Qatar Airways signs Joint Business Agreement with British Airways’ parent IAG

Qatar Airways has been dipping their toes into increasing their global share of voice much in the same manner as Etihad has been, but in a smaller manner. Qatar Airways has been boosting their equity ownership in the International Airlines Group, and has just over 20% stake in this entity as of August 2016. IAG owns British Airways, Air Lingus, Iberia as well as Vueling Airlines SA.


Now, IAG and Qatar Airways have signed a Joint Business Agreement, which will allow the carriers to coordinate flight schedules & pricing. The Joint Business Agreement will take effect as of October 30, 2016.

The JBA will allow both carriers to codeshare on all non-stop flights between Doha, Qatar and the United Kingdom, and connections onwards to other parts of the world. There are going to be seven daily non-stop flights in both directions between London and Doha on a daily basis now.

While I won’t bet on it just yet, this should also mean better award availability and coordination between the membership programs of both carriers and better benefits at both ends.


Overall, it seems Qatar Airways is tip-toeing her way into Europe with this alliance, and should also help other oneworld carriers as well to provide seamless connectivity.

Are you excited about the new alliance between British Airways/IAG and Qatar Airways?

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