My chat with DeltaPoints

Recently, DeltaPoints interviewed me for his Fireside Chat series.

Here is an excerpt on Hotels in India:

India has some great hotel chains of its own, such as the Taj and the Oberoi groups, which went on to build hotels across the world after building luxury properties around India. Also, Aman is owned by an Indian company at the moment. The chains have realized that they need to step up their presence in India, and are now starting to work on expanding presence here for the past few years. I see announcements of 30 or 50 new properties by next 3 years by Starwood, Hilton and others in India every now and then. So, over a period of time chains will get a good presence in India as well, but if you are holidaying here, you’re better off looking for some Indian properties.

Check out this link in case you want to read the full interview.

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