Mumbai Airport Lounge Access: One Stop Reference

This post covers all the lounges available at Mumbai Airport, Terminal 1 & 2, and how to access these lounges.

Updated: 14 January 2016

TmnlLounge NameLocationAirline Lounge (Y/N)Operated byAccess OptionsReview
1BLoyalty LoungeAirsideNEIH Limited (Oberoi)Jet Airways Premiere & Gold/Platinum passengers. Lounge Review
1BGood Times BarAirsideNMasterCard / Amex Cards by ICICI Bank / IndusInd Bank
1CCarnations LoungeAirside
(Opposite Gate A2)
NDevyani IntlJet Airways Premiere & Gold/Platinum passengers. MasterCard/Visa/Priority Pass.
Lounge Review
1CAmerican Express Lounge
(Inside Carnations Lounge)
NDevyani IntlAmerican Express Platinum/Centurion CardsLounge Review
1CDiners Club LoungeAirside
(Inside Carnations Lounge)
NDevyani IntlDiners Club issued cards
Lounge Peep
GVK LoungeAirside, Level 4NTFS/ PerformaInternational Business Class, International First Class,
Loyalty Program Elite Members
Business Class Review

First Class Review
Loyalty LoungeAirside, Level 3NEIH Limited (Oberoi)MasterCard/Visa/American Express/Diners Club/
Priority Pass/Airport Angel/Paid Access
Lounge Review
Pranaam LoungeNGVKPaid Service
2Loyalty Lounge (Temporary)Airside, Level 3 (Domestic)NEIH Limited (Oberoi)Air Vistara Gold, Air Vistara Business Class, Priority Pass
2CIP LoungeAirside, Level 3 (Domestic)NPerformaAir India Gold/Maharajah & Business Class, PaidLounge Review
1AAltitude LoungeAirside (Opposite Gate 11)
NAmexICICI Bank & IndusInd Bank American Express licensed cardsLounge Review
1AAir IndiaLandsideYAir IndiaAir India & Star Alliance Gold FFP eligible passengersLounge Review
1AAir IndiaLandsideYAir IndiaAir India Executive Class passengers

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  1. Great Information Ajay. Sorry but i am a new traveller so could you help me out with one query. I recently got my JetPrivilege World Mastercard (Debit). I was told that this would entitle me to free unlimited access to a select bunch of Mastercard domestic lounges.
    I checked in the list available on the internet and it appears that Carnations lounge is listed as one.
    My question is : Do I need to be flying a specific airline for accessing the lounge. I have a flight from Mumbai next week by Indigo and would love to access the lounge if permitted.

    Can you shed more light into this

  2. Hi Ajay,

    Could you please upload a review of Good Times Bar Terminal 1B Mumbai Airport and tell what is complimentary and what not?

  3. Hi Ajay. Two days back , I made an international to domestic transfer at BOM. Luckily , all my flights from BOM to DEL have always been from Terminal 1C ( gates A1 to A8 ) , giving me complimentary access to the American Express Lounge. But , this time , my flight was from gate no. 2 ( Terminal 1B ). Is there any way to reach the Amex Lounge in this scenario or am I doomed to use the Clipper Lounge / Good Times Bar ??? Has anyone ever tried to request the security officials to let them into T1C , just to access the lounge , and have they been allowed to do so ??

    • @Delhi_Traveller, in your words you are doomed to use the lounge in terminal 1B. Anyone who crosses back out of a secure holding area has to have his boarding pass cancelled, and I am sure the Amex lounge is not a good reason for them to accept your request. Anyhow, the screening team will only let you in if your boarding pass states one of the A gates.

  4. Thanks AJ, very helpful indeed. Minor thing : adv covers some parts of the table on the right. please see if that can be fixed. Thanks

    • @Gaurav that is a screen size issue. I can’t help since it will render differently in different screens

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