#LiveAt5 Giveaway: Win 2 round trip tickets to anywhere on Jet Airways

We are 5! It has been humbling to receive the support of everyone who has been visiting us day on day over the years, and I’m very proud that we’ve built a community of Indian frequent flyers together like never before. I know there are cryptic underground clubs where people talk in code, but out here we love to simplify everything and bring it to you.

I’d like to thank you for your support to us over a period of time. And feed your desire to travel some more. Or both. To this effect, we’re going to be running 5 weeks of contests, with 5 lovely prizes from our partners for all of you. Contests will start on Sunday 0000 India time, and close on 2359 India time on the coming Saturday. On Monday, we will announce the results of the giveaway. Sunday we announce the next prize as well! Our first contest just got over, and it’s time for the second one.


Week 2: Roundtrip Tickets for 2 anywhere on the Jet Airways Network

Regular readers would know that Jet Airways is the airline I use the most. They are my preferred carrier domestically and outside the country as well. There are multiple reasons for me to like them. The primary reason is the network. They go everywhere I need to go for work or leisure. Here is their extensive route map.



Jet Airways has a comfortable 777 service which will fly to Amsterdam shortly, they already operate on the A333 there. Additionally, they have the 777 going to Singapore & Dubai soon. Besides, I suspect they will be growing to new locations soon. Their herringbone product on the A332 is my favourite, but they have comfortable seats on all their planes.

My Favourite Jet Airways Business Class Seat

My Favourite Jet Airways Business Class Seat


Jet Airways' B777 Economy Configuration

Jet Airways’ B777 Economy Configuration

For Jet Airways, they’ve crisply summarized their new phase of growth as #GetMore. They started to offer standby on earlier flights.  They offer free upgrades these days to surprise people, including on Twitter. You will be watching in-flight entertainment on your phone or iPad soon with Jet Airways. Jet Airways also recently took the lead on bringing in Krispy Kreme and Subway for domestic catering. I now have used the ability to cancel tickets for free within 24 hours a few times and saved tonnes of money, after all plans change. What more, there are things I haven’t written about, but Jet Airways got on there first. Fare Lock is one such instance. Bonus miles for booking online, and all the extra JPMiles with Jet Airways’ co-brand cards is another.

To celebrate 5 years of LiveFromALounge, Jet Airways extended us the opportunity to offer one of our readers 2 return trip tickets on any Jet Airways destination. The winner could have their pick of places. They could win 2 return tickets, Economy Class, on any direct route on the Jet Airways network in India, or 1 return ticket, Economy Class, on any Jet Airways international station and 1 return ticket, Economy Class, on any direct route on the Jet Airways network in India.

So, you could do a Mumbai to Paris trip on Jet Airways, and connect with your Delhi to Mumbai ticket on it. Alternatively, you could take your special one for a trip of two passengers to a destination on Jet Airways you’ve always been wanting to go to. The only thing you got to pay for, is the taxes on the ticket.

In it to win it?

Jet Airways will connect with the winner and help them book the tickets. Remember, the tickets are free but the taxes are to be paid by the winner. I’d advise you to have a look at the terms and conditions mentioned below.

There are many a ways you can enter to win, with each method counting as an entry. Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to be eligible for the contest:

  • Leave a comment on this blog post, answering the question, “Where in the world you’d go if you had an opportunity to fly Jet Airways?
  • Follow @livefromalounge on Twitter
  • Follow @firstclasswife on Twitter
  • Tweet about where do you want to go with the giveaway, and mention @livefromalounge, @firstclasswife and @jetairways in the contest along with #Liveat5
  • Visit LiveFromALounge on Facebook, and like or comment on the giveaway post
  • Refer a friend, who could also participate in the contest.

You definitely have to comment on this post, but all the other options are optional and give you more chances to win the contest.

All the entries need to come in through the RaffleCopter widget shown below:


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here are the T&C you need to keep in mind:

The Prize:
The prize will be “2 return tickets, Economy Class, on any direct route on the Jet Airways network in India” or “1 return ticket, Economy Class, on any Jet Airways international station and 1 return ticket, Economy Class, on any direct route on the Jet Airways network in India”

The Rules:

  • Decision of the Editorial staff of LiveFromALounge & Jet Airways is final
  • Open to LiveFromALounge readers, no geographic restrictions.
  • Giveaway ends Saturday, August 6, 2016, at 2359 India Time.
  • Winner will be selected randomly and be notified by email. Winners have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen.
  • All the other costs with respect to the stay(s) made by the winner on these tickets will be covered by yourself.
  • The tickets will have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged or refunded for cash.
  • Facebook and Twitter are in no way associated with this giveaway. By providing your information on this form, you are sharing it with me and this information won’t be sold to a third party.

Terms for the Prize Ticket:

  1. The Prize Ticket will be a direct flight operated by Jet Airways and no connecting flight is eligible for this Prize Ticket. Codeshare or interline flights are not eligible for this Prize Ticket.
  2. All applicable taxes on the Prize Tickets will be borne by the winner.
  3. It is the sole responsibility of the Winner to identify and obtain all necessary travel documents / visa and have them available when necessary. No refunds will be given to individuals who fail to bring proper documentation.
  4. The Winner will be solely responsible for arranging all travel related expenses and logistics to the origin of the complimentary flight.
  5. No travel will be permitted between (Aug 12-16, 2016) and the ticket will be valid upto September 30, 2016.
  6. Winners’ Prize Ticket will be emailed upon confirmation of travel details.
  7. The Prize Ticket will have definite travel dates as specified by the winner and open dated tickets will not be issued.
  8. Prize Ticket once issued, will be non-re-routable, non-endorsable, and non-transferable; and date changes will not be permitted.
  9. Prize Ticket cannot be upgraded to the higher class of travel against Upgrade Vouchers, JPMiles or by paying difference in fare.
  10. The carriage in respect of the Prize Tickets is subject to Jet Airways’ regulations relating to the Conditions of Carriage and all other terms and conditions with respect to Jet Airways’ policies and procedures.
  11. Minimum of two (2) weeks’ notice will have to be given by the winner to Jet Airways to issue the Prize Ticket.
  12. The Prize Ticket will not be eligible for accrual of any JP Miles.
  13. Prize Ticket is not transferable and cash or any other compensation in lieu of Prize will not be offered. Prize Ticket is non-exchangeable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  14. The Prize Ticket will be awarded subject to verification and fulfilment of all the terms of the Contest.
  15. The decision of LiveFromALounge & Jet Airways shall be final and binding on all the Contestants and is non-contestable.
  16. The Prize Ticket is subject to Income Tax/TDS, if applicable, as per the Income Tax laws or any other taxes/levies as may be applicable as per the prevailing applicable laws in India, and the same shall be borne by the winner directly. Jet Airways shall have no liability with respect to the same.
  17. The Winner is responsible for all other expenses including but not limited to spending money, meals, drinks, transfers, laundry charges, activities, incidentals, taxes, energy surcharges, gratuities, service charges, passports, visas, travel insurance and all other ancillary costs. Travel insurance is highly recommended to protect against the additional costs incurred in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Thanks to Jet Airways for sponsoring the giveaway, and thank you all for reading. Keep participating and coming back for some more cool prizes to be won.

Best of Luck!

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  1. Would love to travel to Doha and redeem some of my Hilton Honors points for a stay in Hilton Qatar as well as visit family! The beach facing hotel looks great!

  2. Hi,
    Congratulations on turning 5 and it has been an incredible journey for you guys. It gives an immense pleasure to read you blog posts and tweets.

    I would like to travel to Amsterdam as it is a vibrant city and also one of the most intolerant ones. It is quite multi-cultural and rich in history. In an era, where every city is on a modernisation spree, Amsterdam is doing so but sticking to its rich past too.


    • tolerant* cities.

      Congratulations on turning 5 and it has been an incredible journey for you guys. It gives an immense pleasure to read you blog posts and tweets.

      I would like to travel to Amsterdam as it is a vibrant city and also one of the most tolerant* ones. It is quite multi-cultural and rich in history. In an era, where every city is on a modernisation spree, Amsterdam is doing so but sticking to its rich past too.


  3. I look forward to go to Paris with my wife to celebrate our 10th anniversary which is coming up this year.

    Can there be a better place than Paris – the city of love to celebrate the milestone that too with the Eiffel Tower in the backdrop..

  4. I would like to revisit London just to relive the memory of my college days.

  5. I would love to go to Holland — boat-rides in the canals of Amsterdam, its art museums, and tulip fields in Holland!

  6. Congrats on hitting 5 years! Really enjoy reading this blog

    I would love to travel to Singapore and explore the city-nation

  7. Congratulations on hitting 5 year mark. Always fun and informative to read your blog.

    I would like to go to London with my family.

  8. Love to go to Paris, even at a senior age, this is the city of love. With all that has happened the world should give some love back to Paris.

  9. Prague is definitely on my list next. You are one person who has updates so much more interesting than all the crap Facebook has. I’m always happy to see travel pictures.. 🙂

  10. Finally got my passport 2 months back after a long 8 years 1 on 1 with GOI. Missed my honeymoon actually. Was hoping to do my first of many international trips this year but unable to decide hopefully this will give it a huge push.

    Thanks & Regards

  11. I would love to travel to London and Amsterdam with Ma hubby since we have not got an opportunity to go for our honeymoon

  12. Definitely London. Coz, I took Jet Airways flight the first time I flew there to study and its all good memories.

  13. Hi Ajay bro, love your blogs and detailed reviews. All the best on completing 5 years 🙂

    Well I would love to take my wife to the romantic Paris to celebrate our wedding anniversary 🙂

  14. I wish to travel to London. Its my dream city in the whole wide world and I like to visit it again and re-live the vibrant and fun times there. Would like to take along my mom to show her why I love London so much and show her my dream city with my eyes!

  15. A Eurotrip is on my cards every year but never materializes. This is the opportunity to see the cities like Paris, Amsterdam and exotic castles of Germany and Eastern Europe.

  16. If I got free tickets to travel through Jet Airways I would use it to travel back to my home in Bangalore.
    Thank you

  17. If I win….me and my wife would like to travel to Udaipur….the city of lakes…another heaven on earth…

  18. I will use the tickets, if I win to send my wife and my maid (who is like family for us) and my 2 kids to my in laws place in Delhi. As you know, a person cannot travel with 2 infants so we have given an opportunity to our maid (as I cannot go) to see new places in India

  19. I’d love to go to Toronto, the land of the stadium where Saurav Ganguly ruled during the Indo-Pak cricket tournaments.

  20. It has to be Amsterdam. It is one among the very few cities I can visit endless number of times.

    Keep up the good work. It’s heartening to see your and Shipra’s passion to travel.

    I have benefited number of times through your blogs. Thanks


  21. I’d love to go to London. It’s been 3 years since I visited and missing it badly.

  22. I would either visit Amsterdam as it is one of my favorite cities or go to London as its been on my travel list since long..

  23. I would make my wife and infant join me in London on my birthday from Pune via Delhi.

  24. I woudl love to go to Singapore. Not been to the far east in many years and this may be good opportunity to kick off a trip starting in the Lion city.

  25. I will use 2 free tickets to fly my Mom & Dad to Dubai for a vacation. Hoping to win. Thanks

  26. Congratulations Ajay and a happy anniversary!
    Thanks to you suggestion about SBI AI Signature card last year. I am Golden Edge Member now. 🙂
    I would love to gift a Paris trip to my newly wed Bhaiya and Bhabhi.

  27. Shall take wife to andamans and
    mother to combodia front the money saved in andamans trip. 🙂

  28. I would love to go to Amsterdam to sail in the canals and visit the Anne Frank house!

  29. I’d take my friend to Rajamundry. She grew up there and has always wanted to go back to visit. It’d be a great little surprise.

  30. It would be hard to choose just one place, maybe Amsterdam or Bombay or maybe as far away as Bangkok!

  31. Bless you on your 5 !!!

    Thank you for the tickets and look forward going around the world.

    On my way, I will spread Livefromlounge gratitude.

  32. Would love to visit Singapore and meet my friends and relatives there.
    Thanks Ajay and Jet Airways for bringing this promotion to us.


  33. I have planned vacation in Singapore with my brother. I will meet my sisters, family friends and colleagues. Explore new attractions and of course Long pending work break.
    Thank you Ajay & Jet Airways for this contest 🙂

  34. I would love to travel to Dubai,if i had the oppurtunity to travel through Jet airways!!!

  35. Port Blair, want to explore this eastern part of the nation with la familia– have heard its gorgeous. Would love to see it in person

  36. Will take my Wife to unite with her Sister in Dubai which is long due and make the gals happy!!

  37. I’ll fly to Paris or Amsterdam and back as a part of my planned Euro trip with my girlfriend!

  38. i was a volunteer teacher in 2015 in barwadih, jharkhand. i miss my students dearly. and so. that’s where i’d go.

  39. I would love to fly jet to London, to learn Eye Plastic Surgery from the master Dr Naresh Joshi.

  40. I would fly to Khajuraho to experience the rich heritage of our nation. Thanks AJ for this initiative. 🙂

  41. Amsterdam. Last time took an Emirates from Bombay and regret that decision. Planning to for there for Christmas and the only two direct options are Jet and Klm, and its a no brainer between the two. Jet it is.

  42. My mom and her sister would go visit her other sister in Florida. Or maybe Texas or California :), depending on whose home they decide to go to.

  43. I would want to visit Andamans with my parents if given chance for domestic trip, else would love to go to Bahrain in international segment myself.

  44. Colombo (SL). We have been wanting as a family to go there for a while. Would be lovely to visit the island nation together.

  45. I would love to go to Port Blair with my wife as it is one of the most serene islands our country has to offer. With global warming and water levels raising who knows how long this island will remain such a bliss.

  46. Amsterdam, it is! Jet’s definitely my favorite airline as well – best in class service, comfortable seats and the best rewards program as well.

  47. Paris with my family. Understand that balance will be on my own but 1 free international round trip ticket to Paris will be a good start to the Disneyland trip in Paris. The other domestic roundtrip ticket will go for an upcoming Goa vacation.

  48. I honestly have lots of points. I don’t think I would use this but instead would give it to my brother and I would love to send him to Amsterdam

  49. “Where in the world you’d go if you had an opportunity to fly Jet Airways?”

    Answer – To Paris, city of love and return from Amsterdam, land of tulips with my adorable wife.

  50. Tokyo! No. 1 on my bucketlist. Would take a foodie friend of mine and hit the restaurants!

  51. I’d love to take a trip to Paris if given the opportunity. Has been on my to-do for far too long.

  52. I would use the tickets to go to Kathmandu with my husband on our trip around the world!

  53. I would like to go to Amsterdam, if I had an opportunity to fly Jet Airways.

  54. London for sure! Have been wanting to go there for a while now.

    9W flies the 777 there which has a good economy product !

  55. I would go for the 2nd choice. 1 international station return trip and 1 domestic return trip. I will definitely go to Paris. Paris was always one of my favorite city. I will also take my fiancee up with me. And from Paris we will have a short Europe trip. I want to cover mainly Sweden and Norway this time. And in the domestic sector i would like to travel Bangalore-Kolkata-Bangalore.

  56. I wish to go to Toronto in the new B777. The miles adding up is always an attractive proposition.

  57. Have plans to visit Lisbon, Portugal in next few months. I could definitely make good use of the tickets 🙂

  58. Dubai, this year end (31st Dec, can you beat that?) to celebrate my wife’s birthday! There can’t be a better reason 🙂

  59. Would love to visit Port Blair on Jet airways as its impossible for me to stay away from beaches for a long time!
    @livefromalounge, @firstclasswife @jetairways #Liveat5

  60. Would love to visit Jet Airways’s New gateway to Europe, Amsterdam! It would be a dream come true to hitch hike on the streets on this beautiful city. #SoloTravel #Loveto9W

  61. I would take my Father on a trip to London – England. He never had a passport and recently got one made , and a trip to UK as the first trip will be fantastic for him

  62. Watching the water go from turquoise to orange to red against the pristine and unspoiled white sandy beaches of Seychelles has always been my dream . So i would like to goto Seychelles with my wife . 🙂

  63. I would love to visit Amsterdam to watch a UEFA champions league match featuring Ajax Amsterdam

  64. I would love to go to New York city, I’ve never been and have always wanted to go.

  65. Would love to go to Detroit by Jet airways
    Being a Jet Plat I look forward to this visit

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