I accepted a #JPMiles Challenge. Come along & get some for yourself too!

It started as a simple harmless blogpost I wrote for all of you last week, detailing how I got through earning 1.25 million Miles last year. A lot of you wrote back wanting to know more how it was possible to do this. Truth be told, I do try and earn miles on almost every purchase I make, and hence it does not look so difficult.

For instance, just yesterday, on a day trip to Bangalore, I managed to mint about 4900 JPMiles for the flights, including the bonuses from the Big Billions Miles festival, and another 2000 JPMiles for booking the tickets on the JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Diners Black Credit Card.


It is pretty easy to collect miles, I believe. And this week, I get an opportunity to show you some of the action behind the scenes. Why not. JetPrivilege threw me a very public challenge to accrue 25000 JPMiles on my upcoming trip which starts tonight, and guess what, I accepted the gauntlet.



Along with JetPrivilege, we will be showcasing how I make these 25000 JPMiles happen. I’m hoping I do Winking smile. You can follow all the action on the following social media handles:

I’m planning to do a lot of Instagram stories as well, so do keep track of those stories because there will be hints for a contest coming your way in there. Once I’m back from the trip, I’ll put out the contest as well, and you could win yourselves JPMiles basis this trip.

Are you ready with your digital pom-poms as Shipra & I go somewhere this week and show you how to earn miles in the process every turn of the way?

Would you follow along on the journey and encourage us to win this friendly challenge?


  1. Dear AJ,

    I was under the impression that you had Diners Black. Now you say you booked on JP Diners. Does this mean you have both? I thought you could have only one.


    • @Majumdar I hold the Diners Black and my wife holds the JPDiners. The points accrue to our family account

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