Lounge Bites: May 05, 2013

I’m just trying to wriggle my way out of a bad bout of cold and flu which kept me out of action since 2-3 days. I figured a complete, medicinal recovery would be better than trying to drag my feet and keep up with work and other stuff, so I missed out some things. Here is a recap for you:

  • Travel Agents across India seem to be off work on Tuesday 7th May 2013. So, if you depend on them, organise your business a day before or after.
  • I am still refusing to believe this fully, but I am scared for flying Air India if this is true. Apparently on a Bangkok – Delhi flight, both the pilots went to nap, and put two cabin crew in charge of the cockpit. One of them switched off the autopilot.
  • Yours truly got quoted in the Hindustan Times about the latest on Unbundling airfares in India. You can read my post on how I think the whole thing will play out here.

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