More speculation on where is the Air India 787 flying?

I’m reserving comment on the bailout of Air India till a little later when I can write a long post about it, but the big news is that the airline which taught Singapore Airlines the ropes of being a magnificent airline stays in business for the time being, on a $5.3 billion dole though to which my tax payments will generously contribute. Heck, I don’t even get miles for this generous contribution to someone else’s balancesheet Sad smile!

Now, I’ve been interested in tracking the progress of the Air India 787 for a long time, and that they will get these 27 planes is now confirmed with the bailout as well. I had a good look at the planes in Hyderabad last month, and I came back super (un)impressed. The earlier prediction on these planes was that they will be used to start flights to MEL, but it seems the bigger picture is now falling into place.

According to this report with the Economic Times put out last week, Frankfurt, London and Melbourne, Sydney will be the places covered with the first 3 planes coming to Air India. Here is a timeline of operations below:

a blue and white airplane

I am slightly surprised, because I’ve heard the loads on the Frankfurt flight is usually very decent (80%) kinds from some friends and they fly bigger jets like the 777 there. So, I am trying to do the numbers to see if the 787 fits the bill here.

Given the state of how things move at Air India with bureaucrats at the helm, I am not sure if the timelines will be kept fully, but I am sure trying to get my hands on tickets on the 787 domestic tickets to review, and I’ll post it when I see availability right here.

What do you guys think? Right move or wrong one for AI?

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  1. AI flies DEL-FRA on a 777. They don’t fly BOM-FRA in the first place, and there is no indication from the airline that they will. This could be a reporting mistake.

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