Kuwait Airways & Royal Jordanian are out of the electronics ban

In March 2017, United States unilaterally applied a ban on electronics & laptops to travel in the cabin of aircraft for airlines which originated travel out of the Middle-East. The United Kingdom quickly applied a ban of their own, however, it was a different shape and size as compared to the American Ban, although both the allies claimed to have shared intelligence of the threat. Then the USA tried imposing the same ban on Europe-originating flights as well, but got pushback enough to cancel it.

We were brave enough put Etihad Airways to test and report back about the state of our Laptop when it travelled in the belly last month. It was all so puzzling specially to travel through Abu Dhabi airport, especially since they are a pre-clearance post for the US CBP, which should mean they already comply with American standards of screening and security. We reported that Etihad is out of the Electronics Ban. Subsequently, even Turkish Airlines and Emirates were pulled out of the Electronics Ban. Followed by Qatar Airways.

Royal Jordanian tweeted about this a while ago.

And so did Kuwait Airways.

This is great news. It is a pity I could not try out Kuwait Airways last month as I wasn’t sure of their capability to handle my laptop, and went with Etihad instead at 1.3x the cost! But maybe there is another time.



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