Qatar Airways introduces Quisine: an upgrade to their economy meal

In March 2019, Qatar Airways unveiled a new economy class seat, which will debut on its yet-to-be-inducted A321neo aircraft. Alongside, Qatar Airways announced the launch of an enhanced economy class dining experience dubbed Quisine. Following the lead, Etihad Airways unveiled a new economy class seat for A320/A321 as well as a bistro economy-class experience yesterday, which had cost-cutting written all over it.

qatar airways economy classNew Qatar Airways economy class seat

Qatar Airways Quisine

Qatar Airways, last evening, shared the details of Quisine, which will be the new Qatar Airways Meal economy class experience. This will initially debut on flights to and from Brussels, Cardiff, Gothenburg, Moscow and St. Petersburg, and expanded to other routes after that.

Here are all the changes to expect in the new meal experience:

  • First and foremost, Qatar Airways will add a service timeline on their menus, indicating when the meals will be served, so that passengers can plan their time on the flight accordingly.
  • Qatar Airways will introduce an option for pre-dinner drinks and refreshments on flights over five hours of duration.
  • Qatar Airways will be increasing the portion size of the meals they serve in the Economy Class by 20%-50%.
  • Meals will have a greater focus on the use of local, fresh and healthy ingredients that are in season. Qatar Airways recently tied up with Qatarat Agricultural Development Company (QADCO) to supply fresh produce to be served onboard Qatar Airways flights from Doha and at Doha Hamad International Airport (HIA) lounges.

qatar airways economy classQuisine updated Qatar Airways economy class meal

One change I was looking forward to is the pre-dinner drinks and refreshments. It’s not always that you have access to the lounge before a flight, so light refreshments before a meal service on a long haul flight is a good idea.

Last year, I had a very close connection (reached the boarding gate five minutes before boarding was supposed to close) to Qatar Airways flight from Chicago to Doha, thanks to American Airlines never-ending delays. All I had since morning was the not so good mini pretzels that American Airlines serves. And adding to it the dinner service took its own time on Qatar Airways.

qatar airways economy class

A vegetarian meal in Qatar Airways economy class

Qatar Airways will also replace the warm bread roll it currently serves with an individually-wrapped artisanal warm infused bread. Individually wrapped artisanal bread? I will wait to see what that is.

Qatar Airways is also expanding the galley snacks. They will introduce cheese and crackers, chocolate bar, potato crisps and popcorn, with innovative flavours such as Himalayan Salted Caramel and French Butter and Pink Salt provided by 4700BC. Currently, Qatar Airways stocks its galley with chocolate bars like Milky Way or KitKats, fruits, Lays and so-on. So there are a few additions.

qatar airways economy classUpdated galley snacks in Qatar Airways economy class

Judging by the photo Qatar Airways shared, I noticed two items missing from the meal. Qatar Airways serves cheese and crackers as well as a chocolate bar or a tablet from KitKat or Godiva, but that’s gone. It looks like if you want those items now, you will have to head to the galley since they are now added there instead.

qatar airways economy class

A vegetarian meal in Qatar Airways economy class (KitKat and cheese & crackers are below the bread roll)

Qatar Airways serves a sealed water cup with meals. Now instead of that, a bottle of water will be provided with the meals, which is already offered after the meal on long haul flights.


Qatar Airways already provides an overall fantastic economy class experience, but they are modifying it slightly. Qatar Airways is introducing some incredible changes like an option of pre-meal snacks and beverages. Wonder how flight attendants will cope up with the increased service. Overall a positive difference.

What are your thoughts on Qatar Airways new economy class dining, Quisine?



  1. My family’s best airlines
    Top notch
    On board crew
    Airport services

    We always fly with our favourite Qatar Airlines

  2. Best food on any economy passenger airline I have ever had. Had four flights with them now and they simply are the best.

  3. Sounds good, lets hope the execution as good!
    Definitely found the main meal size to be on the smaller side, so a 25% increase should put on-par with other carriers.

    Overall, definitely find QR to be a leader in Economy, alongside my other favorite Turkish!

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