Indians can now plan a journey to/through Singapore while going to other countries, and this should add to the attractiveness of Singapore as a transit destination.

Will you be considering utilizing the Singapore Visa Free Transfer Facility in the future?

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  1. Hai,
    I am holding Indian passport. I am working in Ireland from last one year. Do i need to take visa to travel to Indian by transiting through Singapore. I will be staying in the Airport during the transit time.

  2. Hi
    M going to chch-Singapore-Delhi. I know I don’t need any visa for this.
    But on way back, Delhi to Singapore I want stay in Singapore for 2-3 days max then fly to Phuket from Singapore for a week for holidays. Fly Back to Singapore after a week and same day fly back to christchurch.

    Do I need Singapore visa for this???? Please advise if someone can

  3. Hi There,

    My wife has an indian Visa. We are going to Krabi. She has a layover of 8hr on Singapore Airport. flight from mumbai to singapore is via Vistara Airlines. and flight from Singapore to Krabi on different airlines. the terminals is also different. does she need to take a visa for 8hrs of layover? the terminals are different and flight company is different as well. she is happy to stay on Changi Airport for 8hrs.

    Thanks in Advance.

    • Hi… how does it go …my mom travelling on same conditions like different terminals…she is travelling to Australia. I am very concerned about her because of language barrier .
      How can I help her

  4. I am Indian citizen leaving in Doha Qatar, planning a trip to
    Will I be entitled for 96 hours free transit visa of Singapore

    • Sir I am Traveling to Bali by Singapore Airlines from India. From Bali I m coming back through Singapore having 72 hours break to visit Singapore.
      Can I get Transit visa at Airport. I am holding Indian passport having US B1/B2 visa on my passport.
      Please advise me can I get Transit visa at Airport. I am having return ticket of Singapore Airline and hotel booking in Singapore.
      Please advice.

  5. Is there any requirement on how long the passport needs to be valid for? I will have around 5 month validity when entering Singapore with this transit free visa – is that okay?

  6. I’m living in new Zealand got work visa there . got indian passport i need to know I’m travel in January via Singapore i have stay for more then 16 hours can i go out in Singapore …..

    • You can go out in Singapore no problem, I have just a few months back gone there without any problem

      • I think you need a visa for indian passport Oct16th my wife travelled from newzealand to india and layover of 14hr but could not go out for a singpore free tour as they needed a visa.

  7. Hallo World,
    I am flying from Germany to India. I am student in Germany. I have German ID card but I have Schengen Visa. Do I get Visa to stay in Singapore for 96 hours?

  8. I am flying from Jakarta to Mumbai with transit in Singapore. I will be traveling to Singapore by Singapore Airlines and my onwards journey to Mumbai is by Air India flight on the same day. Do I require to have a transit visa for the same??

  9. Need a clarification. I am travelling to India from USA via japan – singapore — India. I have flights till singapore and I need to buy tickets in singapore to india. Do I need a Visitor Visa – I have a valid visa from USA and Citizen of India.

  10. I m indian passport holder, going to new zealand for just 7 days,
    My return flight is christ church-singapore-delhi,
    I want to held at singapore and visit singapore for 2 days,can i get visa free transit facility without any singapore visa?

  11. I have an indian passport with a residence card of a family member of a union citizen issued in the uk and currently living in the UK. will i be eligible for 96 hour visa free transit? I am planning to travel from Vietnam to kuala lumpur via Singapore airlines with a stop of 15 hours.

  12. I am an Indian passport holder with a valid 10 year US visitor visa. I wanted to use the 96 hour transit visa that is available on arrival.

    However, the time between my flights in Singapore is 98 hours. I am wondering if I can wait at the airport for 2 hours before going to the immigration counter, so that my outbound flight is within the 96 hour window to get the transit visa.

  13. I must say this rule is utter rubbish. What if you travelling from Delhi to Cape Town via Singapore on Singapore Airlines and would like to take a stop over for two days without having the stated visas as an Indian National?
    I guess the rule won’t work in your favor then, despite the fact that you have an booked and confirmed itenary with SIA.
    That’s why I always prefer Emirates, at least with them its easy enough to get a transit visa through vfs and the rules are very clear.
    In this day and age when Indians spend lots of money staying and buying from these destinations, they don’t feel shame to milk us even further, complete non-sense.
    Lot of Indians, including myself, don’t have an American or whatever other visas as stated, so this visa exemption is not really applicable to the majority of Indian travelers unfortunately.
    So I guess, the title should rather say SINGAPORE VISA FREE TRANSIT FOR A FEW INDIANS.


  14. Hi ,
    I am currently living in Sydney and I have temporary graduate visa.
    I am an Indian citizen.
    I am planning to go to Sydney-Singapore-India in December and I want to explore Singapore and stay for 3-4 days and then I want to fly to India from Singapore
    So may I eligible for 96 hours visa?

  15. Need an urgent clarification on this:

    I’m planning to travel to Singapore (from Hyderabad) and stay for about 48 hours, then take a flight to Kuala Lumpur, layover for a couple hours and come back to Hyderabad.

    Would this still count as ‘transit’ in Singapore to get the transit visa? Or will I need to have the Malaysian visa as well to take this forward? Appreciate your inputs

  16. Need advice & help-

    I m travelling philippines via singapore in singapore airlines next month. My return flight also same route & in same airlines. I have a valid 10 yrs USA visa on my passport.
    While going philippines i have 6 hrs hault at singapore airport & my next flight is scoot. I dont have to cross immigration i confirmed from airlines so no need of transit visa i think.

    1. Will i get free visa on arrival at Philippines airport on basis of USA visa??

    2. What all documents required for phil visa on arrival??

    3. In return journey i have 30 hrs hault in singapore so can i take free transit visa at singapore airport on basis of USA visa??

    4. What all documents required for singapore transit visa??

    Please do help me & advice me. Thanks

    • If you do not cross the immigration and remain in transit area then you do not need Singapore Visa.
      If you want to cross the Singapore immigration then you should have the Visa however Trasit Visa is also granted to Indians who have Valid US visa + Return flight ticket within 96 hours.

      But i will still suggest you to check with your airlines once again before you depart.

  17. Hi all, I need your help.

    I have a friend who is flying Nadi (Fiji) – Singapore – New Delhi on a combination of Fiji Airways and Jet Airways.

    He has a 19.5 hrs. transit in Singapore and he needs to get out of the airport.

    He hold valid Germany Type D visas valid for 3+ months and is Indian passport holder.

    Can he transit Singapore without a valid visa that has been applied in advance?

    Thank you in advance!

    • I have booked a flight from New Delhi to Phuket and I am an Indian Passport holder under normal category. My flight from New Delhi to phuket will arrive in Singapore at 6 pm in the evening vai from Singapore singapore airlines Do I have a break of around 17:00 hrs in Singapore. want to visit Singapore city In this case too, do I need a transit visa of Singapore ???? Please suggest….

        • Hi,
          Singapore airlines ,shall offer u ,a free city tour and a 50 singles dollar voucher.
          Pl collect the voucher from I shop in Changi and spent anywhere u want at the airport and apply for a tourist visa worth 2k INR avail free city tour

          U need to register at the airport fr the tour and they have timings also fr the same

          If u speak to the travel ,agent,then they can arrange ,moreover u can call Singapore airlines directly and seek their their help also

          I have already done this earlier and again I m scheduled to enjoy this in Jun 19

          • Hi pankaj,
            Do I need visa only if I join the free city tour ?

            If I stay inside the airport and use the transit voucher for lounge access do I need visa ? Any Indian passport holder can get the visa ?

            Thanks in advance.

  18. I am planning to travel by air Asia Chennai-bali, bali-sinapore & singapore Chennai. Can I avail Visa free transit facility for 3 days on my return leg in Singapore. Kindly advise so that I can book my tickets accordingly

  19. Hello sir,
    I am an Indian passport holder living in Jakart on work permit for last 3 months, planning to go Australia from Singapore with all booking done and return flight and a tourist visa for Australia so , does I require a Singapore Visa for transit as I will book 2 different flight from Jakarta to Singapore and from Singapore to Australia? ?

  20. I availed this free facility last week on my return journey from Australia to India. I landed in Singapore Terminal 1 around 5:30 pm and my onward flight was at 11 pm.

    The immigration officer did advise that there’s very little time to go to Singapore city and come back and it will be a tight one for me as it’ll be peak traffic time. I thanked him and told him that I would still like to avail of this facility. They gave me a Visa on my new passport that had the Australian visa associated with. The US visa didn’t work because it was associated with my previous canceled passport.

    Anyways, since all of this took some time, I decided to not go into the city and took the MRT to Changi City Point ( Expo stop after the airport stop ) and hung out there for few hours before heading back to Terminal 2 for onward flight.

    Hope this helps.

    • Hi
      I’m traveling on Australia business ViSa from India and having 11 hrs layover in Singapore.. can I get VOA in Singapore…
      Please suggest thanks

  21. I travelling to India from Australia through different airlines, I have 4 hours waiting at Singapore airport and I need checkout my baggage and recheck in at Singapore airport, I have Indian passport and Australian permanent presidency my child have Australian citizen and Australian passport.
    I need appy for transit Visa or can I travel without visa ?

  22. Hi I am flying from phuket(Thailand) to India I am planning to stay in Singapore for 50 hrs do I need to have visa, I will staying at my friends place in Singapore

  23. Hellow
    I am Sunil Kumar Bajpai travelling entire journey by scoot air lines. I have started from Lucknow (India) to Perth ( Australia) via Singapore.In Singapore the lay over time is 11.30 hrs. I want transit VISA for this duration.As my son is working there at Singapore.
    What formalities I have to complete.plz send me form for application of transit visa also

    Thanking you
    Yours faithfully

    Sunil Kumar Bajpai

  24. Hello sir,

    I have a Flight from Bangalore to Singapore and then from Singapore to Australia. There is a 17 hour layout. The flights are from different airlines. So am I eligible for vftf, or do I need to apply for a Singapore visa?

  25. I am Indian passport holder traveling to Bali in Nov2018.
    On the journey back I have jetstar Flight from Bali to Singapore and then Singapore to Bangalore by Indigo.
    In between both flights have 5 hrs. layover in Singapore.

    In this case do i need to get Singapore visa…
    Please help, As could not find any firm information online.

    • Yes, you will need Singapore visa as u have different flight. If it would have been a connecting flight with same airlines you wouldn’t have needed singapore visa. Always good to have singapore visa.

      It very cheap i.e. Rs 2000 & its valid for 2 years.

      • Please see if you valid multiple entry visa for following countries Australia
        New Zealand
        United Kingdom
        United States of America

        You can get free VFTF visa at singapore airport by showing next flight tickets

        • hello , i am indian passport holder , i have US tourist visa, what is the process to get transit visa? i have to take transit visa of singapore from india or from singapore airport ?
          please guide

          • you dont need any visa . Just land in singapore and show your US visa nd onward ticket to immigration officer ,you will enter singapore. its visa free transit facility . VFTF ,but keep in mind your next flight should be within 96 hrs.

            • ankur bhai i have one flih]ght from jet airways which is from melbourne to singapore and after 4 hours fliht from air india express from sing to bangaore from diffeerent terminal so do ineed transit visa at singapore

            • Hi Ankur – I have a layover of 17hrs at Singapore from Bangalore to Sydney. Do i need to make any visa to tour Singapore city? or that’s provided at the Changi airport immigration?
              Regards – Saswat
              Awaiting kind response

        • Hello Parag,
          Similar suitation for me but travelling to Australia but two different airlines with 10 hours layover. Can I take VFTF by showing ticket and travel Singapore.

          • Yes, you can avail vftf by showing you australia visa and your next flight tickets. But this can be availed in one leg of of travel i.e. you can get VFTF while returning from Australia.

      • Hello sir, I am going to Bali on January 2019 and I have a 2 hours layover, the connecting flights are by Scoot, same company. I do not require a Singapore visa or any transit visa, am I right?

        • hi, you do not require visa to transit Singapore. With 2 hrs you will not even have much time to shop or go around. So find the gate to Bali and stay near by.

  26. I am Indian having valide Indian passport. I have booked flight to India from Taiwan. Jetstar is from Taipei to Singapore and Indigo from Singapore to Bangalore. Transit time is 4Hours , i am working in Taiwan and have valid work permit. Do i need to apply for visa before i fly to Singapore ??? I have called changi airport customer care they say i as you have different connecting flight you have to get VISA before you fly to SINGAPORE. Please help to know what can be done next since zero refund on flight ticket cancellation.

  27. Me and My wife are having 10 year US(B1/B2) Multiple Entry Visa issued in 2016. I am yet to utilise the same as on date although my wife had utilised the same once in 2016.

    We are planning to Visit US from Delhi before the end of 2018 and wanted to take a Break Journey with 2 /3 days at Singapore and fly out to US.

    How can I use the 96 hrs Free Transit Visa and what are the formalities.


  28. Thank you providing the information about the updated transit times which can be spent outside the airport.

  29. I am having Australian visitors visa issued for 3 years with multiple entries .
    I am going to Australia on 12th Nov and coming back on 20th July via Singapore.
    We have 21 hours layover at SINGAPORE ,can we get benefit of this facility and which documents I will need to submit for availing this facility .
    Kindly guide



    • Yes you can avail Visa free transit provided you have a boarding pass for leaving Singapore ready with you. I also availed this facility last week when I was coming back from Australia to India.

      Documents required are your passport, boarding pass and duly filled immigration form. This way you will get 3 days permit to stay in Singapore.

      • Thanks for the reply ,can we do sightseeing during layover time and for obtaining this facility to whom we need to contact at Singapore do reply

      • Hello Komal,
        Can I please know what is procedure for this?
        Do I need to apply for visa free transit prior my journey or it can be done on arrival at Singapore?
        And also what are the charges for this?

  30. I have Australia visitor visa and my flight from Amritsar to Singapore and 7 hrs stay in Singapore . t ransit visa is required to me please suggest and where i get it and which document and fee require for it

  31. Hi,
    Thank you for the information and the links to the documents. Very crisp and provides all the information needed.
    Thank you once again.

  32. Hello,

    I will be traveling to and fro Chennai and Jakarta via Singapore. I have a valid Indian passport. My travel itinerary is as follows:
    Chennai–> Singapore (30 hr layover) –> Jakarta
    Jakarta–> Singapore(8hrs layover)–> Chennai

    If I utilize the VFTF on the outbound journey, I am eligible for re-entry on the return journey? if not, what/which visa is applicable to avoid spending 8hrs in the airport?

    Thank you.

  33. I am a citizen of India. I am traveling to Australia via Singapore with a valid 3 month visitor visa. I have a layover of 19 hrs in Singapore. Will I be able to get VFTF

    • Yes. With ease you will able to avail VFTF showing your australia multiple entry visa and next flight tickets.

    • Guys recently I utilized this opportunity. As long as you have a valid visa STAMPED on your passport, (also I believe H1 extension documents I-797 A are also considered to issue VFTF) and a valid onward ticket, you are allowed to go outside. Pass through immigration check to get the VFTF stamped on your passport. And make sure to return to airport back with in 96 hours.

      Remember, this VFTF(Visa Free Transit Facility) facility can be availed ONLY ONCE either forward or return leg, but not both.
      Also Changi airport offers ‘free’ Singapore tour in a nice bus for 2.5 hours with an excellent guide. And it is a really nice trip one can enjoy visiting all great sight seeing places of Singapore. Please remember, to avail this, VISA must have been stamped on your passport.

      Also to get VFTF, I think traveler should hold a valid visa issued by any of the following countries. Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany, Switzerland.
      I think all European Union countries Visas are also eligible?
      Please check with Singapore airlines or with Singapore Immigration( for visas issued from countries not listed above.
      More information can be found from Singapore Immigration’s website.

      • I am an Indian having valid US and Schengen visa issued by SPAIN. For business trip, I would like to travel to Malaysia via road from Singapore airport. Do I need to have a Singapore visa or can I avail VFTF, as I wont have flight return ticket?

      • Hello Prasad,
        Can I please know what is procedure for this?
        Do I need to apply for visa free transit prior my journey or it can be done on arrival at Singapore?
        And also what are the charges for this?

  34. Hey!
    I’m travelling from Vietnam to India via Singapore with a transit time of 5 hours, should I be apply for a VISA or am i allowed to stay at the airport and then take my onward flight to India?

    Also, i’ll be flying a Low Fare aircraft Scoot or Tiger, will that make any difference ? Please help.

  35. im indian citizen going Mumbai to Bangkok via Singapore with 11 hour lay off time in singapore morning 7.30 am to 18.45 pm. can i visit singapore. if i visit singapore tour what is the procedure. pl. help me.

  36. im indian citizen going Mumbai to Bangkok via Singapore with 11 hour lay off time in singapore morning 7.30 am to 18.45 pm. can i visit singapore.

  37. Hi,

    I am traveling to Manila next month from India. The route is Kochi – Singapore – Manila. I have a US B1/B2 Visa but my wife doesn’t. We have a stop over for about 7 hours in Singapore. Will my wife and I be able to get a transit VISA to quickly explore the city and be back. Also heard of the free transit tour offered in Singapore. Please let me know

    • Hi Avinash,
      Have a similar situation, can you tell me what happened in your case?

  38. i’m traveling to china via singapore . Am i eligible for this … please reply as soon as posible

    • If you have a valid visa/long-term pass (with a validity of at least 1 month from the date of entry into Singapore) issued by the any of the following countries:
      New Zealand
      United Kingdom
      United States of America

  39. Hello, I am an Indian National and working resident of Japan from last three years. I am travelling from Japan to Thailand via Singapore. I want to stay in Singapore for 3 days.
    I have separate flights from Osaka to Singapore and Singpore to Bangkok within 3 days.
    Am I applicable for VFTF?

    • Hello sir . Iam an Indian working in Thailand for 4 years . And I’m traveling to Indonesia . And my flight is from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur and to Singapore. I will be staying a night in Singapore and transit to Indonesia and will be back to Singapore after 2 days and fly back to Bangkok from Singapore .
      So do I need to apply singapore tourist visa for a night. Please help thank you

  40. Hi my name is Savio.Singh I am travelling from Mumbai to Sydney to join the cruise ship I have a halt in Singapore do I need a transit visa to fly to the third country

  41. I am Indian national on holiday in Indonesia, I have 10 years uk visa and 10 years usa visa both valid. According to this article I am eligible for transit visa on arrival if I wish to stop over 2 days in Singapore, on my way back to India. According to other comments, if I take air Asia or scoot they may not let me board without having a visa? Can someone confirm this ?

    Thanks in advance for the details

  42. Hi,
    I have Australian visa and my flight is New Delhi-Singapore-Sydney-Armidale, on return I want to spend 2 nights with friends in Singapore:
    – Can I avail the Visa Free Transit Facility (VFTF) ?
    – To I have to pay any fees for this?
    – To avail, can I get this facility in advance from India only rather than try at Singapore airport and due to some reason if I do not get then its a problem staying 2 nights at Airport.
    – What are other papers required other than valid return ticket to India? Do I need a letter from friend that I am going to stay with him?

  43. We are going to Bali via Singapore from Kolkata. Kol to Sin in Singapore Airlines and sin to Denpasar in scoot airlines and layover time 5 hour. The two flights are of different pnr. And the return ticket is same . Do I need Singapore visa ..or is there any problem in Singapore. I carry Indian passport.

    • Since the time lag between your two journeys is just 5 hours, you need not go outside the airport and hence you don’t require visa. Just proceed to transit passengers lounge, chill out and again board your new flight as per the boarding pass

      • This information is wrong. Full fare airlines will not take low cost carrier airlines. They generally don’t have interconnect agreements and refuse to take passengers on someone else’s guarantee/security. They will deport you are send you to the destination you came from. If the full fare airlines doesn’t accept you.

    • YES YES YES unless you qualify for the 96 hour visit pass. Full fare airlines and low cost airlines don’t have interconnect agreements. If you are coming from Singapore and going into scoot they might take you. But if you go from scoot to Singapore airlines it’s very unlikely they will take you. There is a form an procedure that most airlines have for this but they are very hesitant to use it. Be safe and get a visa.

    • Hey! I am facing the same issue. Can you please guide me on this matter. Do i need a visa? If yes which visa?
      I am travelling from bali to singapore via jet star and singapore to banglore via indigo on my return journey. Please help

  44. I am travelling from USA to India through Singapore. I have valid Indian passport. I don’t have valid US visa. Do i need transit visa to enter into Singapore airport. My layover is 1.15 hours in Singapore. I looked into website for details they are confusing.

  45. I am Indian National and I am travelling to Bali Via Singapore, in outbound i have around 3 hours stopover in Singapore, while in return flight i have 15 hours stopover in Singapore. I am very afraid if i will be asked for transit visa at Singapore airport.

    May you please help me in clearing my doubts in regards to this matter.

    • @Shoaib you should have no problem transiting through Singapore Airport as long as you don’t want to get inside the country

    • A u experience.. please let me Khow I have the same problem . I have a Singapore Airlines ticket to Kol to sin then sin to Bali scoot airlines. Same Return ticket. Is there face any problem sir. I am also very much afraid. What are the procedure in Singapore airport.

        • Hi Swati, how did you go? was there any trouble in india airport as you were travelling to singapore without a singapore visa on your first leg of journey? Singapore vftf seems straight forward, but not sure whether airline will allow us to onboard from india

  46. Travellers at Singapore Changi Airport who are in transit and who are not seeking entry into Singapore, do not need to apply for a visa if they remain in the transit area.

  47. I am an Indian national and hold Indian passport.
    I hold a valid 6 months multiple entry visa of China.
    I also hold multiple entry 10 years visa of U.S.A.
    I had come to Shenzhen, China on 18th December 2017 via Singapore / Hong Kong. I am flying back to India via Singapore on 12th February 2018.
    I will be flying from Hong Kong to Singapore on 12th February and from Singapore to Mumbai, India on 16th February within 96 hours for which I hold the air ticket.
    Weather I can get visa free transit entry or transit visa at Singapore airport?

    • Did you not read the VFTF section on the page?

      Visa Free Transit Facility (VFTF)

      India nationals who are in transit to or from any third country by air may be eligible for 96-hours Visa Free Transit Facility (VFTF). An Indian traveller who is not in possession of a valid Singapore visa and not eligible for VFTF, will not be allowed to enter Singapore.

      The following conditions apply for Visa Free Transit Facility (VFTF)

      General Conditions:
      A. Transit travellers who satisfy the criteria for VFTF will have to meet the prevailing entry requirements before they are allowed entry into Singapore. Assessment for entry is determined by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officers at the point of entry.

      B. Extension of stay for transit travellers under the VFTF is strictly not allowed.

      Travellers who are nationals of India

      Indian nationals who are in transit to or from any third country by air, may be eligible for the 96-hour VFTF for one transit in the itinerary (either forward or return leg, but not both) if they:

      i. have a valid onward air ticket departing within the next 96-hours; and
      ii. possess a valid visa/long-term pass (with a validity of at least 1 month from the date of entry into Singapore under the VFTF) issued by any of the following countries**:

      a. Australia
      b. Canada
      c. Japan
      d. New Zealand
      e. United Kingdom
      f. United States of America
      g. Germany
      h. Switzerland

      ** A visa is considered valid if it is not expired and is good for entry into the third country.

      • Hi ,

        I am Indian citizen & travelling through following countries :

        Delhi -> Bali(3 days stay) via Air-Asia airlines Bali -> Singapore (2 days stay) via Air-Asia airlines
        Singapore -> Melbourne via Scoot airlines

        I have valid multiple entry tourist visa for Australia with 1 year validity.

        Can i avail VFTF facility?

    • Yes what Naman mentioned in his comment is correct.
      So if you have a *valid* visa and an onward airline ticket, you can visit Singapore on Transit.
      Nationals of India are only allowed to use the VFTF once in their itinerary (either on the forward or the return journey but not both). They must also enter and depart by air.

      Verify Visa Free Transit Facility (VFTF) section from the link

      “India nationals who are in transit to or from any third country by air may be eligible for 96-hours Visa Free Transit Facility (VFTF). An Indian traveller who is not in possession of a valid Singapore visa and not eligible for VFTF, will not be allowed to enter Singapore.”

      So if you have a *valid* visa and an onward airline ticket, you can visit Singapore on Transit.

      • Hi ,

        I am Indian citizen & travelling through following countries :

        Delhi -> Bali(3 days stay) via Air-Asia airlines
        Bali -> Singapore (2 days stay) via Air-Asia airlines
        Singapore -> Melbourne via Scoot airlines

        I have valid multiple entry tourist visa for Australia with 1 year validity.

        Can i avail VFTF facility?

  48. I am planning on a stay in Singapore en route from Hong Kong to Maldives. For the flights I’m looking at, there’s a 98 hours (4 days and 2 hours) interval between arrival and departure. I cannot choose a later flight on the inbound because I want F or J availability and the later flight doesn’t have it. Will they allow 2 hours over the 96 hour limit? If not, can I stay for an extra 2 hours in the lounge on my arrival before going through immigration – is it possible and allowed? Thanks in advance.

  49. Thanks for the blog post.

    I am Indian passport holder currently on Australian permanent residency. I am planning to fly from Sydney to Singapore (Airasia) halt in Singapore for 72 hours
    and than Singapore to India(Airindia) .
    from the blog i can see , I am eligible for VFTF for Singapore.

    My questions is – At Sydney airport will Airsia let me board the flight ? since I will not be having any visa and Do airline check for Visa before boarding the flight?
    Please anyone can share their experience with budget airlines like Airasia it would be really helpful.


    • Hey Andy,

      Mine is also the same case. I am travelling from Pengang (Malaysia) to Singapore (separate ticket – Air Asia) on Jan 4th. Then I am travelling from Singapore to India on Jan 7th (separate ticket-Air Asia). Since I have 72 hours in Singapore and I hold US B1/B2 visa, is VFTF available in this case.

      Can you share your experience.


    • Don’t ever try this with Budget Airlines (Air Asia, Scout). They WILL NOT ALLOW TO BOARD THE FLIGHT even if you are eligible for VFTF. But Premium carriers (Singapore Airlines) allows. I was denied boarding on Scout.

  50. Hi Ajay and other experts,

    We are Indian nationals living in US (Greencard holder), Planning to Visit Bali, Indonesia from SanFransicso and planning stopover @ Singapore for 3 days before going to Bali and our return journey will be from Bali to SanFransico. For Bali we are planning to get Visa on arrival so when we visit Singapore we will not have our Visa already stamped on the passport.

    I believe we should be eligible for 96 hours visa-free transit, What do you guys think?

    Thank you!

  51. Am traveling back to india from usa on nov 29 via singapore. I have a 14 hrs stopover on Dec1. Is it possible to change my ticket after getting VFTF and extend stay for 2 days? Since the bags would be checked till end point how to check out them?. Thank you.

  52. I am going to Philippines in the month of November via singapore,I will return on 30 November via singapore my connecting flight to mumbai is after all most 24 hour’s, can I get singapore transit visa at singapore airport?

    • U can’t get the transit visa bro..becoz the Philippines visa is not valid for getting the Singapore visa..but if ur travalling through Singapore airlines and if ur alt is more then 8 hr in the day time u can go for a free Singapore tour provided by a airport authority and Singapore airlines..

  53. Hi Ajay.

    do you have any official link stated above policy?
    am traveling to India from Australia via Emirates and then 3 days stop over in SG then onward is via air India
    will I get a transit visa, as I the to need to collect my bags also?
    I saw one on SG immi link, but looks like after renewal of their website they have removed the particular page, if possible please share in case got in a situation where airline denies to same can show as evidence

  54. I would like to fly DXB-PVG , and return PVG-DXB, through singapore, I would like to know I need a singapore tourist visa, I am not going out side the airport(lay over time is 9.05 hours, in my return flight.
    If I need to go out the air port, I can eligible for a free transit visa, I am an Indian National(UAE residency visa)


  55. I am an Indian Passport holder having B1/B2 US visa valid for 10 years. I am in US now and have return ticket to New Delhi via Singapore from San Francisco.I am leaving US on 24th July’17,will be reaching Singapore at 19:10 hrs on 25th July’17 & have booking to board flight from Singapore on 29th July at 17:30 hrs.
    Can I get transit visa at Singapore to go for sight seeing in Singapore during 25th Juluy to 29th July.I have made all bookings for stay in hotel but do not have singapore visa.
    Pl guide with your experience.

      • I have used this finally myself and the immigration office did not check much other than my US Visa. So all in all if you have the visa of the countries mentioned it is easy to get the 96hr Visa.

        • Hi SK

          Will this also work if my ticket is not through but two separate ticket.. basically take luggage get out and then check in again next day

  56. Can anyone here help me get a clear answer to this:
    – I am an indian passport holder
    – I live in the US and have an H1B visa valid for the next 3 years
    – I am traveling in SE asia. My flight to Singapore will be from New Zealand and onward to Vietnam
    – Am i eligible for VFTF even though my itinerary does not include India?

  57. Me and my wife have a layover of 17 hours in Singapore while returning from Bali. I have a US visa but my wife doesnt, will we both be able to avail the VFTF facility?

  58. I am a citizen of India. I am traveling to Australia via Singapore with a valid 3 month visitor visa. I have a layover of 19 hrs in Singapore. Will I be able to get VFTF?

    Thank you.

  59. If I don’t get free transit visa, can I still remain in SG airport transit zone for few hours? I have separate tickets

    • You must check with your airlines that whether you’ll get your both boarding passes at origin airport or you can get your second boarding pass at transit area in Singapore. If yes then you can remain in transit area and no need for a Singapore visa.

      But if not then you need to collect your second boarding pass from Singapore airport check-in hall. That means you’ll need to clear the Singapore immigration and will require a Singapore visa.

  60. All Bullshit, Can’t you guys read it correctly…Its not for all Indians but only those Indians resident in those listed countries!!. Discrimination all the way!!!

  61. <>

    How sure you are Ajay that only long term pass qualifies – any practical experiences. Thanks!

  62. OK, so this is for transit only. However, I believe separate tickets should be ok. eg, XXX-SIN-XXX on one ticket, and SIN-YYY-SIN on a different ticket (this is often convenient die to low cost local carriers like Air Asia, Tiger Airways, etc.)

    As far as I can see, you can not just visit SIN with this facility even for under 96 hours.

  63. I am Indian Passport holder studying in china, i want to go back to India via Singapore transit about 30hrs, so i need visa or i can get VFTF there.

  64. I am travelling to Jakarta via Singapore in May 2017. I have a five hour lay off. I have to check in afresh since I am travelling by different airlines. I have a valid US B1/B2 visa till Feb 2027. Will I be eligible for Visa free Transit facility or do i have to take a Visa.

  65. Does it apply to return trip from US to India via Singapore? I have a 33hr layover at Singapore while coming from US to India.

  66. Dear All,

    I am currently in Australia on Australian Visa (valid for 4 years) and will be visiting India in Feb’17. I wish to visit Singapore in transit for 2 days. I have gone though the policy on ICA website and also had a talk to ICA customer care executive (they said it is upto Immigration officer to grant VFTF). I have doubt as there is a lot of confusion and what to be sure of my entry in Singapore.

    It will be great if someone can please share there recent personal experience on VFTF in Singapore.


    • Hi Jayant,
      did you end up using the VFTF in singapore? how was your experience?


      I am travelling in two weeks too. so wanted to know someone’e personal experience.

        • Hi Neha,
          We availed VFTF and easily got 96hours visa without any hassle. There was some confusion among airlines staff while boarding the singapore flight as they were not aware of this facility. We just showed them the VFTF information from singapore’s website and they spoke to their seniors and it was all fine. You don’t have to worry or don’t have to apply for any visa if you have Indian passport and decent time validity visa for countries like Australia, canada etc. If you any questions, don’t hesitate, i might be able to help. Internet is full of mixed reviews. But my personal experience was good and very easy.

          • Hi, Mayank.

            Thank you for this information. I live in Canada( valid Visa for next 4 months) and heading to Indonesia next week for about 10 days. Fortunately, no Visa is required for entry into Indonesia. I purposely chose 30-hour layover in Singapore to spend a night in the city. From your comments, it appears that getting a VFTF was not an issue and I am hoping it wouldn’t be for me as well.

            • Hi A Sud,
              Just wanted to know what your experience was since you have the same situation as me. You flew Canada -> Singapore -> Indonesia and your trip did not involve India even though you have an Indian passport. Is that right?

              If so, I have the same situation. U.S. -> Singapore layover -> Vietnam with a U.S visa and an Indian passport.

          • hi Mayank,
            Thanks for the update. i have a query…are we allowed to use this facility for one way travel as well.

            If anyone has any similar experience please let me know.

          • Is it available only for Transit ? What if I want to visit singapore directly ? and then return to india?

          • Hi Folks,

            I live in India and have a valid Indian Passport.I am planning to visit Indonesia via Singapore from Mumbai for short trip within 15 days(with valid air tickets for Mumbai- Singapore-Indonesia. Indonesia don’t have visa for Indians.
            I have a layover of 11 hours in Changhi Airport (Singapore) and I want to utilised my layover time. Will it be possible to get VFTF to move around in Singapore before one leg journey to Indonesia?

          • Hi Mayank,

            I am travelling to China from Mumbai via Singapore.I hold a valid US/UK Long term visa.Is the VFTF applicable since I am not travelling to any of the 7 countries mentioned.

          • Hi ,

            I am Indian citizen & travelling through following countries :

            Delhi -> Bali(3 days stay) via Air-Asia airlines
            Bali -> Singapore (2 days stay) via Air-Asia airlines
            Singapore -> Melbourne via Scoot airlines

            I have valid multiple entry tourist visa for Australia with 1 year validity.

            Can i avail VFTF facility?

    • I live in Australia and have visited singapore with this method many times. Singapore officers will never deny you entry (best country in the world in terms of customer care). But if you are unlucky and the airline desk person of low cost carrier airline like jetstar is a chutiya then he may create issues.

  67. Hi Ajay
    Cant thank you enough for introducing me to the world of right credit cards, points, miles & 10X !
    Was wondering if below is my situation, is it ripe to avail the 96 hour VFTF facility ?

    1. I have a Type C UK visit visa valid till end march 2017
    2. Indian passport with enough blank pages valid for the next 5 years
    3. Looking to transit via Singapore from Vietnam
    4. With a valid return ticket to India
    5. With Singapore hotel bookings in place

    I believe I can avail…but looking for reiteration from the MFFE’s (More Frequent Flying Experts) 🙂



    • Hi Jeevan,
      I also have layover of 9hrs..I need to rechin my baggage there in Singapore.Do I need to take transit VISA?what’s the cost of it?
      Can I go outside with this VISA?

    • @Rajiv, like I said before, there was a maybe we will let them in policy before, now this is a definitely policy. You can do an internet search and find the old policy still plastered on a lot of travel agent websites. However, this is the ICA website.

  68. This wording of this information is wrong. The facility has been available since ever. I have used it twice in the past, 2006 and 2010. I think it used to be 72 hours but now it’s 96. 2006 was when flying to China and 2010 was when flying to New Zealand. China doesn’t seem to feature in the list above.

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