#LiveAt5 Giveaway: A vacation shoot from Flytographer worth $250, anywhere in the world!

This year, we celebrate 5 years of being us. Being us means to be able to help you with your travels. One of the most amazing things about travel is the memories we create. I’m always on my phone capturing pictures of hotel rooms and flight details to review them, however, when it comes to my own pictures, I suck at getting pictures with Shipra except for those random selfies!

I’d like to thank you for your support to us over a period of time. And feed your desire to travel some more. Or both. To this effect, we’re in the midst of running 5 contests, with 5 lovely prizes from our partners for all of you. We’ve already handed out the first two prizes courtesy Hyatt Gold Passport & Jet Airways. Our third giveaway, courtesy Airbnb just ended and we are going through the entries to discover our winners. Here is the next one for you!

Introducing Flytographer!

One of the most daredevil missions I’ve every been on, is to get into a relationship. When I wanted to propose to Shipra, I wanted to plan a surprise, and it goes without saying it had to be at Paris. So, while I managed to put the entire thing together without Shipra getting a hint, I sort of ran into a wall when I had to figure out how do I preserve this moment.

Enter Flytographer! I’d heard about them before, but this was the first opportunity to use them. Let’s equate them with Uber, shall we? Flytographer essentially provides photographers in 190 destinations around the world, and you can book a photographer in advance for your shoot, without having to bother about taking selfies or handing out a camera to a random stranger and getting a tasteless picture.


The list of locations is more than just impressive, it is global:

  • Europe, including Amalfi Coast, Amsterdam, Athens…all the way to Paris, Milan, Venice and so on.
  • North America, including New York, Kauai, Honolulu, Seattle, DC, Victoria, Los Kabos, Cancun and Martha’s Vineyard
  • Central & South America, including Buenos Aires, Santiago, Rio
  • and Asia, Australia and Africa.

Check out the complete list of cities here. Some cities may have one photographer, but many a cities will have multiple photographers available.

In my case, I was able to book one of their most experienced photographer in Paris for the proposal shoot, and Flytographer’s shoot concierge worked with me and the photographer to nail down all the details of the shoot before I arrived in Paris, to ensure the sanctity of this surprise.


The whole shoot played an important role in the proposal, and we spent a lot of time with the photographer as well. Within a couple of days, we received about 30-40 images capturing the entire proposal sequence and after shots as well, which we sent to friends and family to break the news! Have a look at one of the shots! We got all the images in high resolution as well, which were good for printing!


Goncalo in Paris for Flytographer

Not just that, we did use them again, on the #redcarpettrip, where we met up with our photographer across the Brooklyn Bridge for a session in the cold of January 1!


Johnny in New York City for Flytographer

Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoy our times shooting with Flytographer and book one every time we are out on a trip where they have presence. And it is cost efficient too, because we pay the same price around the world!

Contest 4: A free vacation shoot for one of you, courtesy Flytographer!

Now that you’ve warmed up to the concept, here is the real deal. To celebrate the 5 years of LiveFromALounge, Flytographer is giving away $250 worth gift card, which should help one of you book a shoot at any of their locations around the world on your travels. You could be in Delhi or Dubai, New York or Las Vegas, Paris or Pattaya, Tokyo or Tanzania.  It’s your choice about where you want to get shot, we are just helping you to live it up!

In it to win it?

Great, now we have your attention. So, all you have to do to participate in this contest is to answer a simple question in the blog post below.

Tell us what is the most photogenic location as per you around the world and why…

You could participate in multiple ways:

  • Leave a comment on this blog post, answering the question, “what is the most photogenic location as per you around the world and why…
  • Follow @livefromalounge on Twitter
  • Follow @firstclasswife on Twitter
  • Tweet about where do you want to shoot the giveaway, and mention @livefromalounge, @firstclasswife and @flytographer in the contest along with #Liveat5. You could even add a picture there 🙂
  • Visit LiveFromALounge on Facebook, and like or comment on the giveaway post
  • Refer a friend, who could also participate in the contest.

You definitely have to comment on this post, but all the other options are optional and give you more chances to win the contest.

All the entries need to come in through the RaffleCopter widget shown below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here are the T&C you need to keep in mind:

  • Decision of the Editorial staff of LiveFromALounge is final.
  • Open to LiveFromALounge readers, no geographic restrictions.
  • Giveaway ends Monday, August 29, 2016, at 1800 India Time.
  • Winner will be selected randomly and be notified by email. Winners have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen.
  • All the other costs with respect to the shoot made by the winner will be covered by yourself.
  • The winner will have the option to _upgrade_ their shoot by making good the difference to Flytographer at the time of booking a shoot.
  • Terms & conditions of Flytographer apply for redeeming the gift card.
  • The gift card will have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged or refunded for cash.
  • Facebook and Twitter are in no way associated with this giveaway. By providing your information on this form, you are sharing it with me and this information won’t be sold to a third party.

$25 Discount for everyone!

If Flytographer catches your fancy and you do want to book a shoot, you could use our link here, which gives you a $25 discount on your first shoot with them!

Thanks to Flytographer for sponsoring the giveaway, and thank you all for reading. Keep participating and coming back for some more cool prizes to be won.

Best of Luck!

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  1. Leh – Ladakh & Kashmir are superlatively beautiful and can beat any place in the work for a beautiful photo location. Proud that they are part of India and amazingly beautiful naturally.

  2. The most photogenic places I have been to have had more than just scenic beauty. There’s always been an element of surprise why I’ve considered them beautiful; be it an inspiring experience with a local or an event or place that has moved me with colors or history or the mood it put me in. Having said that, here are my top three spots:

    1.) Easter Island, Chile – One of the remotest islands in the world and having time to witness it almost all alone and witness natural beauty and the mystique around Moai statues made it memorable.

    2.) Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming – Perhaps the most breathtaking place to capture natural beauty of nature and admire wildlife. The park is set upon a dramatic landscape that continues to stun and wow you at dusk or at dawn. If you’re ever in US, you should make it a point to visit.

    Bonus Tip: Just 10 miles south of Yellowstone, there is Grand Teton National Park that is famous for gorgeous mountains that shoot out from the ground and soar into the sky and is most famous for the iconic barn that you can see, which is taken in photographs around the world.

    3.) Golden Temple, Amritsar – As the holiest place for Sikhs, this Gurdwara (Temple) is open to everyone in the world. It’s gorgeous structure made of gold will wow you, but Sikhism, being a very inclusive religion, it has 4 doors that remain open to signify that people from all corners of the world can come and visit. Many folks may not know, but the Golden Temple is the most visited sight on planet earth, with daily visitors going up to 250,000 over a religious weekend and it is the largest free kitchen in the world offering free food to over 100,000 people daily. The sounds of beautiful God praising hymns and the open mindedness and diversity present in the place, makes this the most photogenic, peaceful place in the world.

    These are three places that have moved me personally. Thanks.

  3. Paris, albeit an obvious choice, is like that annoying friend who photographs well even on their worst day. There are no wrong turns in Paris and even if you stray off the tourist trail to explore places like the Père Lachaise Cemetery, the green fairy bars of Bastille or Parc Monceau, you will be rewarded with beauty and a little bit of magic. Photos capture some of this magic so you can bring a little piece of Paris back home.

  4. I have fond memories of South Island, New Zealand – especially the boulders on Moeraki Beach, the dramatic peaks and valleys around Mount Cook, and the serene beauty of Lake Wakatipu and Queenstown.

  5. The most photogenic place I’ve been to (and arguably the world!) is Wanaka, a small quaint town in the South Islands of New Zealand. It has everything I’ve ever wanted in pics: it is a town based around a beautiful lake, yet has magnificent snow-capped mountain peak views from most places in town. The pics of both the lake and snow-capped mountains from right outside my hotel room are the most treasured ones from my honeymoon 🙂

  6. Most photogenic location in the world is Havlock Island in Andamans.. Beautiful sea, Crystal clear water, amazing corals. But most importantly local people who are honest, helpful and with a beautiful mind. I have visited over 50 countries with amazing views but Havelock is a class apart.

  7. On the Pont Alexandre III in Paris on an early Summer’s morning, which captures the elegance of the city’s water Seine), the sun glinting off the architecture (bridge) and landmark (Eiffel Tower peeking out above the rooftops!)

  8. Rejakvic(sp?)Iceland was jaw droppingly beautiful I couldn’t get enough of it. It’s so pristine and natural it makes me not want to live in NYC, take me back to nature!

  9. Kyoto was the place for me. It was in the country side where I fell in love with the quietness of the countryside and the gentle polite people of Kyoto. They didn’t speak any English but would be the kindest souls you’ll meet. We somehow communicated with a lot of bowing and smiling. I can’t wait to go back it’s so beautiful

  10. I would like to travel to some place in the western ghats of India during monsoon. I have not seen any thing so beautiful and pure in my limited journey of life.

  11. Think Iceland is the world’s most photogenic place with the black sand beaches, hot springs, glaciers , Skaftafell, the waterfalls and rivers. Iceland is such a treat to the eyes with the beautiful landscapes.

  12. Definitely Cinque Terre! My pictures from there back in 2004 and again from earlier this year, continue to amaze after my return. The characteristic pastel-coloured houses and turquoise Mediterranean waters remain unbeatable.

  13. On the banks of Mansarovar, with Mount Kailash on the backdrop is my idea of the “the most photogenic location” around the world. Even if you leave aside the spiritual connotation which might appeal only to people from Indian sub continent, the purity in the air, unpolluted enviorns and breathtaking views of snow capped mountains are amazingly unique.

  14. On the lawn of The Royal Hawaiian in Honolulu, HI with the beaches of Waikiki and Diamond Head crater in the background.

  15. Switzerland is cliched but still the best in my view for photos of a lifetime. Some of my best memories on print are from Lucerne, Interlaken and Jungfrau. Would love to re-create them many times over.

  16. The best places I have taken crazy amount of pictures are
    1. Bergen – People, Food, Countryside, Fjords etc.
    2. Bora Bora – Just pristine water villa pictures
    3. Kyoto – Try Cherry Blossom.

  17. Would love to use this to photograph the beautiful city of Edinburgh. No matter the weather, always a perfect backdrop for shits of historic Old Town!

  18. I would say the enchanting Santorini is the most photogenic place in the world. It’s because of the soothing calmness that you find in harmony with the myriad and colourful surrounding.

  19. Bali is definitely my choice. Nature and just a touch of the mystics would make for a great photoshoot session.

  20. The most photogenic place I’ve been would have to be Machu Picchu in Peru! There’s not one angle there that looks bad, the place is just magical. I spent 8 hours there roaming around and couldn’t stop taking photos.

  21. The most photogenic place I have ever visited was Santorini, Greece. The pictures I have from there are just breathtaking!

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