Video: The Saudi King has a Gold Escalator? And it malfunctioned!

I’m not one for too many ornaments around my plane. Perhaps the reason I like Etihad and their subdued hues on the plane over Emirates’ faux gold finishes. But what I saw today took the cake. The Saudi King Gold Escalator failed on a very important trip.

So everyone knows that the Saudi King is on a state visit to Moscow these days. It is important to know because a Saudi Kind has not visited Russia in a long long time, or perhaps never before. However, what is making the most news is not the deals they will strike, but the Saudi King actually owns 1, or maybe 2, gold escalators.

Now, he has used them in the past, but imagine the horror when you are on such a significant state visit, and your escalator stops when the King is on it, and the world press is covering the event.

Watch this:



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