Malaysia to block Indians from entering the country from September 7 onwards

When it rains, it pours, they say. For Indians stuck in the country and not being able to head back to their jobs or families, unfortunately, there is some more bad news.

Malaysia is going to block the entry of Indians, apart from Indonesian and Philippines Citizens in the country from Monday, September 7, 2020, onwards.

Screengrab courtesy New Strait Times, Malaysia

Malaysia is anyways closed to tourists at the moment, so this move will affect the entry of long-term pass holders from India, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Malaysia’s Senior Minister (Security) Ismail Sabri Yaakob announced that the long-term pass holders include permanent resident (PR) pass holders, expatriates, resident passes, spouses of Malaysians, and student passes will all be affected by this move.

Malaysia has been cut off from the rest of the world in terms of people entering and exiting the country and has a spectacularly low number of cases. This move has been made due to the rising number of cases in India and these other cases of CoVid-19. Malaysia has a huge ex-pat population of Indians, and they want to hem the import of these cases from India.



Malaysia will block the entry of Indians with effect from September 7, 2020. That means if you’d like to fly back to Malaysia, you only have a few days to get on a repatriation flight to Malaysia before another sort of lockdown comes into play.

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  1. All of you talking about the mutated virus forgot to read up on it. Though it may be more infectious and spread is lesser potent than the original version. This means that the human body can detect it and neutralise it. That also explains one of the reasons for the lower mortality rates in India. Read up about the D614G mutation, you’ll know.

  2. It’s absolutely true. Because of the mindset of people from this lawlessness country of our ancestors whom the law and government policies are Jokes…

  3. You don’t teach us what to do , you tell your modi what to do ,
    i) Employ you all to work in your country , ( problem solved )
    ii) you type of people brought into our country Cv19 ( mutated ) and caused unnecessary problems .
    iii) one has to be in an established green zone for at least 2 mths before being considered to depart , even so need to go thru process of quarantine 14 days in your country before considering entry,
    Upon entry 3 weeks quarantine in isolation and all cost borne by traveller

  4. Restrictions or ban entry is not the solution, put a conditions passenger must carry covid 19 Negative report. passenger have negative report of COVID 19 before 72 hours of departure . You do again COVID 19 when we arrival & take all details of passenger . Because we don’t know when world will get rid of this disease. Keeping everything closed is not the solution .
    We have to make smart plan against this situation . Otherwise people will not survive after 1 or 2 months . Do discussion country to country to resolve this issue .

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