My recent Jet Airways tierpoint run & why I’m holding on to JetPrivilege

A couple of weekends ago, Shipra & myself did a few trips on a plane, just for fun.mileagerun

No, we really did not need the miles, and this is not my idea of a Saturday evening if I could really help it. But, Shipra was a bit behind on her tier points for the coming yea, and I had just completed requalification for my tier points, so we thought why not. The new JetPrivilege is upon us in a week’s time, however, we still went for it and got 5 tier-points in return each (one of the sectors was booked in a class that earned 2 TPs). Not bad, and two flights got upgraded as well.

Why Jet Airways/JetPrivilege still works for me?

As far as status goes, I have status on all the 3 Indian full-service carriers: Jet Airways (Platinum), Air India (Gold) and Vistara (Gold). The Jet Airways status is earned year on year, and last year when I was a bit short on tier points, I went forward with the tier-point run just by myself to make Platinum again. I just thought I’d enumerate my thoughts about why I think it makes sense for me to preserve status still.

  1. I love full-service carriers: Let’s circle back to Jet Airways’ Get More campaign.  My personal belief is, if I can get a loyalty program, meals and lounge access on a ticket which is slightly more expensive than a no-frills carrier (Indigo/GoAir/SpiceJet usually price similar to Jet/AI/Vistara but skip the goodies), then why not take the package rather than saving 300 INR and then spending those for buying a sandwich on board.
  2. I love a better airport: Mumbai and Delhi, two of my frequented airports, have better terminals for Full-service carriers in Terminal 3 at Delhi and Terminal 2 at Mumbai, as compared to the terminals where the No-frills carriers are operating from. So, why not be at Terminal 2 in Mumbai than be at Terminal 1 in Mumbai.
  3. Jet Airways’ route network works for me usually: Jet goes almost all the places domestically and internationally where I need to go on an ongoing basis. Delhi, Asia, Middle-East & Europe. All places where Jet operates flights. Vistara is still far away from building a network out of Mumbai so they are helpful except when taking me to Delhi.
  4. The loyalty program is still much better for me: Air India benefits come handy in the Star Alliance network, but Air India earning sucks on its own network no less. Vistara is currently value based accrual. So, none of these carriers allow me the opportunity to be an elite when I don’t spend a very pretty penny. On the other hand, even with the new JetPrivilege, I will get Tier Points, on deep discounted tickets as well. I qualify on the basis of tier-points usually since a lot of my flights are short sectors. I will still have the privileges on Etihad Airways Partners carriers as well, for instance, access to the Etihad First lounge in Abu Dhabi.
  5. Op-ups stand a chance: When the flight is full, I still have a shot at being upgraded on an economy ticket
  6. I am Lounge Neutral: Come next week, I’ll lose access to the GVK Lounge on deep discounted tickets. I’m not so worried. The same company operates the TFS Lounge at Mumbai Airport Terminal 2 as well, so similar food. I’ll miss the views yes, but I won’t be out of pocket for the lounge.

I don’t usually use upgrade vouchers on my short trips (the Mumbai – Delhi kinds), and my last minute upgrade success is more middle of the road, but even then, it is better to keep business for me with Jet because I still have a shot at an upgrade, earn a few tier-points and more miles and so on. Also, I have a huge stash of JP Miles already, which come handy for last minute trips, like when I may plan to get out of town for a quick weekend and tickets are expensive.

What are your thoughts about your preferred carrier and loyalty program? How are you dealing with the new JetPrivilege move?

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  1. Hi Ajay..
    Nice mini mileage run there..
    I have one question related to it..
    your flights seem turn around did the two of you have time to get off the aircraft and re board after clearing security or were u allowed to remain on board…also were there any eyebrows raised at check in

    • @Karan, we checked in when check-in opened 48 hours prior, so we were assured to be on the plane. We got off the plane, went out, came back through security check again. Luckily for us, the flights were at odd hours, so not much foot traffic to worry about. Ahmedabad we were back in the security hold within 10 minutes of getting out of the plane, and Goa, maybe 15-20 minutes. We even had time to go to the lounge, but we did not 😉

  2. jet doesn’t allow use to earn tier points on redemption tickets they should atleast allow tier points if they don’t allow miles that’s fine.

  3. Hi Ajay,

    Jet Plats also dont get access to the GVK Lounge on deep discounted tickets?

    Just wanted to confirm.


  4. Ajay, I completely agree with the points made above. The one point that I think is missing is that co-branded cards of Jet Airways also offers 500 loyalty points (250 starting next week), for booking off their website, and when the booking is done using one of their co-branded cards it makes it much easier to work towards a redemption ticket. I’ve seen that on most routes of Jet, one needs to do 5-7 round trips in economy to get enough points for one redemption, but when you book on their website and are able to stop over elsewhere you can easily work your way up to one redemption ticket in 3/4 round trips. Example: BOM-JAI-BOM gives you 1134 miles for the whole sector in economy, and requires 7500 for a one way ticket. But if booked on their website it offers 2234 miles for the trip – which means that effectively in 3/4 round trips you are ready for a redemption flight. (And if you can do BOM-JAI , JAI-DEL-BOM booking on their website, you can effectively get 3276 JP miles and work your way towards a redemption trip real quickly). I think that’s a major bonus for me to stick with JP (but ofcourse it is all changing so quickly).

  5. hi Ajay,

    I have Air India Gold Status as you rightly said that point earning in Air India is pathetic and recently they have also taken benefits out of there SBI Air India Card which i have planned to cancel before its up for renewal.

    I need your suggestion on below points.
    Since i have moved abroad Ireland which alliance i should opt for Star All / One World / Flying B

    I have planned to stick to one airlines so that i can reap all the benefits and in terms of luxury i really like Etihad for travelling .

    Should i opt for Etihad guest Or Jet Privilege considering i wont be travelling much in india it will be Dublin – Delhi or may be US in the near future.

    I have both the membership now and i have recently started earning on etihad. Jet airways i have got around 5k Points.

    I have Regalia Card should i get it change to Jet Diners as Jet Diners i get points but i loose Taj Gold Membership. I am also planning to upgrade my card to Citi Prestige. which will help me to earn miles on fast pace.

    Do let me know your views… !!!

    Thanks in advance for your precious time.

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