Round up: PointsPurse Bangalore, the Credit Card Workshop exclusively for Women

After we conducted the first PointsPurse workshop in Mumbai, several people living in other cities have contacted us on social media to help them get started with credit cards and earn travel rewards from them. We also received several requests to run the workshops in other cities. So, in May, I decided to take the PointsPurse along to Bengaluru.

A reader suggested a lovely heritage bungalow in a quaint street in Central Bengaluru. We organised a small breakfast spread of filter coffee, tea cakes and croissants and I spent Sunday morning decoding the world of credit cards for women starting.

Like always, I started from the basics. Shared types of credit cards on offer in the market, how to calculate return on spend and then how to maximise everyday spends to earn travel. Two hours of conversations, thoughts and ultimately a room full of women more confident about how to get the right credit cards and use them.

Though to me, the best thing about these workshops is that I get to meet and network (if I may use the word) with a diverse group of smart women. We had a mother of college graduates, to teenagers mom to moms with infants who were all set to get their babies along. And we had a banker, a doctor, a freelancer and an IRS officer who flew in from Hyderabad to attend the workshop. I’ve always believed that there is no age to start managing your finances better and learn and these workshops only strengthen my belief.

Here’s to more of more women who are ready to spend smarter and travel better.

As I continue to share daily tips on my social media (@shipraatalounge) about how I maximise my credit cards every day for my everyday expenses, I look forward to hearing from more women about their travel stories, fuelled by points and miles.

Would love to hear more about what can we do together for the ladies of LiveFromALounge?

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