New Mumbai Terminal 2 Lounge coming in August 2014?

Late last week I was on my way to London Heathrow from Mumbai, and I stepped into the Mumbai Airport’s temporary lounge for a brief moment. The current lounge, like you know, is made at a gate, while they do up the details on the separate First & Business Class lounges at BOM.

I ran into someone who I have seen at the host position before, and I enquired when is the new First and Business class lounge due to open. For the first time, I have heard a timeline, of August 2014 when the new set of lounges would be operational. While given the track record of the airport operator, I can be sure August 2014 is not it, but in a few weeks we should see the new lounge operational is the feeling I get.

Anyone else hear any news about the opening dates of the new lounge at Mumbai? I’m curious to find out what is the special stuff they are lining up there which is taking so long.

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  1. Hi AJ,

    Is there any decent lounge at Mumbai International Airport where one can spend a night? I am traveling in October.

    Actually I am reaching mumbai on Jet Airways domestic flight at 16.35 HRS and connecting to Air India to London the next day morning at 6.30AM.

    I was wondering if I should check in the hotel or hang around at one of the Master/ Visa/ Diners lounge. Secondly since I reach Mumbai on the previous day, will Air India check in counter accept my baggage and issue boarding passes almost 11 hours earlier than ETD? Because to access the lounge I will need the boarding pass and also will have to clear immigration.


    • @Krishnakumar I am not sure if you’d be allowed access for that long a period even for a connection. if you do manage to make it through, you can either pay/use priortity pass/masters/visa to be at the Clipper Lounge.

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