Scoot to discontinue Lucknow to Singapore flights

Tigerair started non-stop flights to Lucknow from Singapore back in 2015. When Scoot and Tigerair merged in 2017, Scoot took over Lucknow – Singapore flights from August 2017. The route is operated three times a week with an A320.

Last year, Singapore Airlines announced that SilkAir would be merged completely with themselves. As a result of this, some SilkAir routes would be transferred to Scoot along with 14 Boeing 737NG aircraft. Due to the 737 MAX groundings, SilkAir has had to ground 5 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. As a result, Singapore Airlines has halted the planned transfer of the 737NG from SilkAir to Scoot.

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But Scoot will continue to take over routes from SilkAir. Scoot will takeover Thiruvananthapuram – Singapore flight from May 6, 2019. Scoot is planning to drop some of the routes which have weak demand in the process. Lucknow – Singapore is the first route that Scoot will drop. The last flight is scheduled on June 29, 2019.

Lucknow to Singapore

Scoot discontinuing flights on Lucknow-Singapore route

Along with it, Scoot will drop three more routes. Scoot will operate last flight to Kalibo on June 30, 2019, Quanzhou on August 24, 2019, and Male on October 25, 2019. Scoot operates 3x weekly flights using an A320 to Kalibo and Quanzhou and a 4x weekly flight to Male. Instead, Scoot will use the A320 freed up from these routes to pursue its own expansion to China. Scoot will start A320 services to Changsha, Kunming and Fuzhou from June/July 2019.

Passengers who are affected by the cancellations of the routes will get a full refund or 120% refund if they are opting for a Scoot travel voucher.

Are you affected by Scoot pulling out of Lucknow to Singapore flights?


  1. We too are affected adversely. Probably behavior of passenger on this flight has resulted this. They would never be critical of their customers. But the fact remains. The over demanding and demeaning behavior of many passengers on this flight, which I had taken many times, I had been seen to be very difficult and unpleasant for the crew and fellow passengers too. I belong to Lucknow, a city known for its ‘tehzib’ and ‘nazakat’, and felt ashamed about this phenomenon of fellow countrymen.

  2. It’s a very disappointing decision to terminate Lko route, I have always seen full occupancyin this route.we are directly affected with this decision. Aviation company should think any other alternative to run other flight on this route.

  3. Rotten idea, only adding to passenger grief. A flight that took 51/2 hours will now take at least 12, if not more. Obviously those structuring these plans have never heard of ‘practical considerations’. Tin chested corporate machines.

  4. Don’t know why Scoot is giving wrong justification because whenever I fly from this flight it was always full and ticket were always overpriced on this route as well due to which sometimes I took other flight which was much cheaper then Scoot.

  5. why this route is dropped ? Flight used to be always full. Lucknow is good strategic location for the airlines.

  6. Yes. We have been effected by Scoot’s flight termination to Lucknow. We had tickets to fly back to Lucknow from Singapore on the 20th of July. We arrived in Singapore by Scoot. Now due to the cancellation we have to fly back via Kolkata. Which of course is much, much more expensive!!!

  7. Its a shame they’re dropping that route. I’ve always seen high occupancy on this route.
    I bet an Indian low cost carrier or Vistara will pick up this route.

  8. Every time I have travelled in scoot from Singapore to Lucknow it is full. I wonder why you got to drop the route

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