#LiveAt5 Giveaway: INR 80,000 Airbnb travel credits!

Update: Good news, we loved the entries coming in. We’ve extended the contest by a week to allow everyone who could not participate earlier to be a part of this contest! Contest now open till 20-Aug-2016.

This year, we celebrate 5 years of being us. Being us means to be able to help you with your travels, in ways and means no one else could. So we tell you about the way you could travel in style without breaking the bank. First Class travel does not really mean you need to have a six figure bank balance. You can do it with much less, by coming back here time after time, to start.

I’d like to thank you for your support to us over a period of time. And feed your desire to travel some more. Or both. To this effect, we’re in the midst of running 5 weeks of contests, with 5 lovely prizes from our partners for all of you. Contests will start on Sunday 0000 India time, and close on 2359 India time on the coming Saturday. On Monday, we will announce the results of the giveaway. Sunday we announce the next prize as well! Our first winner already got his prizes, our second contest just got over, the and it’s time for the third one.

Week 3: 3 Prizes from Airbnb

One of the recent finds of my life has been Airbnb. I might have been living under a rock before, but hey, it is so easy to find a variety of accommodation on Airbnb to suit every pocket. Fathom this.

You could be living in a shared apartment in New York if you’re flying solo, at an artist’s home in Brooklyn at about $62 (INR 4135) per night

Airbnb brooklyn apartment

Airbnb in Brooklyn

If you don’t want your privacy disturbed, and still want to be around with other folks who are your hosts, you could be getting a private apartment. How about one in London, where hotel prices are through the roof. Oh, this one comes with a view of the Thames!!

Airbnb in London

Airbnb in London by the Thames

Not to say that you couldn’t have a whole home to yourselves. Love architecture? How about a Portugese Villa in Goa for your family of 6.

Airbnb in a luxurious Portugese Villa in Goa

Airbnb in a luxurious Portugese Villa in Goa


In a nutshell, Airbnb has an opportunity for all of us to be wholesome travellers, mingling with the locals and sharing their lives and experiences while also getting a piece of the local experience. After all, travel is not just about seeing monuments or museums, it is about people, right?


Sign up with Airbnb to be able to participate in this cool contest. You get a startup credit of INR 1000/USD 15 or equivalent in your local currency for use on your future travels. If you host, you get another INR 3000, Isn’t it lovely? If you’re already an Airbnb user, let’s tell you more about the contest.

To celebrate the 5 years of LiveFromALounge, Airbnb are offering 3 of you an opportunity to belong anywhere around the globe. You can live like a local in Greenland or Cape of Good Horn or anywhere in between. You can choose from palaces, villas, cottages, log cabins or just an apartment in the humble bumble of a city. It’s your choice about where you want to go, we are just helping you to live it up!

There will be 3 prizes from Airbnb, as under:

  1. INR 35,000 (~USD 525)
  2. INR 25,000 (~USD 375)
  3. INR 20,000 (~USD 300)

These credits will be usable by you on your Airbnb stays in the future.

In it to win it?

Great, now we have your attention.

So, all you have to do to participate in this contest is to sign-up for Airbnb and then answer a simple question to tell us about your next travel destination, and why do you want to go there? Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to be eligible for the contest:

  1. Sign up for Airbnb using this link. Signing up allows you to get INR 1,000 in credits for use on your next Airbnb stay. If you are already a registered user, then move to step 2. If you participate without being an Airbnb registered user, your entry gets filtered out.
  2. Leave a comment on this blog post, answering the question, “Tell us about your next travel destination, and why do you want to go there?” in 50 words. Give us a good answer to increase your chances of winning this contest!

Remember, you have to complete both steps to qualify. 3 winners will be picked by yours truly, and awarded their prizes after we validate that they are Airbnb users. Enter now!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Get Bonus Points!!

  • Follow @livefromalounge on Twitter
  • Tweet about where do you want to go with the giveaway, and mention @livefromalounge and @airbnb_in in the contest along with #Liveat5
  • Visit LiveFromALounge on Facebook, and like or comment on the giveaway post
  • Refer a friend, who could also participate in the contest. This gives you an opportunity to share the love so that we can bring you more such amazing prizes in the future.

The dates you need to keep in mind

The contest will be open from August 7, 2016 0000 IST through August 13, 2016 2359 IST. I will announce the winners in the week of August 14-19, 2016.

The Fineprint

  • Decision of the Editorial staff of LiveFromALounge is final
  • Open to LiveFromALounge readers, no geographic restrictions.
  • Giveaway ends Saturday, August 13, 2016, at 2359 India Time.
  • Winner will be selected by us and be notified by email. Winners have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen.
  • All the other costs with respect to the stay(s) made by the winner on these credits will be covered by yourself.
  • The credits will have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged or refunded for cash.
  • Facebook and Twitter are in no way associated with this giveaway. By providing your information on this form, you are sharing it with me and this information won’t be sold to a third party.

Thanks to Airbnb India for joining forces with us for this giveaway, and thank you all for reading. Keep participating and come back for some more cool prizes to be won.

Best of Luck!

p.s.: images courtesy Airbnb. 

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  1. You know travel is your heartbeat when the call of home fills you with the anxiousness of planning the next trip. My next destination would be Russia or Africa. Russia for the history and drama we have grown up reading and Africa, because this time for Africa!!

  2. My plan is to get “Trapped” at my next destination which would be Seyoisfjorour a small town in Iceland. I have been in love with it since I watched the TV series trapped. The scenery, the atmosphere looks like a lifetime experience. Then there are Northern lights too.

  3. Greece! Greece is top of my travel wishlist.
    Tolkien said ‘Not all those who wander are lost’…but when its Greece, I guess I wont mind even getting lost in Greece. The architecture, the history, the heritage, the beaches make it the perfect combination of natural, historical and philosophical interest for someone bitten by wanderlust.

  4. My next destination would definitely be The Great Barrier Reef in Australia and witness the countless marine species. As said, it is “the natural wonder”.

  5. “How is it possible to feel nostalgia for a world I never knew?”. That is what Ernesto said when he visited Machu Picchu in The Motorcycle Diaries. My next destination would be to retrace the steps of the road trip Ernesto and Alberto took, to feel that nostalgia.

  6. Thanks for doing the giveaway! I referred a friend, who entered, but how do I get credit for the bonus points?

  7. My next destination is Portugal with my BF Brandy, she’s a fine girl ;)! We have the best times together no matter where we are & she’s always wanted to go to Portugal- So I’m in! As long as we’re together it will be amazing! Plus, now I’ll be international!!

  8. I would like to visit Kerala during upcoming Diwali holidays with my parents to give them a deserving break.

  9. I would like to go to Hawaii as the beaches with cool wave would be very relaxing and also for the culture aspect which I have never experienced. This would make the trip less expensive as Hawaii is usually quite expensive. Thanks!

  10. I’m so excited about this contest and the opportunity to win my dream trip to Peru! I find ancient runs very spiritual. I’ve seen a few, Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon, Chichen Itza, Tulum, Ek Balam, but Machu Pichu calls out to my soul. I felt at peace and in touch with the spirit of our ancient people at each of these places. i can only imagine how I will feel when I cast my eyes on the wonder of this place.

  11. Paris
    Sky is the umbrella, atop a lacy Eiffel
    Renoir-Picasso by dozens at Montmarte
    Lovely ladies those, at Louvre and Notre-Dame
    I love either, have no shame admitting
    My home here floats, on a serene Seine
    Smells heritage, courtesy Airbnb.
    In the city of love, I wish to find myself

  12. I shall be travelling to the Everest Base Camp, one of the most challenging places an ordinary trekker can go to – someone who is not a professional mountaineer can still reach there. Sure, I am looking forward to this exhilarating experience.
    Reaching there demands high level of physical fitness and mental strength as well. But, I am all rearing to go.

  13. Be the King for a day!!! thats what I wanna do. How? Simple.. Win this Contest, Book a whole island (https://www.airbnb.co.in/rooms/11097319?s=_Pzc0D0B) for myself and my Queen, and voila I am the King.

    on a serious note, would want to try that feeling of being secluded on a island all by yourself (would ask the host to hide and not be seen till chckout) and wander around. Just like the movies minus large reptiles or psycho killers!!!!

  14. I am planning a honeymoon trip to Bora bora. All thanks go u as I am saving a lot. I have carefully accumulated enough points to stay in the new Conrad Bora bora which opens in March. Thanks to Hilton Honors. My air travel will be in business class with Cathay thanks to Asia miles

  15. My girlfriend recently started a walking navigation app company (something all travelers need). She’s turning 30 in October and we would love to use the funds to hire a villa in Bali. As a startup, her and friends are cash strapped so this would be a dream come true.

  16. India is always in my travel list (Why? because it’s Home) and sometimes the journey can be tiring on long haul from the USA, but it is something that can always be done differently and made fun and exciting by traveling premium cabins using miles and doing stopovers. That is something I learned from your blog and others from the boarding area network. I am now traveling on Etihad First apartment to India and Japan First class back to the USA.

    This time we will be doing a stop over in Langkawi, Malaysia on our return journey.
    We chose Langkawi this time as we always wanted to visit an island that is not entirely a beach resort but also a romantic destination in a natural oasis teeming with wildlife and scenic landscapes.

    Bali , Maldives, Singapore, Goa, Manali …etc are some of those place I’d like to vacation with my husband and plan to do so on stopovers everytime we visit home.

  17. Heading to Italy next year. Would be awesome to stay in an airbnb vs some of the lower end hotels I’m seeing out in the countryside.

  18. There is a saying, “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” In this sense, I’d love an escape. An opportunity to see a new place, enjoy the beauty of the amazing creation of this world in which we live, and to push the pause button for a moment to keep life from its inevitable escape in the day to day. My current travel goal is to make it to Hawaii by December 7th, and be a part of remembering 75 years since the bombing of Pearl Harbor. My grandfather and great uncle were both part of WWII, and it would be SO INCREDIBLE to see a glimpse of what led our country into this epic battle for freedom – a battle we are too soon forgetting. Winning this contest would help make that possible! Thanks a bunch!

  19. The travel list is endless but I am starting with Bali, New Zealand and Portugal. Bali is my first solo trip and it just seemed like the right place to start. New Zealand for the Maori culture and amazing landscapes- Milford Sound, Rotoroa, South Island. Portugal- Lisbon, Porto, Faro and the islands- wine, food, fun in the sun. Who knows where it will lead!

  20. Hawaii! I want to explore a couple of the islands, scuba dive, stroll barefoot on the beach, and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

  21. My wife and I go great lengths to see Whales out in their natural habitat. Would love to use AirBnB credits in Dominican Republic, their waters are home to hundreds of whales during winter months up in Canada.

  22. My next destination will be Tromso, Norway. I have heard a lot about the Northern Lights, and would love to experience them.

  23. My wife and I love travelling the world. Since we had a child, staying in hotels is harder so Air BnB gives us an awesome option to stay in a place that is like a home. We would start with the coast in Southern Portugal and find a place near the beach and then head to Morocco for great food, culture, and music which we would love to share with our son!

  24. Hey, I want to visit Dubai for my next trip, because, it is amazing. There is a new amusement park coming up also with the Ferrari park. I like thrill and adventure, so skydiving over Palm Jumeirah and Flyboarding there would complete my water sports checklist.

  25. My next destination is in a couple of weeks to 2 Hawaiian islands – the big island and Molokai. Main reason is continued exploration of a beautiful part of the world!

  26. I would like to celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary with my wife in a 500 year old villa in Tuscany, Italy. I hear it is their one of their best properties in the world in the heart of Chianti countryside close to the Renaissance city of Florence!

  27. Heading up to Niagara Falls next week and then on to Toronto for an awesome few days of wine and beer! We will be celebrating two birthdays: mine and my future father-in-law’s on a good, old family road trip. Next up is Ireland, for fiancé’s birthday and the whiskey of course. 😉

  28. Our next trip is Kyoto. My girlfriend always wanted to visit Japan for its culture and food. We’re both mesmerized by the complexity of their culture but very simple way of life. I will be proposing to here on this trip. Fingers crossed!

  29. Take my wife and three children to Thailand. There are five of us which makes hotels expensive because it requires two rooms. Airbnb is a great option for us and many of the properties in Thailand are beautiful. My children have never traveled to Southeast Asia so it will amazing.

  30. I planning a trip to Thailand one of my favorite countries in the world. I’m going to stay in Phuket where there are plenty of AirBnb options to really experience Thai culture.

  31. My next travel destination is Greece. Its been on the top of my list for years. I have rounded up a few of my close friends to take the adventure with me and would be nice to be able to treat them to a night or two free as a thank you for indulging in my travel goals.

  32. I would like to travel to Vietnam and spend at least a week there — it has the charm of the East, and yet it is not a destination chosen by the crowds.

  33. I want to travel to Banff which is the oldest national park in Canada. Its breathtaking scenery, electric turquoise lakes, and majestic mountains has come to create a place which is sacred to the First Nations people. I would like to pay respects to this ode to nature.

  34. My next trip is to New Zealand to explore the country in a camper van! Looking forward to exploring glaciers, fjords, lakes with lots of stargazing and hopefully seeing a kiwi!

  35. My next travel destination is Jordan. I have never been to the Middle East and cannot wait to see Petra, swim in the Dead Sea, and go glamping in Wadi Rum. Of course the movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” also had some influence in choosing my first ME destination.

  36. I would like to go to Santorini, Greece. The Air BnB credit would be a perfect kickstart for such a vacation.

  37. Looks like fun. I would use the credit to stay in Rioja in Spain at one of the coolest AirBNBs out there. They have a wine cellar, plenty of space for friends, and fun for everyone.

  38. Madagascar is on my list and so is Bhutan! Having travelled to Tanzania have caught the animal-bug and Bhutan for it’s gross-domestic-happiness index. Airbnb at any of these places would be wonderful.

  39. Returning to Paris in September for our 35th anniversary. To help us celebrate we are bringing our grown children and their spouses. We rented a three bedroom apartment for the week, one block from the Champs-Elysées on AirBnB for the six of us.

  40. I would love to visit the western coast of the US and on up into Canada. My daughter lives in that area and I would enjoy hiking and sightseeing with her.

  41. Exchange a cloudy, snowy and extremely cold Eastern Europe to a friendly bath with elephants in Thailand,

  42. Easter Island – because it is the most remote place in the world and to see the venerable Moai figures there

  43. Japan because it offers a glimpse into the past and future. I can turn back time by staying in a traditional ryokan, take a dip in an onesen, enjoy a kaiseki meal and then fast forward to the future on a bullet train or even a hi tech toilet! Japan promises to be like no place else.

  44. I have been planning / wanting to do Europe & football for 5 years now! I intend making this a football pilgrimage by watching matches at London, Liverpool, Manchester, Dortmund, Munich, Milan, Turin, Madrid & Barcelona during weekends. Weekdays would be staying / working / living in these cities. It would be a 3 months Euro Tour!

  45. I want to travel to Germany and meet a current Army Officer and speak about the human cost of violence in families and across generations.

    I want to go to Slovenia next and look at their zero gravity art project in space up close and personal.

    I am keep to travel to 100 countries and meet 100 local heroes and being them on one Digital Platform.

  46. I want travel to Germany to meet a member of the Current army to talk about the human and family cost of ‘war’ and being trained ti kill.

    I am an army kid and digital entrepreneur and also want to travel to 100 countries to meet 100 local heroes and being them onto a social network for community and system change makers.

    This is step 1

  47. Without any questions…. I would head out to Newzealand… whts bttr way to gift myself a trip to my fav place on my bday.. 🙂 It would be fun if lyf time drm comes true on a grt occasion… been long time I gt a perfect bday gift and this would make up for all that.. !!! D thought itself makes me excited… nt sure hw I will react whn its a reality… !!!

  48. I want to travel to Peru. I have been fascinated by the Mayan civilization. I want to see the remains of their arts and artefacts.

  49. Las Vegas. Beacuse it’s L-avishly A-bsolutely S-uper V-aunted E-nchanting G-orgeous A-ngelic S-in city 🙂

  50. Hi ,

    I would like to visit Langkawi as it is one of the most beautiful place in Malaysia. Currently I am in Singapore but haven’t been able to visit Malaysia yet. hope to visit it if I wish this contest.

    Thank you very much 🙂

    Prakash Matuwani

  51. Well, one really does not need a reason to not Travel for a holiday. I always look for opportunity that would help me travel to new places, be it for work or on a Vacation; away from the city chaos and work. My next trip to Philippines is something I am preparing for. Boracay island is where I am willing to be found at, somewhere during October-November 2016, amidst a white beach learning Kite surfing, Cliff Jumping and everything in between. Yes, that is the plan!!

  52. I want to visit my sons in California but since it is California, they live in very small places!

  53. I would wish to stay at a lovely beach side home in Greece. Hope my dream comes true. 🙂 Thanks AJ for the opportunity.

  54. I would love to stay at St Pancras Clock Tower Guest Suite in London. A mini apartment within the clock tower apartment at St Pancras Station, with its own suite bathroom and kitchen and sitting area. It sits in Sir George Gilbert Scott’s gothic revival railway hotel building from 1868!

  55. I would love to go to Uthlid, South-Iceland. An Airbnb house there runs on power from geothermal power plants and is heated by geothermal water that flows from geothermal hot spring. House is designed with the grey stone roof echoing the old lava field it sits on. Magical!

  56. Next trip…Paris…you ask why? Because its PARIS..don’t know who needs 50 words when the destination is Paris.

  57. I will backpack across Europe. I am still in my 20’s and after having my masters sorted I want to treat myself to a well-deserved vacation. I have Berlin, Interlaken, Paris and Rome on my list. Hoping to make this vacation a reality with these credits

  58. I want to go to India to experience the diverse religious traditions present there so I can take first-hand experiences back to the interreligious dialogue class I teach.

  59. I’d love to go to London! The houses there are pretty unique & would love to seek authentic experience of British Culture which is not possible in typical hotels.

  60. My wishlist would take me to the South Island of NZ. Airbnb would provide me options where none of the chain hotels would be present.. Would love seeing Milford sound like a local!

  61. I’m heading over to Brugges in the next few days. The city has all the trappings of an old world European City. You can walk and finish the whole city and then catch a Belgian Beer after.

  62. Hello, I am Deepesh. I live in Thane. For me, vacations with family are a priority. I usually head out to Nasik for a wine weekend. There is a cute homestay there where I’d love to go.

  63. Personally, given a travel enthusiast, I am looking forward to travelling in the Baltic countries next time around (hopefully around end of September) and spending some quality time with the on ground people. Given I have heard so many good things about the people out there, what better than to explore it using AirBnB. Any incremental credit would only help us getting the best options for each of the cities

  64. I’m a ski baby. I’ll be heading to Kufri later this year for my annual ski trip. Would love some airbnb love to find how living with the locals is like

  65. My kids have been wanting to go to a beach soon, and we are planning a trip to the beaches of Koh Samui. It would be a great place for R&R for the family as a whole

  66. i am going to bali around the year end…and bali has some of the most awesome airbnb properties of all. Could be a good use for that.

  67. Marrakech and Fez. As the baby is older enough to travel now, it is time to meet the grandparents and make memories, as that is what traveling all about.

  68. I will be on a trip to Latin America soon, starting from Mexico. They have some amazing jovial people there, some gorgeous places like Cancun and Los Cabos, and of course, Mexican food.

  69. My husband and I will be travelling to New Zealand and Australia at Christmas. We are in the planning stages and would love to stay in local airbnb homes. We like to immerse ourselves in the local culture.

  70. My wife and I are going to Cambodia and Thailand. It’ll be the perfect combination of history, culture and adventure. Less than two months before we head out!

  71. I am going on a trip to Ottawa , Toronto , Vancouver , Reno & San Francisco in September. An option to use Airbnb in Ottawa might make me a convert and i might end up using Airbnb everywhere.

  72. My wife and I are off to Budapest in a month’s time, and have been looking at staying on both Buda and Pest sides of the city, and have looked at AirBnB for both sides. Would be great to experience Budapest with a host!

  73. I’m a Goa native but I’ve been gone far too long. When in Goa next on my vacation, I’m planning to have a whole beachhouse all to myself. Beaches, good food and great people. Would be great!

  74. I’ve been to Tokyo before, but I do plan to go back. The city has some fabulous culture, food and very hard working people. And they love their skiing very much too!

  75. Inspite of the political unrest, there is a great opportunity to go to Turkey that I have in a couple of months time. I’ll stay close to the hamam baths and try crossing into the European side as well. This is one of those countries which has so much to offer.

  76. Nasik has some cool vineyards and I am planning on a roadtrip there. Living in the vineyards will make it a great experience for my family since we are sommeliers recently moved back to India.

  77. The next time I am in the UK, I am planning to go live in the Greenwich village, which is going to be so cool, living on the date line. I’d love you guys to give me a chance to try you out.

  78. The next time I am in San Francisco, which will be in a month from now, I’d love to live in a loft there overlooking the Golden Gate bridge. I have it all figured out.

  79. I think I will be over to Beijing next to see the Great Wall of China. That has been on my bucket list for a very long time

  80. A trip to Coonoor has been in the plan for a very long time, for the lush greenery and the tea estates. This would be the perfect reason to make it happen

  81. I have been dreaming of going to Dubai. the city gives a great feel of the old and the new in one go. Would love to visit with Airbnb

  82. My Daughter’s wish –

    I will go to the Magic Kingdom,
    Meet Donald, Mickey- and Princes handsome.
    Gaze at stars at Kennedy
    Why does moon have cavity?
    Visit Harry Potter, at Universal
    Are Tussaud’s statues quite real?
    Ride the balloon, meet Manatees
    Will you come to Orlando with me?

  83. I am planning for my honeymoon @ Bali. Pristine equatorial heaven! The private villas @airbnb (with superhosts) are beyond imagination!

  84. I would love to go the uninhabited Alaska. It has been sitting on my to-do list for quite some time. It will be great to take off from work , pack bags and drive into a lodge in a forest with lake (airbnb lists many such places) and have some me time accompanied with wild moose around. A lake to dip in and some beer with friends to pop open with.

  85. I travel often for both work and leisure. I am a coach traveller and an airBnB fan. With airBnB I have shared an apartment in New York with a techie guy and his cat. I have rented an entire place in the beautiful city of Stockholm with airBnB. Stayed in a villa up the hill in Sri Lanka and shared a warm cottage in Lake Tahoe. THANK YOU AIRBNB. I plan to visit Alaska this summer. I hope to find a beautiful cottage nestled in the Alaskan wilderness from where else but airBnB.

  86. Planning a trip to Los Angeles. It will definitely help if I win these Airbnb credits. I’ll visit all the theme parks!

  87. Heading to Greece and Switzerland in about a month’s time! Can definitely use some extra cash to book a sea & volcano facing AirBnB property in Imerovigli, the part of Santorini which is considered one of the most romantic places in Greece with the most perfect sunset scenes!

  88. would have to be New Zealand, to admire the beauty that is the land of the Lord of the Rings , to make my dream of skydiving finally come true and also enjoy the local culture by staying like one of them …

  89. We are heading to Pondicherry since we just love the cafes and the calm and serene beaches and of the cuisine

  90. Japan is next for me! I’ve grown up watching videos showcasing the beautiful mountains and bustling cities, it’s time to bring skis and check it all out.

  91. We’re headed to Cambodia.
    Through a pc game called Tomb Raider, I virtually experienced Angkor Wat. 10 years have gone by and now I’m looking forward to appreciate it in its reality and compare how 2 different regions (India and Cambodia) etched their concept of God in stone.

  92. I love travelling and luckily found my perfect match last year. So our next trip is to Asia – we are going from Germany to Hong Kong, to China (Guilin) then to Bangkok.
    At the moment we are thinking about saving up money for a world trip.
    Our current itinerary would be: India, Vietnam, Myanmar, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Easter Islands, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Mexiko, South Africa, Tanzania, and back home!
    A little extra credit for accommodation would be amazing!

  93. Chiang Mai, as it was recently voted the best place to visit in Asia! Visiting around Christmas holiday for 8 days!

  94. Headed to Central Europe early next month. Would love to use AirBnB for bookings at Vienna, Prague, Budapest and Krakow.

  95. I’d like to go to Thailand with my wife for my next vacation, since I’ll be in South Korea for a trip to see my family in December. I’d love to make a pit stop at Thailand before coming back to the U.S.! We love the Thai cuisine and culture, and would love to explore some of their exotic beaches.

  96. My next travel destination is Southeast Asia. We’ve been to the area before and love everything about it, the food, the scenery and the people.

  97. My 70 year old dad and I are going to China for two weeks in October. I’m currently looking for a courtyard hutong place for our last two nights in Beijing. Staying in a traditional neighborhood would be a fun, unique experience, a change from the usual cookie cutter Western hotels.

  98. Booked my flights to Japan this November! For an immersive local experience, I’d love to stay in a Machiya house/Ryokan for a night or two (already found some lovely ones on Airbnb) but they’re expensive! The credits would go a long way in creating a truly authentic Japanese experience.

    • My girlfriend recently started a walking navigation app company (something all travelers need). She’s turning 30 in October and we would love to use the funds to hire a villa in Bali. As a startup, her and friends are cash strapped so this would be a dream come true.

  99. Travelling to NYC to meet my brother at Brown Uni and then going south to philadephia to do a course at wharton. Winning airbnb vouchers will really reduce the economic burden

  100. The next trip we take is going to be to Chicago! Double duty – visiting one of my fiancee’s best friends and scouting potential practices to join for when residency is over. It would be SO great to have a little more wiggle room financially for our trip.

  101. Planning a trip to Abisko National Park, Sweden in December to catch the northern lights. I’ve identified the AirBnB I’d use there and this credit could go a long way in making my dream of watching Aurora Borealis come true!

  102. Nothing is more exciting then just planning a trip and then off to go travelling. I’ve traveled the world on my own, but since I got married I want to experience the world all over again with my husband, travel companion and love.. want to fall in love with all the places again.. So the next trip I want to take is to Austria/ Switzerland live in the small towns, eat local and make the most of it for two weeks.. And what better way to experience it through AirBnB.. The thought that I could save through the AirBnB credit for the stay is wonderful so fingers crossed..

  103. I am ever ready to travel and my 6 year old son is just like me, whenever I am travelling now I think of him what he will like and where should I take him. He mentioned the other day that I want to see snowfall, I will be making a trip to Europe during the winter period for him to experience snow and what better way to take this vacation if I win the AIRBNB credits.

  104. Would love to take the family (wife, kiddo and parents) for a R&R to Goa this winter. So this win would be a great platform to make plans to stay in a villa in Goa and make it a memorable trip for the family!

  105. Wow, you have giveaways that match my need 🙂

    My wife has been asked to perform a ramp walk in Lakme Fashion week in Mumbai on 24th. Since we have 2 kids, one a toddler under 2 and second a new born of 44 days – only an AirBnB house will suit our needs. She cannot travel with 2 infants and hence needs me to tag along

    If I win here, would mean our stay for those days will be provided for.

    Hoping for the best

  106. I’ll be spending a month in London this December to experience all that it has to offer during the holiday season. Looking forward to the decorations, sales, carnivals, mulled wines and the general festive spirit. An Airbnb apartment will help me live like a local. As Airbnb says, don’t go there, live there!

  107. Both me and my wife love to travel, however while i usually go to youth hostels or cheaper hotels on my travels, my wife prefers to live in a property from one of the large hotel chains. I have already traveled through Europe in my student years, but i want to take my wife on a trip to Europe and show her the unique culture of the different cities. While youth hostels might not be an option anymore, AirBnB properties would be a great way to explore the different cities and enjoy their unique quirks (Gas-lit fireplaces in Paris, the narrow & tall houses of Amsterdam, small bakeries at every street corner in Barcelona, hill-top houses in Granada etc.). Having an AirBnb property would also let us experiment with food (Cheese!!).

  108. This year marked our 5th wedding anniversary. Every year on our anniversary, my husband would take us on a vacation. Courtesy him, I was able to visit France – my dream destination. He has helped me make my dream come true. And I wish to do the same. He is an ardent Liverpool fan. I want to take him to England when the EPL season starts this year and get him to watch a game at Liverpool. This has been a tough year for us, and I hope that this gesture will bring us closer.

  109. Sydney for New Years Eve, Queenstown for its beauty and Fjords, if I continue there will be a number of places that I would like to visit soon.

  110. I want to go to Russia, see the Tsarist palaces from childhood fairy tales. Taste the unique Russian food and original Vodka.
    And further north and may be catch an Aurora!

  111. I’ll use this in Nov when I stop in San Francisco on a 3-city holiday of the US to visit friends and just generally be a tourist. In SF, I’ll stay at an Airbnb and travel out each day to do stuff, like sail on the bay, visit Napa and Sonomo Valleys for some wine tasting etc.

  112. Arizona to spend time with my cousins. I can’t wait to see them again, its been way too long since we have been able to hang out and spend time together.

  113. It is my wife’s 30th birthday this year and we intend to celebrate that and the new year (her birthday is on Dec 31) in style in Dubai. Staying in an awesome AirBNB with a swimming pool (yes, I found one!) would seal the deal for us 🙂

  114. I’m going to take my lovely wife for a delayed honeymoon (we got married last November) bouncing around Europe to thank her for being by my side through some tough times and congratulate her on finishing her program. It’s going to be great. I’m really thankful and looking forward to it.

  115. i was a volunteer teacher in jharkhand for 6 months in 2014. i gotta get back to the greatest country on the planet (with the greatest food!)!!

  116. My next travel destination is Jerusalem, Israel because that is the home of the Jewish people who are in exile now and we await the coming of the Messiah every day with patient faith.

  117. I want to take my husband (a chain hotel junkie!) to Barcelona this Christmas. I’m fascinated by Gaudi. We’d stay in a Gaudi inspired home so we feel like Barcelonians and not tourists. get under the skin of Catalonian culture. this will change the way he perceives travel…:)

  118. Nothing like family holiday with wife and twins. My next destination is Seychelles in April.
    AirBNB is my new found love. Had a great experience in Paris. I have already shortlisted my stay on AirBNB in SEZ.
    This post is to support the blog n to participate. 5 is fantastic. Congrats Ajay!!!!

  119. If i win the contest i would definitely visit Siem reap in Cambodia and want to visit the world famous “Angkor wat temple” and “Angkor Thom temple”. The very first time i heard about that “Angkor wat temple” is the worlds biggest temple, it fascinated me. I always wanted to visit this majestic temple and see cambodian culture.

  120. Plan on taking my daughter to Tokyo. Cheap flights right now along with an Airbnb credit would allow us to show her a different culture.



  121. My next travel will be to Barcelona – to soak in the sun, sample some heavenly food, and take in the sights of one of the world’s great cities.

  122. Planning on going to Maine: Acadia National Park and Portland, never been and they sound like great places!

  123. My wife and I have wanted to try some of the interesting AirBnB aptions out there, like little private islands, etc. This would go towards that.

  124. Looking to head back to the Southern Hemisphere and take in the late nights of Santiago de Chile en route to my dream vacation on Easter Island.

    Or maybe finish the third leg of the Delhi-Agra-Jaipur triangle? I regret missing Jaipur!

    The easy part: Where to stay? AirBnB! 🙂

  125. My girlfriend and I are going on 16 day trip to Europe starting with Oktoberfest in Munich. My first time to Europe and I didn’t realize how expensive Munich is during that time and could use some AirBnB credits to offset the cost!

  126. My next big trip is going to Argentina with my husband this december. We want to visit the lakes district (town of Bariloche) for the beautiful scenery and hiking opportunities. An Airbnb credit would be fantastic for use in this area. Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway!

  127. I am doing a whirlwind tour of Germany (Oktoberfest for the third time!), the Netherlands and finally Norway. I was raised in Norway so it will be a great opportunity to revisit all of the places I remember all too vaguely.

  128. Traveling to Zion National Park and Antelope Canyon in Page, AZ for Thanksgiving this year. This is where my husband proposed to me exactly one year ago! Can’t wait to go!

  129. Next trip will be to Bali in March 2017. Originally booked the trip for two reasons…..1) to fly Singapore Suites Class from LAX-NRT-SIN and 2) to let my new wife (just got married!) enjoy the rich culture and sights that Bali has to offer. I’m a little bummed that SQ swapped out the A380 on the LAX-NRT-SIN route, so I won’t be able to experience the Suites Class….but Bali will still be a blast and I’m looking forward to experiencing Nyepi Day while there.

  130. Hi

    I think Airbnb is doing a wonderful job by making available rental properties at such unbelievable prices. I want to explore Maldives or Mauritius using the Airbnb credit as they are the dream beach destinations my family ( particularly my son) want to but haven’t got a chance to explore till now.

  131. My family is headed to London for the first time in the Spring. My daughter is so excited to see a real castle and my wife is crazy about seeing the HP film set.

  132. We’ve always hoped to take our kids on a dream vacation to Sri Lanka, and winning this would make it so much more attainable. I’ve never stayed at an Air B n B property before but heard good things.

  133. We are headed to Malaysia in Jan 2017, My wife’s best friend from college lives there and she is looking forward to meet her and catch up. As a side effect it would be awesome to have a local tour guide to show us around and experience the culture and food.

  134. I’ve been fascinated by the idea of living on the water, and AirBnB has some amazing houseboat properties for rent in Amsterdam. As an added bonus, some of them are bigger than my NYC apartment!

  135. I want to go to Japan and South Korea.
    It’s quite expensive for a third world country citizen, but dreams can become true 🙂
    I find the culture so different to mine, that would be an unforgettable experience, and a life changing one for sure.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  136. My next destination is Rome. I have been to Rome before and find it to be totally captivating. There is a special charm about Rome which puts you in the relaxed vacation mode. The food is amazing, there is history and art everywhere and the gelato is delicious beyond belief.

  137. I would like to take my wife’s parents to Puerto Rico to have them experience a different culture. They have don’t have passports and haven’t flown in over twenty years. Having an awesome local place would help make them comfortable and convince them

  138. Vietnam & Cambodia. We are final year medical students and have never been on a trip together these past 5 years, this giveaway would be a godsend! and really help us destress #studentbudget

  139. I’m eagerly looking forward to my next trip to Miami & Orlando, taking part in the WrestleMania festivities, which has been one of my lifelong dreams. Staying in an airbnb with my family, overlooking the south beach would make it complete.

  140. My son is turning 6 in October so nothing better to take my family to a luxurious Portugese Villa in Goa to celebrate his milestone birthday. This kind of stay makes these small milestones into large memories forever.

  141. My biggest dream is to take my son to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida! I haven’t been back in 30 years! (I went when I was a child) and my husband would love to see the Simpsons! It’s all so expensive (airfare, park entry, hotel) this could save the day and make our wishes come true

  142. Had a good experience with Air BnB in Iceland, would like to try it with a visit to Ireland in the Fall season. Thanks

  143. For the travelling pants that my husband and I are, we would use this for our next Europe trip which is due in about two months 🙂

  144. I always wanted to live in London as a local, so I would love to use airbnb for a week stay in the heart of London and live my dream.

  145. I’m planning a trip to China during their National day(or week rather) and the itinerary follows TinTin’s footsteps. These Airbnb credits would go a long way towards making my adventures all the more better.. I could even blog about it for you 😉 I really wanna win this!

  146. I want to go back to Scotland and stay in the same cottage I stayed a few years ago on Airbnb ! Run by a 75 year old couple who have been married for more than 50 years and have travelled the world ! Been using Airbnb ever since then !

  147. I would love to use the credits to visit Marrakech. For years I have anticipated visiting the Royal Palace, the Riads and tasting authentic Ras el hanout. Staying in the medina part of the city would certainly be a dreamy prospect!

  148. I want to visit Seoul in my next trip. I have heard a lot about their high tech infrastructure, public transport and beauty. 🙂

  149. I would like to stay in cool villas in Goa for my next family vacation. My mother loves villas hidden in nature,

  150. Next on my list is Goa for at least a week, I have been to many beaches but yes I haven’t stepped in the water yet and that’s what i want to do. 🙂

  151. My next travel destination is Cape Town, RSA! Two oceans, penguins, table top mountain hike, proteas, seals, cricket, Newlands cricket ground, colourful homes and beach shacks, waterfront, ostriches, Hike to the stadium top of Green Point Stadium, cultural melting pot.. need I say more?

  152. My next travel destination is Singapore. Have a newborn kid and wanted to travel once he is old enough to enter an airplane. Singapore has got to be the easiest destination in our neighbourhood for travelling with a newborn.

  153. I want to go to Landour, a place near Mussoorie because I love the deodars there and not to forget, a chance to meet Ruskin Bond. The place is beautiful, you can catch a glimpse of the snow-capped Himalayas and enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature.

  154. I would go to Rio de Janeiro. Too late for the Olympics, but I might just be able to catch the Paralympics!

  155. My wife and I would LOVE to book out a Goa Villa this Christmas, and these airbnb credits would make that dream destination a reality!

  156. I want to go to Berlin because I’ve heard it’s a very young city, full of vegan food and new-age ideas! They also have amazing street art, around every corner! Moreover, they have about 6 different bins for recycling, how cool is that!?

  157. Would love to go to Hawaii. For the culture but also for the beaches to see those big waves and watch some surfing. This would go a long way as Hawaii is quite expensive as far as accommodations go and this would be an excellent way to make it a little more affordable

  158. Looking to spend approx 3 weeks in South America. The plan is to visit Chile, Bolivia and Peru. The attractions are pretty obvious. The salt flats and Machu Picchu has been on our bucket list for a while now.

  159. Next big adventure is Iran! The more I travel, the more I want to find the pagh less traveled. Now sounds like the time to explore the bazaars, cafes, ancient and modern cities and experience a new culture to widen my perspective of the world 🙂

  160. If Only I could combine the Jet miles and this AirBNB stay at Paris for the full family it would be awesome!!. My 9 yr old has a life goal to go to Paris, and so does my wife, but I can’t afford to take 4 of us, atleast for now. With AirBnb we would get a nice apartment overlooking the Eiffel Tower and the Sienne.


  161. I will be heading to Kyrgyzstan soon as it is an unspoiled Central Asian nation. I am just crazy about this country. Tiny yet goregous. I am going to explore everything form mountains to lakes. Kyrgyz food is amazing and I am ready to explore quite few authentic restaurants. 🙂

  162. Will be going to Costa Rica with my husband next to relax by the beaches and take in the beautiful scenery there…..can’t wait to try repelling also.

  163. Hong Kong- It’s a wonderful, mixed-up town where you’ve got great food and adventure. The drama, the charm and the beauty of Hong Kong along with it’s breathless energy, wish to be there for 1 full week and explore it thoroughly!

  164. I and my love want to go to Seychelles. There is a thing in living like a local and soaking in the culture around you. 🙂

  165. I want to go to Oslo, Norway and then take ferry rides amid the fjords to visit the quaint towns on the coast with the breathtaking views.

  166. London, Would love to rent clock tower guest suit at St. Pancras station. I’m usually late for meetings, this might help 🙂

  167. My travels should take me to Rome with my wife and 1-year old kid. We’ll go and make a wish at Trevi Fountain, and think of the battle of yesteryears at the Collesseum. From Rome to Florence and Venice and spend the evening on the gondola with the loved one. This september, AirBnB might just make the dream come true.

  168. Roma….EAT- all the gelatos and yummy hand made gnocchi; PRAY- the vatican and sistine chapel cos michelangelo and me born on 6th March; LOVE- romance my gorgeous wife by the Trevi Fountain and Villa Borgese..Airbnb could make it all happen this September.

  169. I would like to go to Vienna, because its mesmerizing and beautiful with lots of pocket friendly accommodation options available on airbnb. Looks amazing place to go..

  170. I would go to Scotland and stay in Airbnb Dairsie Castle .. Have always wanted to stay in a castle

  171. The only place I call home after Bombay is Bangkok and that’s where I’d like to go, again.
    Being raised in Bangkok, I’d love to stay on the other side of the Chhao Praya river with Airbnb, right amidst the local people and flavor, to rekindle the long romance I have with the place.
    And what better place to start than a home away from home..

  172. I was a kid when i went to darjeeling so don’t remember much would love to go there again now and stay at Singom tea resort its amazing

  173. I would love to go to Spain to visit the numerous UNESCO world heritage sites there! Being able to stay with and learn from a local would be a huge plus.

  174. Will be going to Morocco in October, would be great to stay in a local-owned AirBnB lodging and learn more about Morocco.

  175. New Zealand – want to soak in the natural beauty with my family. No better place than NZ to enjoy the nature’s wonders.

  176. Would love to take my husband to London and Paris. He wanted to go for our honeymoon 20 years ago but I was just too nervous to go out of the country as I never really traveled so he took me to Maui. I would love to give him this trip.

  177. I want to visit Mongolia. The wide open spaces will give me a sense of freedom no other place could possibly could. I want to go horse trekking there with the nomadic tribes.

  178. I really want to go to Europe. I would love to explore Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Vienna. These are my dream destinations.

  179. Cuba!! Because- A. Who doesn’t want to ride in an old pink Cadillac? B. There’s salsa everywhere C. It still feels like it’s forbidden (even though it’s not really anymore), D. Cuban cigar in Cuba! E. It’s Che Guevara’s final resting place and which one of us haven’t admired Che?! F. Do I need to keep going – coz I could… 🙂

  180. I want to travel Germany and Finland during Christmas as they supposedly have best Christmas celebration. I am still childish about celebrating christmas

  181. Sydney.. would love to live in the place like a resident rather than like a tourist and get a feel of the city

  182. Portland, OR! Tried to go there last year with Airbnb but couldn’t go at the last minute. Would love to do the trip soon!

  183. Hoping to go to New Orleans for the NBA all star game in Feb. All hotels on points are already blocked…..Traveling with two teenage boys who live and breathe basketball, tickets to the game would be their Christmas present! Getting harder to find trips where the kids actually look forward to spending an extended amount of time with no friends, just their parents, but I know if I can pull this one off it would be a winner!

  184. There is a bubble type of house which i found somewhere in net. I want to stay particularly in that home. It will be an awesome experience for sure.

  185. My next travel destination is Edinburgh with my sister, and we’d love to stay in an AirBnB to feel like locals!

  186. My next trip will be to Maine with my wife for prime lobster season this fall. The first stop is Ogunquit and the next one is Wiscasset to eat at Red’s Lobster Shack and visit the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. We spent our first anniversary there and can’t quit going back. We’ve used Airbnb in the past for an awesome little cottage in Wiscasset right on the water.

  187. We are planning on visiting our daughter-in-laws family in Hong Kong this year. The extra AirBnB points would be perfect for this excursion!

  188. Heading to Japan next, then Thailand. I love airbnb in Thailand because it’s great to have your own washer/dryer in your room, which you can’t get in a hotel. I find myself needing to wash clothes daily in Thailand, since it’s so hot and polluted that I am showering 2-3 times a day!

  189. I used AirBNB in Pusan, Korea, and it really went well – 12th floor apartment all to myself for a really good price. I think I want to try AirBNB next in Frankfurt or some other part of Germany.

  190. As I have already used airbnb @mumbai, would love to use the experience and credits to explore and see the scenic beauty of croatia.

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