Mumbai Airport eliminates ‘boarding pass stamping’ for domestic airlines

Earlier this year, there was news we ran about the elimination of boarding pass stamping at Mumbai’s Terminal 2. It turned out, then, the airport was ready, but the rulebook was not. Now, for real, Mumbai Airport eliminates boarding pass stamping for domestic airlines, at least for February 2019.

mumbai airport eliminates 'boarding pass stamping' for domestic airlines

Domestic passengers flying out of Mumbai Airport’s Terminal 2 won’t have to get their boarding passes stamped during February 2019. The CISF, which is responsible for the security of Mumbai Airport and passenger frisking, has started the trials of the project. Just like earlier projects such as eliminating the stamping of baggage tags, the practice will entirely go away after the test is completed and the CISF has worked out any kinks in the processes.

As per the new process, for those who are going to fly on the domestic routes, i.e., passengers of Jet Airways, Air India and Vistara, they will anyways provide their boarding passes to the first level of barcode scanning (QR codes on the phone or 2D codes on printed boarding passes) to access level 3 of the airport. This indicates the passenger is now in a secure area. At the boarding gate, they will also scan again which will show some indicator to show that the passenger has gone through the workflow.


This is excellent news for my white shirts, some of which have bled to blue ink thanks to me putting the boarding pass back in my shirt pocket after getting through frisking. I am supposed to fly out of the Domestic Terminal later in the month and will report back on my observations when I go through the process.

Have you flown from the Mumbai Airport after February 1 and noticed the new process? What has been your observation of the changes past few days? 



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