Purchase Hilton Honors Points at ₹ 0.36 / $ 0.005 with 100% Bonus

There are times when you are looking at an amazing hotel redemption for that quick weekend getaway but end up falling short on points. Many of us would just buy a block of points to hit our goals. If a Hilton Hotels property is on your radar, there’s a new Purchase Hilton Honors points bonus promotion where you can get double the points for the same price.

To avail this offer, you’d have to purchase upwards of 10,000 Hilton Honors points after logging into their website through February 19, 2020. While checking out, you’ll be able to see that the bonus has been added. In the end, each point comes at a price of USD 0.005 or INR 0.36 equivalent.

hilton honors points bonus

Now that you have the points, what may be a great redemption? Look at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hill. A night there on average costs of around USD 725++. You can instead, pay 95,000 Hilton Honors points which, assuming that you bought during this promotion, would cost you USD 475. That’s a 40% saving!

hilton honors points bonus

Or how about the Conrad Maldives, which is a great island property and retails at 1000$ but could be yours for 95K points again. Read a review of the Conrad Maldives here.

Want to stay a few more nights? Pick up a package or two using your friend’s or spouse’s account & pool your points. And if you are an elite, that suite upgrade may be right around the corner. Also, do remember that elites get the 5th night free, so you could potentially have a longer vacation on points if you are an Elite with Hilton Honors.

Hilton Honors members are usually permitted to buy up to 80,000 points each calendar year. You can buy a maximum of 8,000 points, and with a 100% bonus applied, you can receive a 80,000-points, for a total of 160,000 points — that’ll cost you $1,600.


Hilton Honors regularly comes out with promotions offering anywhere between 60% to 80% bonus points on purchases. A 100% bonus does not come often. This may be an offer worth considering if you are planning on stocking up on Hilton Honors points for your next vacation.

Will you be buying Hilton Honors points with this promotion? Let us know.


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    Can anybody avail the offer?

    Also what would be considered as an activity once a year to keep the points active?


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