Redeem JPMiles for Hotels Now!

Over the years, JetPrivilege has built out many new ways to earn, as well as redeem JPMiles. On the redemption front, apart from being able to redeem JPMiles for flights, over the years, you can redeem JPMiles for various other aspects:

Now, there is one more new way you can redeem your JPMiles. And it looks good. You can now redeem your JPMiles for hotels now. A new website is now live which helps you redeem your JPMiles for hotel stays. is powered by RocketMiles. JetPrivilege claims they have over 400,000 hotels enlisted for redemption at the moment.

Redeem JPmiles for Hotels

I took the website for a spin last night, to check out the kind of options that are available, and there were tonnes of surprises there. First and foremost, there are hotels of all sorts available to redeem your JPMiles. There are budget hotels from OYO Rooms, and then at the other end there are the high-end luxury hotels such as The Oberoi, and the business hotels such as The Roseate available as well.

a screenshot of a hotel

I tried a random date at the end of October 2018 (October 27, 2018, to October 28, 2018) and found tonnes of hotels around the globe. However, I was looking for Delhi to be specific. I picked a certain screenshot which allows for three different kinds of hotels in one go. The best part was I could select with multiple different options using the sidebar menu.

a screenshot of a hotel review

I did the entire exercise without logging in. Then, I logged into my account to get this exclusive Platinum Pricing, which is about 2.5% discount regarding the number of miles required as compared to the regular pricing on miles. a screenshot of a hotel

To get a sense of how the pricing worked, I headed over to the Oberoi website for comparison. Here is a screenshot of the lowest non-refundable prepaid room available on the same day. For the price of 74,300 JPMiles quoted to me, the actual cash rate was INR 22,400, giving me a value of INR 0.30 per JPMile. If I go for Miles + Cash, I still got a value of INR 0.28 per JPMile.

a screenshot of a hotel room

Similarly, at the Roseate, I got the following price, at INR 20,478 all inclusive for the night, but the JetPrivilege redemption gave me a much better value at INR 0.50 per JPMile.

a screenshot of a hotel room

At Hotel Saket 27, I got a price of INR 5780, while I could redeem for 17,200 JPMiles, which gave me a value of INR 0.33 paise per JPMile redeemed.

Primarily, it worked out to variable pricing with JPMiles, and I could find many different rates of redemption using my JPMiles. I’m yet to play around more with the Cash & Points option, and still working the numbers to figure if this is an excellent deal for redeeming JPMiles or not.

But I just wanted to put it out there so that all of you could start redeeming JPMiles for Hotel bookings. Remember, once you book a hotel redeeming your JPMiles, you won’t be able to cancel, change or refund the reservation, and your JPMiles won’t be reinstated under any circumstance.

What do you think about the new JetPrivilege redemption option for Hotels? Where would you like to go with your JPMiles?

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  1. Ajay, one doubt…

    how is it justified to spend 74300 jp miles instead of Rs.22400/- (Oberoi)

    We are taught that 1 JP mile = Re. 1

    How is it justified when you get a lesser value of a JP mile that too something like Re.0.30

    • @Anoop, it will be useful for some people who may find it useful. And perhaps not useful at the top end. I wrote “still working the numbers to figure if this is an excellent deal for redeeming JPMiles or not.”. So I am still not convinced if this is a good value or bad.

  2. Not a good value at all. Up there with the toaster.

    Paid advertising. Again.

    Grow your business, but do it ethically.

  3. That’s terrible value. A room at the Oberoi New Delhi will cost me more than a one-way ticket from Delhi-London.

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