Review: Singapore Airlines Lounge New Delhi Airport

I arrived at Delhi Airport at about 7:30 AM for my flight. The airport was decked up for Diwali already, and I was going to be over at this airport a few times over the coming few days, so it helped to know what Diwali was going to look like at the airport.

a red and gold building with a red sign

It was easy to find the Singapore Airlines counters at the airport on the day of the flight. SQ was very excited about this flight, and hence it was the most decorated check-in aisle, along with a whole bunch of flowers.

The airline had put out banners inside the airport to showcase their new product, which they are very proud of. For instance, here is the banner showcasing the Economy Class product on this flight. a banner in an airport

And here is the business class.

a poster in a airport

It was very exciting to be able to join them for the first flight. At the Business Class check-in counter, the crew was able to quickly do my document check and issue me a boarding pass for the flight. I had already checked in the night before, but at Indian airports, international flights still need you to pick up a physical boarding pass from the airline counters after a document check.

people at a check-in counter in a airport

I was also handed out an invitation to the Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge at the Delhi Airport. It had directions to access the lounge. Access to the SilverKris Lounge is offered to premium cabin members as well as Star Alliance Gold members as well.

a map of a lounge

I quickly headed to the integrated immigration and security counters at Delhi Airport Terminal 3. I was able to go through the entire process within a span of 15 minutes, after which I was airside, and I started my trek to the SilverKris Lounge.

Delhi Airport has organised the airport lounges in two banks. One is the contract lounges and Air India’s lounge, which are located right above the duty-free stores of Terminal 3 at the airport. As you walk towards the gates area, there is a whole bank of lounges, including the airline lounges, access to the transit hotel, as well as a second Plaza Premium Lounge as well.

a sign in a airport

After a 3-minute walk through the duty-free area, I was at the pier where the lounge bank B was located. I turned right and took the elevator to the third floor where there were three airline lounges including that of Singapore Airlines.

a group of signs in a room

I followed the signs, and soon enough. I was able to locate the SilverKris Lounge, sharing the wall with the Lufthansa Lounge.

Singapore Airlines Lounge New Delhi Airport

The SilverKris Lounge at Delhi Airport opens up at 6 PM every evening and is then open till 9 AM in the morning. This helps them cover both the Singapore Airlines departures, one at 9:45 PM in the evening, and the other at 9:55 AM in the morning. Apart from that, if other Star Alliance member airlines would like to use them using the rush hour of midnight departures, they are able to cater to that as well.

Singapore Airlines Lounge New Delhi Airport

As I walked in and handed out my boarding pass to the reception, I was handed out a small note requesting me to be at the gate at a specific time. I was also offered a wifi access coupon, which I declined since I did not need it at the moment.

Singapore Airlines Lounge New Delhi Airport

I did not think much about it at that moment and walked inside to discover a cosy lounge in dark hues, almost similar to the shades of The Private Room. It seems I had beat the rush hour of midnight traffic, and the lounge was comparatively empty at this hour.

Singapore Airlines Lounge New Delhi Airport

The Lounge is in an L-shape, and organised in three sections. There were couches facing each other lining up the centre of the lounge, for those who may be travelling as a group.

Singapore Airlines Lounge New Delhi Airport

Singapore Airlines Lounge New Delhi Airport

By the sidelines, there were solo couches. At the end of the long hallway, there is the dining section, which also has a long community table.

Singapore Airlines Lounge New Delhi Airport

There was an impressive collection of reading material at the lounge, which is much more than what I would have personally seen at some of the other lounges in the airport.

Singapore Airlines Lounge New Delhi Airport

The lounge did not have any windows, which is a fate they share with the other lounges of Delhi Terminal 3 at the international side as well. However, some people may manage to miss the windows, but I felt there was enough light inside.

I was on a lunch service flight and I had still not managed to eat breakfast, so I quickly headed to the dining area to catch a bite. I have to admit, it was impressive by the standards of many lounges I’ve been to at Delhi Airport. If you are invited to this lounge, you should definitely take them up on the invitation over the Air India Lounge.

You could help yourself to juice, sparkling wine or one of the many wines and alcohol on offer.  Choices included Chandon Sparkling Wine, Jack Daniels Bourbon, Black Label Scotch, Beefeater Gin, Absolut Vodka and Bacardi Rum.

Singapore Airlines Lounge New Delhi Airport

The beverages cooler was filled up to the brim as well.

Singapore Airlines Lounge New Delhi Airport

The localisation to fit the Indian audience was spot on, and there was a ton of local fare along with a good mix of international fare as well.

Here is a look at some of the breakfast being served up at the buffet counters.

Singapore Airlines Lounge New Delhi Airport

Singapore Airlines Lounge New Delhi Airport

Singapore Airlines Lounge New Delhi Airport

Singapore Airlines Lounge New Delhi Airport

In addition to a variety of hot and cold dishes, there were also small snacks, sandwiches, soups and cakes.

Singapore Airlines Lounge New Delhi Airport

I tried out some of the fare, only to discover they had Pyaaz Kachoris as well, at which point, they had me as a fan because I couldn’t stop nibbling on these warm Kachoris and I went back for second helpings.
Singapore Airlines Lounge New Delhi Airport

On the one hand, I really wanted to spend more time at the airport lounge, but on the other hand, the clock was ticking for the inauguration ceremony for the new plane, which one of the lounge employees sheepishly let me know of when I asked what was going to happen at the gate.

Never one to miss a good aviation celebration, I headed to the gate instead of nibbling on more kachoris in the lounge.

Singapore Airlines Lounge Ne Delhi Airport


The SilverKris Lounge at Delhi Airport is perhaps the best Star Alliance Lounge that this airport has, and I’d love to come here another time if I was passing by Delhi Airport on a Star Alliance flight. The food is great, the ambience and the staff warm and overall, a great lounge.

Have you been to the Singapore Airlines Lounge New Delhi Airport? What has been your experience at this lounge?


+ Very good food & beverages selection
+ Warm and hospitable staff
+ Accessible for other Star Alliance airlines members as well


- Windowless

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  1. We used this lounge last month. Not at all impressed really. besides no windows the food was sub par IMO as was the service. As i was reading for some food a water told me they are setting up for breakfast as if I was in his way. Well I straightened him out. Another server pulled him to the side too most likely to say this is not how you speak to clients. However overall this lounge was rather poor.

  2. I feel like the Lufthansa lounge, while smaller, felt much brighter and inviting due to the high ceilings and white finishes. It’s not open as late, so for my usual flight (the 3:45am DEL – SFO) I prefer to start there and move over to SQ when Lufthansa closes.

  3. Ajay, do you know if passengers on Air India flights can also opt to visit this lounge instead of Air Indian’s Maharaja lounge?

  4. I was there recently for an Air Canada light. Decent lounge, but I prefer the Plaza Premium Lounge in Delhi, which does have windows.

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