SQ KrisFlyer upgrading status of some members due to CoVid19?

Singapore Airlines has been at the receiving end of the CoronaVirus caused travel stop, just like every other major airline in the world. However, the way they have been reacting to the situation has been very different than most other airlines across the world. For instance, they are one of the only airlines around which are issuing refunds to customers, and also they managed to raise cash from Temasek which should help them sail through the current period.

Also, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer, the frequent flyer programme of the airline, has had better policies than other airlines in terms of status extension and miles for customers. For instance, Singapore Airlines is:

  • Renewing KrisFlyer Elite Silver and Gold membership for one membership year.
  • Extending Elite Gold Rewards that will be expiring between July and December 2020 to be valid until 31 March 2021.
  • Extending KrisFlyer miles that will be expiring between April and August 2020 by six months.

But, Singapore Airlines is also doing something, perhaps out of the goodness of their hearts, or to attract future business, for some customers. A long time LFAL reader reached out to me today to tell me how Singapore Airlines had upgraded his Silver status to Krisflyer Gold Status, without him asking for it.

He got the following email as a surprise in his mailbox.

krisflyer gold status

Our friend here has been flying around on SQ quite a bit, but only requalified for to Silver. No worries, he is now KrisFlyer Gold Status. I’ve not found this being referred to anywhere.

Great job, Singapore Airlines. You might have just won over a customer for life.

Anybody else got a free status upgrade from Singapore Airlines?


  1. My Mumbai Singapore ticket for March 12 16 was refunded by SQ . There was no lockdown in India or SQ at that time. Will fly by them as soon as possible. However if Vistara launches Dreamliner on this route then will be tempted to fly Vistara but all this is atleast 3 months away

  2. They are one of the best. No one comes close to them. Best economy class seat an food. They refunded my SFO-CCU with in week

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