More Repatriation Flights from India to USA / UK / Germany / New Zealand from June 3 – 14

While the process of choosing passengers for the flights from other countries to India has been left to the High Commissions/Consulates/Embassies of India in those respective countries, Air India is also selling seats on the outward flights at the moment. In Phase 1, flights to the USA went almost full. In Phase 2 as well, flights to the USA and London sold out pretty quick. 

Now Air India is adding some new flights as well from June 3 to June 14. Air India will only be selling tickets on the outwards flights to Germany, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States of America for now. These tickets will be available for sale at about 11 am on May 30, 2020.

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To book these flights, you have to head to this specific Air India website. I have put together a list of all the Air India flights bookable on the Air India website for now along with the current advisory applicable. In the end, you will also see a complete list of all the flights being operated by Air India from India.

United Kingdom

Arrival and departure flights are allowed and no restriction on Passenger movement for now, but come June 8, all passengers arriving in the UK will be required fill a “Contact Locator Form” and self-isolate for 14 days. Passengers can be contacted regularly throughout this period to ensure compliance by the concerned authorities.

While there are two flights on the schedule, Air India’s announcement only talks about the first one between Mumbai – London. So, only once reservations open do we know about the Delhi – London flight being available for sale.

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United States

There is no restriction for Indian Passport holders who are holding valid visas for the US. Passengers who have transited or have been in certain countries in the past 14 days are not allowed to enter the USA.

Indian citizens seeking to travel on outbound Air India flights to the US, based on their F1 visas, for higher studies may NOT be able to go to the USA on the current Air India repatriation flights under Mission Vande Bharat if their F or M category visa has less than six months validity from the date of planned departure or they are a new admission case and have not as yet joined their educational institution before the COVID-19 outbreak.

There are eight flights on the schedule, Air India’s announcement only talks about the first three. So, only once reservations open do we know about the rest five being available for sale.

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Following are permitted: EU Citizens Passengers with Residence permit and Long term working visa (e.g. Blue cardholders) are allowed. Non-citizens are not allowed—compulsory Home Quarantine 14 days.

While there are two flights on the schedule, Air India’s announcement only talks about the second one. So, only once reservations open do we know about the first Delhi -Frankfurt flight being available for sale.

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New Zealand

Foreign nationals not permitted. Following are permitted:

  • New Zealand citizens and residence class visa holders
  • The partner, legal guardian or any dependent children travelling with a New Zealand citizen or residence class visa holder
  • Or any case-by-case exemption granted by Immigration New Zealand

Fourteen days self-isolation as per health authorities requirement.

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Following are permitted:

  • Residence Permit holders
  • Those having a right of residence in Sweden who are returning to their homes in Sweden
  • Those travelling due to important grounds for going to Sweden
  • Indian citizens with Swedish residence permits if they have already been residing in Sweden

Indian citizens with new residence permits who have not yet moved to Sweden are not permitted. Indian citizens with Schengen visas are not permitted.

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South Korea

Following are permitted:

  • Long-term residents can enter with a valid visa and alien registration card
  • E-9 visa holders must submit a pre-approved “Confirmation of Self Quarantine” form to immigration authorities when entering the Republic of Korea (ROK). Failure to do so will result in denial of entry.
  • Effective June 2020, registered aliens seeking re-entry in ROK must obtain Re-entry Permit before leaving ROK.
  • Effective June 2020, registered aliens seeking re-entry in ROK after departure are required to undergo medical examination related to COVID-19 within 48 hours before the date of departure for ROK and carry and present a medical certificate detailing the results.
  • Diplomats (A-1), Government Officials (A-2, A-3) and Overseas Koreans (F-4) are allowed to re-enter ROK and do not need to apply for Re-Entry permit or undergo a medical examination. Passengers are holding a valid “Isolation Exemption Certificate.”
    issued by the Embassy of Korea / Consular office do not need the Medical certificate.

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What to expect on the plane?

Air India’s Standard Operating Procedure for these flights includes handing out masks and sanitizers to every passenger boarding. Only Water Bottles and pre-packed snacks will be offered to the passengers, so it is well advised to have a full meal or carry some protein bars and carry a tablet full of your own content if you want to watch something on these flights given there will be no internet connectivity on board.  Here is an experience from someone who flew on the Mumbai to Newark flight about what to expect onboard one of these flights. 


I expect that there will be more flights at some point in the future, for now, however, there are only going to be these to use. The reason most of these flights are usually from Delhi because are the bases of these aircraft, and Air India is trying to help some people getting them on the empty legs too. Although, of course, the prices are eye-watering and they are making reasonable profits on these flights.

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  1. Are diabetics, heart disease and ailments like a combo offer you get for immigrating abroad?? Everyone from the comments here I see are saying I live in US, I have diabetes and my medication is finishing please send me back.. I live in Canada and I have heart disease I want medicine please send me back.. I’m very sorry for you all. That you travelled so far and still couldn’t attain simple joy of a healthy body despite Claiming to have such better living Conditions there.
    May the god open your eyes to see the truth.

  2. My wife ( 73 years old) & myself ( 77 years old). Came to India in november.2019 ftom Totonyo,Canada & we got struck here in chennai because of the covid problem & closure of regular international flights. We have our return flight by Lufthansa, but each time we book seats to return to Toronto, it gets cancelled by the ” lovkdown” in India. We are retired people and cannot afford to pay about $ 2500 dollsrsvprr person to get the repatriation flights arranged by Air India, Lufthansa & Swiss air. Our medications for Disbetis & hugh blood pressure is going to be finished in few days. We are very scared of this situation. Please allow the international flights to leave from Chennai to Toronto. Like us, I am sure there are many people in our category in Chennai, to go to back to their countries. Kindly take serious action as soon as you can. Thank you very much.

  3. Kindly include flights from Uganda to Delhi / Mumbai also. We and my wife are held up from last two months. I am diabetic and my medicines are going to finish. So kindly look this matter urgently or as earliest

  4. I’m permanent residents of USA, stranded in Delhi since March, I requested to Airindia call center,and Ai websites does not show availability for USA all sector,very difficulties to book a repatriation flight, so how I can get tkt,you are requested that please help me and advise. Thanks

  5. Me and my wife are in Seattle USA, our departure is by SQ027 Singapore Airlines on 18.08.2020 to Bangalore, Karnataka, India, please let me know further developments about commencement of international flights.

  6. Hi,
    My parents are stuck in Jalandhar,Punjab, India. They urgently have to come back to Canada,as they both are heart patients and running out of medicine. They also have upcoming doctors follow up appointments . They are PR in Canada not citizen, so I getting trouble to register them on cite.I can’t get how and where I can book flight for them. Please provide me some details regarding this.

  7. My son dipankar ghosh is in Birgunge in nepal form3 months . Please sent him to my city Mumbai immidiatly!.
    Bande Bharat
    Ph no.7028909003

  8. Dear Sir,

    Please schedule Vande Bharat flights from Muscat to Mumbai as we are stranded for last 2 months.



  9. AI has announced flights from and to Delhi for a number of countries and announced booking of tickets but neither their sites nor their telephone numbers are operational. HOW DO PEOPLE STUCK IN FOREIGN COUNTRY BOOK TICKETS ONLINE??? AI / MOCA PL LOOK INTO THIS URGENTLY.

  10. I am a senior citizen lady desperate to return to Mumbai from Sydney, Australia and there is absolutely no reference about this from any quarter whatsoever. My husband who is 75 years old is alone in Mumbai struggling without any help. When and how do I get to know about repatriation flights for stranded citizens like me?

  11. Neither the Air India website nor their telephone numbers worked from 10.45 am to 12.09 noon on 30th may, 2920. I was trying to book 2 tickets for Auckland, New Zealand departing on 4th May. Absolutely waste of time and truly a horrible experience.

    • I am sure this has been the experience of all the passengers interested in taking Air India flight. Endless wait and if lucky to get connected,staff is not ready with answers.

  12. My son is stucked up at Gdansk , Poland since 18th March . Please i form us when the flights to bring them back to India will be planned

  13. Hi,
    Is there any flight from Australia to india, as I need to go back to india urgently.
    Thank you

  14. My daughter has to go to Canada as soon as possible since her PR deadline finish before 22 June 2020. We are living in Chennai how to go about to send her to Canada otherwise she may lose her PR. Please help by giving comment. Mr.harpet Singh Puri the minister for avaition kindly help us as quickly as possible.
    Thank you Mohd Aslam. 9094518650

  15. Please, we are strands here NJ USA &wants to return INDIA RAJASTHAN because of my father’s death.Ihave registered in embassy but there is no news for us .Me &my wife waiting for

  16. Kindly advice us. When Mumbai to dubai flights will be start . Me and my family stuck in Mumbai since last 3months. My husband has small business there he is worried about his business we have 3 kids . They r studying in dubai. But as we stuck here they can’t attend their e-learning properly. Please inform about Mumbai to Dubai flight status .we applied through ICA for our return.

  17. Stop selling tickets under the table God will not forgive you (Air India). Worst Airline of world and selling tickets with air india employees getting 20k to 25k commission per ticket.
    No one here to see what is going on.

  18. I am holding a staff open ticket. And I would like to get back home to Mumbai from sfo. Pl let me know if I can get a seat on the repatriation flights with my staff ticket.

  19. Is travel on B2 visa from India to USA allowed? My wife has been stuck in India, she currently unable to get an H4 due to consulate offices being closed.

  20. After compulsory institutional quarantine in a Hotel, its home quarantine . During the period of home quarantine can we travel back our home , which is in the neighbouring state

  21. Hi sir I’m stoked in Singapore my Visa expires 2 month ago have any flight singpaore to Delhi ..I apply also high commission form but there have no response ..and what ever money I have all finished..plz help me sir

    • Hey Suchita, Even IAM trying to find a spot for traveling back to Canada. I heard Lufthansa could be starting soon from Delhi/ Chennai. Keep looking for. Will post here if I find any info. Bye

  22. Dear Sir / Madam,

    Kindly help me to know is their any flight from Delhi to Singapore in coming days as from 2 June 2020 Singapore have open the transit operations.

    If yes when is the flight

    Thank you

  23. Please help us get back to NY JFK from Bengaluru. We’re US c is citizens with OCI. Thanks. Sampaths

  24. Hi there, amazing website with accurate info. When will the sfo flights from del operate? Would you publish it as soon as you come to know?

  25. Kindly help my son get back to India on one of your flights to India from London as am alone here having lost my husband a year ago and our only child. In the month of June some rituals are required to be done by my son for his father and hence the necessity for him to get back at the earliest. Kindly comply to my request. Thank you

  26. That is a good news. I am stranded in detroit since 25th march . I have requested chicago consulate gen as well as washington but no response. Kindly help me to get chicago delhi plane & delhi to pune or panaji plane so that i can reach Ratnagiri to serve my patients. Can u help me by forwarding this request to the concerned people .

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