Review: Clipper Lounge, Mumbai CSI Airport Terminal 2

  • Introduction
  • Clipper Lounge, Mumbai CSI Airport Terminal 2
  • Jet Airways Economy Class Mumbai to Brussels
  • British Airways Galleries Club Lounge, Brussels National Airport
  • American Airlines Business Class Brussels to New York JFK and Five-Star Arrival
  • American Airlines Premium Check-in and Flagship Lounge, New York JFK
  • American Airlines Economy Class JFK to London LHR
  • American Airlines Arrivals Lounge, London LHR
  • Sheraton Heathrow Hotel, London
  • American Airlines Flagship Check-in and Flagship Lounge, London Heathrow
  • American Airlines Economy Class London to Chicago
  • American Airlines Flagship Lounge at Chicago ORD
  • American Airlines First Class from Chicago ORD to Dallas Fort Worth
  • Hyatt Regency Hotel, DFW
  • Hyatt Regency Hotel, Bellevue
  • Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles
  • Sheraton Gateway Hotel, Los Angeles
  • American Airlines First Class from Los Angeles to Chicago ORD
  • American Airlines Business Class from Chicago ORD to Delhi
  • Jet Airways Economy Class from Delhi to Mumbai
  • Conclusion

Update: New Lounge as of February 2014 is covered here.

My journey from Mumbai to New York was going to start with a flight on Jet Airways, however booked on stock of American Airlines as a codeshare. This meant I was going to be, for all purposes, be treated an American Airlines passenger in Mumbai Airport. No wonder, if I wanted EQMs, I had to put in my AAdvantage number on the ticket, and I was hoping to receive all the privileges associated with being a oneworld member elite.

However, British Airways crashed my dream to finally access the British Airways Galleries Lounge at Mumbai Airport’s International terminal, where they were confused if they were supposed to allow me access or not. However, I have still not heard from British Airways on why this was the case. I sure was not going to wait it out for 3 hours in a crowded location like the Mumbai Airport


Mumbai Airport Airside

I walked over to the next door Clipper Lounge, where my MasterCard provided me access to the lounge. Jet Airways was not obliged to give me elite benefits since I was on (my) buck of American Airlines and as their elite member.

The first interesting thing popped up at the entrance to the lounge itself, I noticed that other oneworld member airlines Cathay Pacific was also using this Clipper Lounge instead of going to the oneworld member British Airways lounge.


Clipper Lounge Airlines List


As I arrived into the lounge, I swiped my MasterCard credit card which allowed me access, and to my surprise found the lounge to be less crowded than the usual it is. I was ushered into the Business section of the lounge, while I tried peeping into the First Class section, where I never have been before. I got a table to myself at the peak hour of 1 AM, which is very hard to find at those times since so many airlines conduct night departures from Mumbai and they share this contract lounge.


Seating Area (Dimmed Out)

There is a lot of seating, and about 10 schmooze chairs which are usually occupied. Since there were people sleeping, I did not click pictures of the sleep section of the lounge.

I proceeded to check out the food and beverage selection. The alcohol selection wasn’t out of this world, but still good enough for someone who’d like a drink before getting on a plane.


Beverages on Offer


The Chiller Area

I went with a can of Coke, and proceeded to check out the food selection. The lounge had quite a few non-vegetarian and vegetarian snacks and a couple of gravy options on offer. There was some Chicken Biryani, Chicken Sandwiches and Chicken Gravy on offer for the non-vegetarian options. Vegetarian small bites, sandwiches, Pav Bhaji gravy, cookies and Indian sweets were on offer on the vegetarian palette. A whole closet full of chips and instant noodles were there for those who wanted a ready-to-eat option.


I went with a quick bite of Pav Bhaji, wafers and sandwiches with a Coke, before I got down to some work on my computer.


Since it was quite early in the morning, and I had to keep up another couple of hours before I could try and get some sleep in my Economy seat on the Jet Airways B777, I went with a cappuccino to top off the little midnight meal and get back to work.


Cappucinno, no cookies!

At 2:30 AM, boarding for my flight was announced and I headed over to the gate across the alley.

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  1. Hi Good Afternoon.

    I hold the Citibank Premiermiles ( World ) Mastercard. Though the website says i can access the Clipper Lounge i wanted to be sure. Can i use the services of the Clipper Lounge at Terminal 2, Mumbai. I am travelling to Hong Kong on 11 March 2017 with my family. Are there any charges for my family members.

    Thank You

    Sukhdev Singh

  2. Hi,
    I have SBI Platinum Visa card, will I be charged for food and beverages, I know there is a authorization fee of ₹2, apart from that will I be charged for anything else.
    If yes, what all free services will I be able to avail, I will be flying to Singapore @23:34

    Thanks in advance.


  3. Hi AJ – I am travelling from New Delhi to Newark in Air India Economy class and the flight is via Mumbai, now i have an ICICI Platinum Debit Card, MasterCard.
    My query is can i access this Clipper’s lounge ? Also, are there any charges for accessing this lounge ? If yes how much is it ?

  4. hi
    I am arriving in Mumbai international about midnight and have a flight to goa from the domestic terminal at about 6am. I have a priority pass which I can use in the Clipper Lounge in the International terminal. Will I be able to use the Clipper Lounge for a few hours and then head over to the Domestic terminal?
    Thanks! RG

    • @RG, like you would know, lounge access is offered to departing partners and not arriving passengers. hence you cannot access the clipper lounge at international terminal

  5. Hi AJ, I’m in a similar situation as @Suki with one variation. I fly into BOM at 11pm (international) and fly out of the domestic terminal to GOI at 5:45 am. When you land internationally, is it possible to simply stay in the international terminal for a few hours before clearing immigration and heading on to the domestic terminal? In other words, is it designed so that you MUST head immediately to immigration or may I catch a few Zs somewhere in the international terminal (lounge or otherwise). Thanks much. -Chris

    • @Chris, you can come out of immigration and after clearing customs there is a waiting area where you can wait for a while before going to terminal 1 (domestic terminal). They have a few food outlets etc there.

  6. AJ, I am traveling with my friend from Kuala Lumpur to Mumbai on 10th Sept., flight arrive midnight. We are heading to Pune by bus at 6am in the morning (bus boarding point : Sahara Star hotel). We dont want to travel down to Pune in the midnight by cab for safety reason. If we travel with checked in baggages, can we collect them few hours after flight’s arrival? Or we shall travel lite if we want to have few hours rest at the lounge, then come out fm intl airport for taking a cab to the sahara star hotel? how long it takes fm intl aiport to the hotel? I hope immigration officers will not question us for coming out so many hours after arrival. looking forward for yr advice, sincerely appreciate.

    • @Suki there are no arrival lounges at Mumbai airport. If you want you can check into a hotel for a few hours, else wait in the public waiting area after you come out of the airport. And buses do have space for bags.

  7. is there a maximum length of time I’m allowed in the lounge, or can i stay in there for the whole 10 hours? thanks

  8. hi,
    i have a 10 hour overnight stopover from about 11pm to 9am (Indian time) in mumbai airport. am i able to access the clipper lounge by paying someone when i get there, or can i book in advance? if so, how?
    thank you for your help

  9. Hi AJ! I was wondering if you have any experience flying Jet Airway with an international layover in Mumbai? I’m flying London – Mumbai – Colomobo with JA later in the year and they won’t tell me in advance whether checked luggage will be sent straight through to Colomobo, or if I have to collect at Mumbai and re-check. Thought you might have come across this before?

  10. Hello
    I have a flight from jodhpur to abu dhabi via mumbai. I will land in mumbai at 2:30 in domestic terminal 1A. Then I have my next flight to abu dhabi at 11PM in night from internation terminal 2. I have a priority pass for lounges. Can I access clipper lounge at terminal 2? will I be allowed to enter terminal 2 9 hrs before my next departure?


    • @sandeep yes you can access the Clipper Lounge at Terminal 2. My advice to you would be to not get out of the airport but use their transfer buses to get access to Terminal 2.

      • Thank you Ajay.
        I think the transfer buses drop outside the terminal 2. Last time , when I traveled the same way, I took airport transfer bus which dropped me outside the terminal 2 entrance gate. Then I tried to convince security personal, but he didn’t allow me in 4 hours before departure.

  11. I have a ten hour lay over in Mumdai and am traveling economy. I heard you can pay 500 rupees to get a pass in. Anybody had success with that lately?

  12. Does any one know if the master card golden edge card entitles us entry to any other lounge other than India

  13. Thanks AJ for the quick reply! If we go to the Hyatt, would we be able to still return to the International airport to take the shuttle to the domestic airport? I am hesitant about taking a taxi as I don’t speak the local language.

    • @natalia, I don’t think you are eligible for the transfer service once you exit the airport. The cabs are safe, and you can take a ‘Pre-paid’ one where u pay a fare upfront basis your destination and get a cab assigned. You don’t need to pay any money to the cabbie hence.

      I could also suggest you take a cab to close to the domestic terminal hotels… There is Sahara star and ibis Mumbai there. These are walking distances from the terminal entrance

  14. Hi!

    I am arriving at Bombay International Airport at 3:30am from YUL on an Quatar Airways flight. I have a connecting domestic flight to Goa, but it is only at noon. Are there any lounges at the domestic airport that I would be able to access (I would be willing to pay) even though I am arriving so early?

    Any help would be appreciated.


    • @Natalia, you won’t be allowed into the domestic airport before 3-4 hours. So, your best bet is to head to an airport hotel (Hyatt, ITC, there are many) and kill a few hours in their lounge/coffee shop.

  15. travelling on an Ey tkt from Goa to Bom en route to CDG/YUL. Hold a Flying Blue AF/KL Gold Card entitling usage of Delta Clipper Lounge (DL partners with KL/AF). Have approx 8 hrs layover at Bom airport.
    Does the Clipper Lounge remain open 24 hrs and will DL give me a dificult time to utilize the lounge at BOM Airport

    • @Alan, the lounge is open 24 hours. if you are flying AF/KL and have the Gold Card(elite+), you are entitled to lounge access and the airline should give you a lounge invitation. the Clipper Lounge is a contract lounge, not exclusive to Delta

  16. @mspswede, Jet and Delta do have an interlining agreement and in the past I have had them check my bags through to SEA (I was doing BOM-BRU-JFK on 9w/ JFK – SEA on DL) although I had to retrieve them at JFK anyways. You just got to insist on them to do it else they won’t bother since it is some extra work to punch the keys in the systems 😉

    In terms of your arrival from BLR and departure from BOM, I won’t count on 3 hours as the total layover time. To come from domestic to international, go through check-in/passport control/security check should take you at least 1.5 hours if no more and this lounge is full at the time the Delta flight takes off since there are others (3-4 Jet flights or more, CX etc)at the same time. You can see how long do you have on hand. There is an good food court as well nearby, so you could see if you want to be seated there.

    Ping back for more questions and enjoy your trip.


  17. AJ–I have a few questions for you, and will appreciate any insight you can offer. We are departing USA in two days’ time for BOM, with 24-hours stopover in AMS, all on Delta. We’ll overnight at Courtyard Mumbai Airport and fly out the next afternoon to Delhi on Air India. That’s all fine–my questions mostly regard our return travel. We’ll be visiting friends who are living in Bangalore on ex-pat assignment, flying Jet BLR-BOM, changing terminals then Delta once again BOM-AMS.

    Questions: 1) The flights are not on the same ticket, but Jet and Delta have an interline baggage agreement, so will Jet check our bags through to Amsterdam (and on to Minneapolis), or will we have to retrieve our bags and bring them to the Int’l terminal for check-in?
    2) We have access to the Clipper Lounge in BOM–we have 3 hrs between arrival from BLR and departure to BOM. Traveling with 10 y.o. and 5 y.o. daughters–sounds like a wise bet to pay the Priority Pass guest fee and use the lounge. Agree?

    Thank you!

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