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One of the trends we’ve noticed over the years is that a lot of people are checking into the site from their phones. Hence, we’ve been busy trying to figure out how to make the experience a bit better. While the newly updated website when it happens would be step-up on the way information is presented on your phones by us, we are right now improving on the ways to get your updates directly to your phone as well.

Get LiveFromALounge mobile

Get LiveFromALounge directly on your phone

Over the weekend we started with a new way to get information around to you via WhatsApp. You will receive no more than 3 messages a day, except if there is an urgent deal we think you should know about then and there! Here is how to get in!

1) Save this number on your phonebook: +9 1 9 9 1 0 1 0 9 4 6 8 (without the spaces of course!)
2) Send us a message saying START on WhatsApp

This will start the messages to come to you.

If you want to stop receiving our awesome updates, ping us STOP.

We hope you’d find this new service useful. We promise not to give away your contact details to anyone anywhere! See you there!

If you have any suggestions for improving the site, do share here. There are prizes too!


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