JetPrivilege Platinum? You may bring a guest along to the lounge

Jet Airways withdrew the access for a +1 guest for higher end elites in 2011. Before 2012, the policy for lounge access used to allow JP Platinum members to bring 1 guest along to the lounge, regardless of the fact if the Platinum member was flying Economy or Business class. As a not so frequent flyer then, I used to benefit travelling with my colleagues at that point of time who were Platinum tier members.

However, with effect from February 16, 2015, Jet Airways has reinstated this benefit for Platinum tier members. Which means, Jet Airways Platinum tier members can now help a family member/friend/colleague into the lounge along with them as well.


Do remember however, that this lounge access is conditional to the fact that the co-passenger being guested to the lounge should be on the same flight as your own. You need to be booked on a Jet Airways marketed and operated flight, i.e., the ticket number should start with 589- and the flight number should be with 9W.

Lounge access would be valid at domestic and international airports, where Jet Airways offers lounge access to their passengers.

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  1. Hi,

    I enjoy reading your posts, I have a question.
    I am a United 1K member and will be working out of BOM for the next few years. My travel should be about 8-10 trips to USA and also lot of domestic travel in India every year and was wondering if Jet Airways or even Air India would offer a status match to their top tier status.

  2. Just when you think Jet is on track to do right things, it comes back with something unpleasant. Sitting at AMD lounge right now (so live from the lounge :)). My flight is at 9:15, but reached airport early and asked to put me on 6:40 flight. I was refused and told it could be done only if I pay INR 14k, which is obnoxious for a 2 hour time difference (6:40 flight delayed to 7:15). Now my problem is not the refusal, but the inconsistency. On last 3 occasions while flying from Bangalore, my similar requests were happily accepted, but all of a sudden I get such response at AMD airport, which leaves a very bad taste in the mouth.

    And you can’t best this one – I was also told that economy in 9:15 flight is overbooked, so if I was flying economy, I could have been put on earlier flight but since I am flying premier cabin which still has vacant seats, I can’t be put on earlier flight – that’s the the price one has to pay for flying premier in 9W..

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