#redcarpettrip: Free S$40 Singapore Transit Vouchers

Singapore Airlines and Singapore Changi Airport have been running a joint promotion for years, which includes earning a 40 Singapore Dollars voucher per passenger for travelling on Singapore Airlines/SilkAir and transiting Singapore Changi Airport. On the #redcarpettrip, I was transiting Changi and I was able to make use of this promotion. Before I am able to tell you how I used the promotion, lets tell you how to get the vouchers.


Eligibility: You receive Singapore Changi Money (2 x S$20) as vouchers from an iShopChangi counter on presenting a copy of your ticket. The ticket needs to be on Singapore Airlines stock, and your point of origin should be in Europe, Africa, China (Mainland), India, Indonesia, Australia or New Zealand. Additionally, you need to be from the following countries, i.e., a passport from the following countries: Australia, China (Mainland), Denmark, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and United Kingdom.

You need to be transiting Singapore, which means a Chennai – Singapore – Tokyo ticket issued on Singapore Airlines or SilkAir stock (tickets starting with 618, 629 or 086). If you are on a Chennai – Singapore – Chennai ticket, you are not eligible for the voucher. You can have these vouchers on one-way or round-trip tickets, but only one time on a ticket per passenger. Also, you need to be in transit, which means you need to be in Singapore for less than 24 hours to qualify, even if you are on connecting tickets.


Validity: Like I mentioned above, you get 2 vouchers of $20 each. The first of the S$20 vouchers is valid for retail, food and service outlets at the transit and public areas, including Ambassador Lounge at Terminal 2 and 3 for two hours. The second of the vouchers is only usable on the duty-free for purchase of duty-free stuff only. You cannot use these vouchers at the 7-11 and other convenience stores or at the Hermes store and Pressto Dry-Cleaning.

The Vouchers are usually valid for one year from the date of issuance, so you can save them for later if you are a frequent traveller through Singapore Airport.

The current promotion runs through March 2016, but I have seen this promotion for the past 3 years or so, so I do hope it will be around for the times ahead as well.

Using the Vouchers: Between Shipra and myself, we presented our passports and boarding passes (for the ticket numbers) to the staff and were handed S$80 worth of vouchers. The Terms & Conditions state you can use more than one voucher on the same purchase. On reading through the vouchers, I realized we could use all the vouchers for a retail purchase as well. Since we did not have immediate plans to go back to Changi, we thought of spending our vouchers on this trip itself. So we headed to the Duty free store, and picked up a nice bottle of perfume worth Singapore $100. Once all the vouchers were applied, I was told to pay S$20 which I charged to my credit card.

Bottomline: For those of you transiting Changi and flying Singapore Airlines, even on Mileage tickets, this is free money on the table and you should definitely avail it. For more details, you can refer to the Singapore Airlines website.

Do let me know your experience earning and redeeming free Changi money. If you have any questions, ask in the comments section below.

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  1. Hi iam travelling from Mumbai to Bali on 13th to 23rd May through Singapore airlines . And my layover is of 8hrs .so am I eligible for the vouchers
    Thanking you

  2. My parents were travelling from Cochin – Singapore – Melbourne yesterday. Went to ishop to collect the voucher but declined by saying it’s has to be a round trip. Information found on this website is totally different.

  3. I and my wife are traveling by Singapore Airlines from Bengaluru to Sydney on
    19 th, March,2018. We have layover at Changi Airport of about 4 hours. Our tickets begin with 618. Are we each eligible for 40 CDVs and whether we can claim at the Airport.

  4. I’ve booked Manila to Indonesia return trip through Changi with Singapore Airlines, am I eligible for those voucher? and if I’m eligible do you think I have enough time to redeem it as my transit time only is one hour.

    Thank You

  5. Hello,
    My wife and I are traveling from Brisbane/Singapore/Vietnam return departing Brisbane 27/02/2017 and arriving back in Brisbane 17/03/2017.
    We are flying with Virgin Australia in conjunction with Singapore Airlines.
    Flights VA5666 BNE to SIN and VA5567 SIN to HAN.
    Are we eligible for the Singapore free S$40 voucher ?????
    Kind Regards
    Barrie & Olivia Johnston

  6. We were in transit with a return ticket from Singapore Airlines!! They did not give us a voucher because it must be a 4 leg journey with Singapore Airlines???! What nonsense is that we were in transit for 12hours (the free city tour was fully booked)

  7. I forgot last year when I travelled Syd-Mumbai-Syd to collect my vouchers. I forgot last month when I travelled Syd -London -Syd to collect them again. I still have my boarding pass from last month. Can I still request for those vouchers?

    • no, its a bit late.
      Make sure when you travel next time to go to the transit desk with your passport and boarding pass to claim you gift voucher.

  8. I traveled from London to Brisbane (one way) just 2 days ago with singapore airlines and was told by a friend of this offer, so i went to the ishop counter to receive my $40 worth of vouchers and they would not give me anything. They said it had to be a return trip. However on this very website it does say that it can be a one way fare… very disappointed as I lined up for 40 mins to be declined…

  9. I and my wife are traveling from Perth to Ahmedabad – India through Singapore Air Lines enjoying SIA STOPOVER HOLIDAYS facilities, let me inform that are we eligible for
    Free S$40 Singapore Transit Vouchers?

  10. I & my wife are traveling through Singapore Airline from Perth to Ahmedabad (India) under SIA STOPOVER HOLIDAYS facilities, are we eligible for free SDG $ 40.00 on the day of departure at Changi Air Port

  11. I just wish to spend my$40 voucher at Duty free at Changi Airport on my return flight to Adelaide from Istanbul. Singapore Airlines in Adelaide thought it would be possible but I would like you to confirm that as I will not be using the food court as I am exiting the airport. If you can help me, I would be very happy. I am leaving Saturday so I would be grateful to hear on Friday.

    Yours sincerely Felicity Ghazy

  12. If i booking a ticket from indonesia to cambodia return ticket…thats mean i will transit from Singapore….how much the voucher i get from changi Singapore airport for the return ticket???

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