Review: American Express Lounge, Mumbai Airport, Terminal 1C

Just this past long weekend, I was headed out to Goa for a vacation. Usually, I am accompanied by people, so I do not end up using the American Express Lounge at Terminal 1C, but the Carnations Lounge instead. However, since I was alone, and I had access to the lounge via my Jet Airways Amex, I decided to give it a go this time around.

Photo 15-08-13 11 22 02

The lounge is set inside the Carnations Lounge itself (as a separate enclosure), The same lounge also houses Jet Airways & Go Air passengers, Priority Pass, MasterCard & Visa Access, and the recent Diners Club bearing passengers. In short, it is a crowd out there and hence I’d anyday prefer to access the Amex Lounge or the ICICI Bank Altitude Lounge because it is still a bit more exclusive than the rest of the lounge area. I presented my 9W Amex at the reception, and after an authentication swipe, I was waved to the lounge.

Now over to the service. When I walked in, it being the start of the long weekend, there was more cacophony than I expected, with kids running around here as well, and large groups taking up some of the space. The lounge has seating for about 20-25 pax, and small tables for 2 as well as bigger tables for 5 people or more. Here are some pictures of the Lounge:

Photo 15-08-13 11 00 37

The BarPhoto 15-08-13 11 46 45

Seating AreaPhoto 15-08-13 10 45 50

Seating Area

I got myself a table in the corner, and one of the two lounge attendants approached me with a Menu Card and a bottle of water. Amex lounges, just like the ICICI Altitude lounges operated by Amex, don’t work on the buffet model. You’re rather treated to a full size meal of your choice and non-alcoholic beverages. For the alcoholic ones, beer is available but you have to pay for it.

I flipped through the menu card, which had breakfast options and all-day dining options. For those of you interested, here are all the options:

Photo 15-08-13 10 40 26Photo 15-08-13 10 40 41Photo 15-08-13 10 40 54Photo 15-08-13 10 41 02

I ordered some eggs with toast and a lemonade to go along. As I wandered around, I saw they had some small bites such as fruits, muffins and croissants lined up in one corner for those who would not want to eat a full meal.

Photo 15-08-13 10 45 23

They also had the American Express Platinum Card benefits guide on display, but guess what, this was the 2012 benefits guide, while we’re already looking at 2013 coming to an end in a few months.

Photo 15-08-13 11 20 05

My breakfast arrived with a short wait of about 10 minutes.

Photo 15-08-13 10 46 26Photo 15-08-13 10 58 42

I gorged on my breakfast, being my first meal of the day at 11:30 AM, and, then wandered around waiting for my flight to be called. I was surprised that people came in the droves in this lounge, and thought to myself if they were there due to Amex access or were they just sending all the overflow traffic from the Carnations Lounge here. Anyhow, the lounge is way more exclusive than the other one, and I like the restaurant service.

In a bit, my flight was called and I was on my way to the beaches!

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  1. Hi, I have read so many of your articles and love those but I see all articles really old. I have just started enjoying these perks and would love if you could write to read these, haven’t been able to get in touch with you..tried many times.

  2. All Jet Airways passengers can access this lounge?
    I mean, both the Carnations and the Altitude lounges?
    I believe that Jet Airways is in 1-B, and there is a security check before you enter 1-C – how does that work?

  3. Dear/ sir

    I’m NBAD U.A.E Platinum credit card holder I booked my tickets by card so let me learn more what type of services can I get

  4. Was in that lounge two years ago. The lack of alcohol is unfortunate but the food quality definitely was worth it, especially since it was completely free for someone who carries a Platinum card specifically for US Airways and DL lounge access, everything else is pretty much a bonus.

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