Samsung phone catches fire on Jet Airways flight

Samsung phones are catching notoriety again after the infamous incidents they had last year which led to the banning of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 last year from aircrafts all together, and then Samsung withdrawing the product line from the market.

Boeing 737 Max 8 Jet Airways

Boeing 737 Max 8 Jet Airways

Now, a couple of days ago, a passenger on a Delhi – Indore flight had a case where their phone went up in smoke, and the passenger confirmed it was a Samsung phone yet again. The Hindustan Times reports,

A passenger’s Samsung J7 phone caught fire mid-air in a Delhi- Indore Jet Airways flight and risked lives of around 120 people. Yes, a resident of Delhi Arpita Dhal had 3 phones in her handbag and suddenly, she noticed some smoke coming out from the bag. As soon as she came to know that her Samsung J7 caught fire, she sought help of the crew for extinguishing fire.

It appears that the J7 has had this as a known issue since over a year, and one quick search turns up tonnes of reports about J7 batteries burning up as well.

What was unfortunate was on top of it, was that the Jet Airways fire extinguishers also did not work. So water was used to douse the fire!


In case you are the proud owner of a Samsung J7, do take it to an authorised service shop to get your battery checked. This is not the official line, but my advise. And I seriously hope Samsung stops shipping phones with defective batteries now! As for Jet Airways, I hope they fix their lapse as well.



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