Free Marriott Rewards Points only today! ACT NOW!

Marriott Rewards is going big on social media experiences these days. They recently launched a new promotion where you could earn a free category 9 MR reward night, just for being active with them on social media.

Today, Marriott Rewards is doling out points to everyone who is going to share or tell them where are they seeing the Great American Solar Eclipse from. All you need to do is to head to Twitter and either share or reply to this Tweet.

They reply back instantaneously, and the points came in to my account in no time. 50 MR points only, but heck, every point counts.

50 Points for Twitter

50 Points for Twitter

That is the easiest 50 points ever. So head up to Marriott Rewards, and tell them where will you be watching the Solar Eclipse 2017 from. I’d say go for it.

Tell us how many points did you get?



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