Reminder: Your JP Miles don’t expire

A couple of months ago, I had exclusively broken the news that your JP Miles dont expire, as long as you had one eligible activity in your account in the past 18 months or so. That change was due to come in on June 30, 2018, and it has rolled out indeed.

As a recap, some instances of what qualify:

  • Flying with Jet Airways or any other airline which credits to JetPrivilege
  • Transacting with over 150+ programme partners such has Hotel partners, credit cards etc
  • Redeeming JPMiles for an Award Flight on Jet Airways or any other partner airline
  • Redeeming JPMiles on JetPrivilege Reward Store

All of these count as eligible activities.

To see if it really worked, I tried out a few accounts in the family. On my own account wasn’t the best place to check it out since I am a Platinum and JPMiles anyways did not expire for me. So, I went into the account of my mom who is doesn’t fly as much.

JP Miles DOnt Expire

I would expect that section to totally go away in some time, but at the moment it exists and shows the miles don’t expire. The last flight credited to this account was in March 2018, and my mom is a Blue Plus member, so it would have usually shown how the miles would expire in 3 years.

This is a huge move from JetPrivilege, and should make your use case for JPMiles even better. I’m hoping you would be able to use them for good measure!

Have you checked your JetPrivilege accounts to see how many miles are no longer expiring?


  1. More than miles, the real benefit would come from non expiring tiers. It’s a real pain to maintain that especially when Jet has limited flights from your own city.

    • @Tanmay, expiring tiers are what a loyalty program is all about. Don’t think you won’t get expiring tiers, unless JP decides to introduce lifetime tiers, a feedback I’ve given them in the past.

      • Thanks Ajay for your response. In my opinion the Tier expiry should be linked to balance JPMiles in your account annually. This way even if you dont fly enough but accumulate enough miles through their partners such as co branded CC’s, your Tiers shouldn’t expire.

        e.g. Hundred thousand miles net per annum – Platinum Tier !!

        • @Tanmay, sorry, that doesnt help the airline get repeat business. The airline and program have separate P&Ls. the benefits of the tier are supposed to be awarded by the airline, not the program. So, unless you are giving the airline enough business, nothing in it for them.

  2. the problem with non expiring miles is (which is beneficial to the airline) that passengers don’t burn them fast enough and that leaves them at risk to devaluations which can be immediate and at times without warning.

    Delta is the prime example.

    Now as these guys have joined hands (and I presume eventually 9W may become skyteam?!) the devaluation is due ? revenue based 9w will be a big blow.

    with no competing airline at present, they can do whatever they please. Unless you wanna fly AI. good luck with that.

    • Thats actually why Im looking at Vistara for flights now. Their routes have matured, and it would be nice to see a Tata run airline do well again

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