Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones usage banned on Indian flights

It seems the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone is the next big security risk everyone is talking about. Already, there is an advisory to not use the phone when on a plane in the US of A, which was followed by other countries such as UK, Singapore & Japan as well. And now, India has joined the party as well.

As per a circular issued by DGCA about two hours back, when boarding a flight originating at an Indian airport, you should not turn on or charge a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone onboard the aircraft. You can’t check them into your check-in baggage as well. The only way to bring it onboard is to keep it off and inside the cabin. Cr6bSMRUsAA5nZ_

I’m not sure how this ban will be implemented, with the Indian travelling population usually eager to show off their phones or play games on them, or maybe watch a movie or few on Vistara’s and Jet Airway’s bring your own device IFE.


I foresee more countries coming up with this prohibition. In case you are a user of this phone, be aware and cooperate for the rest of us on the plane! And I know that Samsung does not officially sell this phone in India yet

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