Plaza Premium Lounges no longer accepting Priority Pass in India

Priority Pass and Plaza Premium Lounges seem to be going their separate ways in India. Priority Pass, which is the global lounge pass operator enabling access to lounges worldwide using a single card, is no longer listing the Indian Plaza network lounges on their website.

Plaza Network operates many airport lounges in India, mainly at Delhi:

  • Chandigarh: Plaza Premium Lounge (Domestic Departures, Terminal 1)
  • Delhi:
    • Plaza Premium Lounge (International Arrivals, Terminal 3)
    • Plaza Premium Lounge (Domestic Departures, Terminal 1)
    • Plaza Premium Lounge (Domestic Departures, Terminal 2)
    • Plaza Premium Lounge (Lounge A, Level 3, International Departures, Terminal 3)
    • Plaza Premium Lounge (Lounge B, Level 4, International Departures, Terminal 3)
    • Plaza Premium Lounge (Domestic Departures, Terminal 3)
    • Plaza Premium Lounge Transit Hotel (International Arrivals, Terminal 3)
    • Plaza Premium Lounge (Domestic Arrivals, Terminal 3)
  • Hyderabad: 
    • Plaza Premium Lounge (International Departures)
    • Plaza Premium Lounge (Domestic Departures)

A good look at Plaza Premium network website also indicates that many lounges have left the network as well:

  • Ahmedabad (Opened in 2018 and was operational in 2019, now called The Lounge)
  • Bangalore (Taken over by the airport)

At first, it looked like an aberration, but on reaching out to Plaza Premium Network, they indeed confirmed that they are no longer accepting Priority Passes to access the lounge.

On checking out the Priority Pass website, all the lounges operated by Plaza Network are gone from the site. This is funny to me since potentially, Priority Pass pays more to lounges than the deals negotiated by card companies.

a screenshot of a website

Collinson, the company which operates the Priority Pass network, issued us a statement to this effect,

Effective 1 January 2021, access to 11 Plaza Premium lounges has been temporarily suspended from the Priority Pass network in three locations within India: New Delhi (eight lounges); Hyderabad (two lounges); Chandigarh (one lounge). Cram Bar in Chandigarh remains in the Priority Pass network as a lounge alternative.

It is important to note that the lounges are operational and allow passengers to access the lounge with other modes, such as credit cards and airline invitations.

Moral of the story is that if you plan to use Delhi, Hyderabad or Chandigarh Airport lounges, better bring along a different medium to access the lounge rather than a Priority Pass.

Have you been turned away from lounges at these three airports recently?

(H/T: Hiren Bhingradia)

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  1. Good riddance. None were worth a visit anyways. Except for may be a few I’d safely avoid paying a visit… especially the delhi one.

  2. Somehow this puts a smile on my face, Im just annoyed how every single cc issuer in India is issuing free lounge access like 100 gm coriander at a vegetable stall.

    God ! Have you seen how packed the lounges have become in the last 2 years ? I hope lifestyle/entry level cards stop offering these benefits.

    Premium Plaza Covid Time Review:

    Also, out of 2 of my 3 COVID time visits have been dull and slow in service at Premium Plaza Lounge at T3,Delhi. Including the better off Amex/PP/Business Class access exclusive lounge. Both the times I had to complain the manager for delay in even taking my order (~25 min)+food preparation time(~25 min).

    Did anyone else face these issues ?

    PS: Had to let this out. Phew!!

  3. I guess HDFC Diners Club card holders are safe compared to Infinia holders. Diners club card holders directly have access to lounges through their credit card and not priority pass membership. Diner club lounge website indicates plaza lounge across India are still in the list.

    • Infinia/ Most super premium credit cards also have direct access to lounges in India thru the Mastercard/ Visa lounge programme. Priority Pass would be more useful for lounges abroad for these cards.

    • Infinia card holders don’t need Priority Pass to access lounges in India. The Priority Pass that comes with Infinia is exclusively for use outside India.

      • I don’t think that’s accurate. The PP which comes with Infinia offers unlimited free domestic as well as International lounge access.

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