Review: Plaza Premium Lounge Rome

After a little bit of shopping at Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci International Airport, we headed to the recently opened Plaza Premium Lounge Rome. In April 2018, the Plaza Premium Group network added this lounge to its network of 160+ lounges around the world, making this its sixth lounge in Europe.

Situated on the first floor of the Terminal 3 departures, the lounge is easy to find if you follow the overhead signs pointing to the lounges. However, only passengers departing from the E-gates will be able to access the lounge.

Plaza Premium lounge Rome

Easy to find entry to Plaza Premium Lounge at Rome’s International Airport

Plaza Premium Lounge Rome

Reception area at the Plaza Premium Lounge Rome

The lounge is open to any passenger on any airlines for a fee. The fee breakdown is 2 hours for €40, 5 hours for €75 and only shower facilities for €18. However, if you are a premium/elite traveller with certain airlines, or have a lounge pass or a MasterCard credit card, then your entry is complimentary. You can also buy access via LoungeBuddy.

While we stood in the line at reception, I was surprised to see that there was no signage with information on access. However, there was a small poster on the desk showing the paid rates. A large family of 6 had approached the counter asking about the prices, but I felt the staff could have provided them better information considering that they did have Mastercard credit cards visible in their hands. This would have provided them with complimentary access, but no mention was made of this. We knew about this hence we managed to access via MasterCard.

The lounge is open 24 hours, has complimentary wi-fi and houses 300 seats and six shower rooms. Sitting and lounging options are varied and quite comfortable. You can choose from privacy cubicles, dining chairs, recharge stations, armchairs etc.

Plaza Premium Lounge Rome

The centre of the lounge held the bar and food with the dining area

Plaza Premium Lounge Rome

More comfortable sofa seating for larger groups were positioned next to the large windows

Plaza Premium Lounge Rome

More comfortable seating

Plaza Premium Lounge Rome

Quick charging stations were placed in the corners of the lounge

Plaza Premium Lounge Rome

Individual sofa cubicles scattered the lounge

Plaza Premium Lounge Rome

Privacy cubicles dotted the lounge if you needed a more private area to work

Plaza Premium Lounge Rome.

Selection of national and international newspapers at the lounge

A bar is nestled in the centre, where you can get complimentary alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages and small nibbles. They also have a price list for premium beverages that are not included in the lounge charge. I indulged in my last Spritz before leaving Italy, which was very well made.

Plaza Premium Lounge Rome bar

The bar at the Plaza Premium Lounge Rome was varied with a good selection of wines

Plaza Premium Lounge Rome bar

The Lounge bar premium beverages were chargeable but at a reasonable price

Plaza Premium Lounge Rome

I chose the quintessential Aperol Spritz as my last drink in Italy and boy! did the bartender deliver

The lounge also has a hot food buffet set up for those looking for more filling food. It was simple, but if followed by crostata or cake and espresso, it can fill you up.

Plaza Premium Lounge Rome food

Selection of small bites and breakfast cereal at the Plaza Premium Lounge Rome

Plaza Premium Lounge Rome

The salad bar at the Plaza Premium Lounge Rome

Plaza Premium Lounge Rome

The apéro selection at the Plaza Premium Lounge Rome

Plaza Premium Lounge Rome

Uniquely Italian crostata and yummy cake is a great accompaniment to breakfast

Plaza Premium Lounge Rome

The hot food selection for breakfast at the lounge was simple but filling

Plaza Premium Lounge Rome

The live station offered made-to-order omelettes and scrambled eggs


The Plaza Premium Lounge is modern, clean and a pleasure to spend time in. Whether you want privacy or not, this lounge has the perfect setting for you. It is one of the better lounges (that is open to all passengers) that I have been to.


+ Great décor and ambiance
+ Good bartender, nice bar food and drinks
+ Very comfortable seating


- Limited hot food options
- Staff aren’t very forthcoming about the accessibility of the lounge



  1. Good review. One thing that caught my eye was you mentioning that MasterCard holders can access international lounges like this one in Rome. Is that for any specific card or do we have to register for anything additional. I thought till date that only Passes like Priority Pass could get us in an international lounge. Please do share some more information or a blog on this.

    PS: i have MasterCard world credit card.

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