Jet Airways 77W Premiere to Amsterdam in 10 pictures

Like all of you know, I am in Toulouse today visiting Airbus for the reveal of a new plane. To get in here, while I was preparing to try a new carrier, in the end, I ended up being on Jet Airways, my old friend, on the long leg of the trip between Mumbai and Amsterdam. I opted to not make an upgrade to F, and neither did I get an operational upgrade given that the flight was full, so perhaps the carrier got it just right.

While a full review will come later, I just wanted to give you an insight into how did my flight go. For a more realtime update, go to Instagram!

I spent some time at the Mumbai Airport’s GVK Lounge East Wing. It was crowded and they ran out of all sorts of silverware all the time this evening.

Jet Airways Premier Class

Jet Airways’ has been operating a 77W, their biggest plane on the route to Amsterdam since the last schedule. It has my favourite Business Class product, and I chose to be in my favourite seat, the last one in the cabin 16A.


The cabin was full on this flight, perhaps with a lot of people connecting to other flights just like me.


The plane pushed back on time, and as soon as we were in the air, I headed up to change into the pajamas that were offered before take off. I had to leave them behind because I did not have a carry-on to put them into. :/


I begun to have a look at the airshow, like I always do. It wasn’t a good idea to start watching a movie at this hour!


I was totally beat up at this time, but hey, still enough time for a glass of Billecart-Salmon Brut Champagne followed by a Fish Fillet Burger and some potato wedges. I’ve never managed to figure out that soup-stick in the middle. The entire meal was a midnight snack and served on a tray. It was pretty good, although I was circumspect of eating a fish burger on the plane initially.


After this meal, it was time to catch some sleep. So, I requested the crew to make my bed which they gladly did. Jet Airways has some of the best quilts in the world for their product. Got a solid 4 hours of sleep.


When I woke up, we were already over Turkey, and I was nursing a headache. So, I requested a cappuccino, which turned out to be very nice.


However, I then stuck with masala chai through the rest of the morning since that was practically the last chance to get Masala Chai for me. Jet Airways does have an elaborate Sky Chai menu with tonnes of other tea options as well on international flights.


I walked about the galley, and the bar was full and the options were many, right from juice to champagne. It’s open for the Business Class and First Class guests.


I asked for something to eat, at which time the crew asked me if I wanted to have my breakfast. I had initially thought of having the North Indian menu. It’s almost a tradition with me to have my last meal ex-India to be an Indian one. I traded for the Spanish omelet which was supposed to be fluffy as per the menu, however, it was not in realty. Got to remember not to eat eggs on planes unless freshly made.


I then went on to watch a movie. The flight was on time to arrive in Amsterdam.


We soon pulled over next to another Jet Airways plane, their usual morning bank of flights where 3 flights arrive from Delhi, Mumbai and Toronto, and will be joined by a flight from Bangalore soon.


The flight was specially made nice by some of the crew who were experienced hands and knowledgeable enough to talk about the menu and the carrier. Always a good thing!

I headed out for the wild good chase in Schipol, and in half sleep walked to the wrong lounge where I was reminded I had to go to the domestic one!

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  1. I think you give them more credit than they deserve for their product. Same stale brands over the years hardly any rotation. The pyjamas in Premiere are polyester ( those allergic to polyester – watch out) only in F they are 100% cotton. Hospitality and courtesy of staff no doubt they are great. I have always appreciated them for that. But it is an airline where their product downgrade is very obvious. Just see how the game changes when Vistara starts international sectors next year between India and London and US.

    • @Deepak, Their product is standardised and good, that is what a pro needs. On a vacation I need the bells and whistles of J class, but on a work flight, I just want reliable service which I can get here. I find Jet hospitable but not over the top in J which is always a good sign. Of course waiting for more competition which is always good!

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