KLM Air France JPMiles redemptions to be honoured

With Jet Airways being put on ice, at least for now, their ticketing rights also went for a toss. IATA excluded them from the Billing and Settlement Plan, which means that the airline can no longer issue any tickets on other airlines. This put JetPrivilege in a tight spot as well, given they used Jet Airways’ ticketing systems to issue redemption tickets as well. At this moment, they are only able to issue redemption tickets on Etihad as a consequence (co-owner of JetPrivilege).

One of the many questions asked was about the validity of the other tickets issued by Jet Airways. Like I wrote earlier, Jet Airways tickets issued are no good at the moment, and many airlines are refusing them. However, for those of you who have KLM/Air France tickets issued with your JPMiles, there is some good news. These carriers are still honouring reward tickets issued by Jet Airways (not revenue tickets, only award tickets).

Even proper member communication has been sent out to those who hold KLM/Air France JPMiles tickets issued by Jet Airways.

KLM Air France JPMiles tickets

So, if you have an award ticket that was booked before April 18, 2019, using your JPMiles, your vacation plans are still going to go through with the existing tickets. For everyone else, tough luck at the moment.


It flows back to the same thing. JetPrivilege, as a separate entity, would have been able to pay for the tickets booked for JetPrivilege members on Air France/KLM, and hence their redemptions are spared for the moment from cancellations. Jet Airways, on the other hand, could not pay a dime, so those tickets are not valid anymore. But good on JetPrivilege trying to normalise things at the moment. Over 9 Million members need it.

How are you impacted with the shut down of Jet Airways?


  1. For everyone else, if you are still sitting on a lot of JP Miles, the best way to redeem them would be in hotel stays. Don’t fall for their shitty “Select Flights” deals, they are horrible. My significant other, had a little over 150,000 of JPMiles. We got a 3 nights booked over a weekend (Friday – Saturday – Sunday) at the amazing Marina Bay Sands for 140,000 + 14K in cash. The typical rate per night is around 24K. So not a bad deal.

    Lots of properties available.

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