Marriott Bonvoy will grant soft-landing to members in 2024

Traditionally, Marriott Rewards (the earlier version of Marriott Bonvoy) used to offer a soft landing to the elite members of the programme, meaning that in no circumstance would members drop more than one tier on their status, even if the member did not meet the criterion for the one-down tier. For 2023, Marriott Bonvoy announced a return to this policy, albeit pretty late.

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Marriott decides to provide a soft landing for 2024

Marriott has indicated that this policy to offer a soft landing will also continue in the membership year 2024. That means that a member who fails to achieve the requirements for a particular tier will be granted a tier one down from where they are rather than being assessed on their actual business over the period in question. You can read about it on

If you are a Titanium Elite in 2023, you will be a Platinum Elite in 2024 (at the minimum), even if you have stayed zero nights in 2023 with Marriott Hotels. If you were Platinum Elite, you would be at least Gold Elite, and if you were Gold Elite, you don’t drop below Silver Elite. Remember, though, that Marriott Choice Benefits are based on elite night earnings.


Marriott Bonvoy has announced that it will offer a Soft Landing to everyone who holds status with Bonvoy in 2023. That will mean your status in 2024 will not go down more than one level below how it was in 2023. The new status will be reflected only in March 2024.

What do you make of the soft landing policy of Marriott Bonvoy?

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  1. Gold status- stayed on Saudi. No upgrade the reason was that I needed to be platinum. Also no other benefits. Seems the Marriot programme is inconsistent and useless

  2. Just a quick thought for lifetime Platinum.
    I have now 8 years and might do the Titanium this year. So if I make the titanium this year, then I would be done.
    2024 Titanium and 9 years
    2025 soft landing Platinum and 10 years.
    I have enough nights

    Thanks Chris

  3. I will requalify for platinum this year (and next), I will have 50 nights by the end of the year.
    There is a chance that I won’t hit 50 nights next year… so… question…

    With this new soft landing policy, should I venture to stay 25 more nights this year to hit titanium… and hope that they will have a soft landing policy again next year again, so that in 2025 I will at least be platinum (one level down from titanium, if I hit titanium this year in 2023)

    Thoughts are appreciated!

    • @rangry, while I cannot commit on the behalf of Marriott, they have been following this policy for a long time and I’d put a high probability on it being repeated next year as well. Which means if you become Titanium this year (till Feb 2025), next year, at least you retain Platinum (till Feb 2026).

  4. Who cares?!? Pragmatically Bonvoy status means nothing (which is why I left Marriott). Globalist, conversely, has been amazing. Hyatt has a smaller footprint but Globalists actually means something.

  5. Wish Marriott introduces rollover nights. I’m sitting at 100 plus nights but spend threshold lower than that required for Ambassador status.

  6. I would say this soft landing policy is very unfair… I have maintained being Titanium this year… Shouldn’t I be elevated to Ambassador level????
    Why this injustice to people who have stayed 75+ nights with Marriott.
    Shouldnt some people be rewarded for their ongoing loyalty???

      • I have given them 19k till now…. I am. Titanium since the past 8 years… But still haven’t touched Ambassador.. People who are so loyal should also be considered… Many people have left being loyalties with Marriott because of their post covid policies… They are losing on members and so they have come up with this soft landing policy

        • @Amiksh, the soft landing policy has been around for years now, refreshed every year. It is not new. It is a soft landing policy, not a soft raising policy.

      • Totally agree except for a few…. If Marriott wants to please members who haven’t achieved their targets…. Members who have retained their status should be upgraded for a year… 8 years of titanium but always wanted to try being ambassador… But many say there ain’t any difference between Titanium and Ambassador… So now I don’t care…

      • I’m Gold Elite and I don’t see what the benefits are, stayed in 2 Ritz Carltons in the past 12 months and although both rooms were beautiful. They were at the arse end of the resort in Samui and got given a fairly Large room with a view of a sand embankment even though I booked a “Partial Seaview“, in Tel Aviv. I’m sorely disappointed with those two properties and really had managed my expectations of the Brand.

        I feel you only really see benefits with Titanium and Ambassador Elite. I have friend, who I have travelled with during both his stints at those levels and the level of attention he gets is ridiculous, I had a saying that he got so much attention that it was to a point that other people in the group were treated differently. I had a saying “what am I, chopped liver?” cause if I ask for something, it couldn’t be done, but if he did he’d get it sorted.

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