JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Debit Card now available for INR 500 annual fees

HDFC Bank and Jet Airways have offered the only mileage earning co-branded debit card in the Indian market since 2013. Here are the salient features of the card:

  • 1000 JP Miles as enrolment bonus, 2000 JP Miles on first use.
  • INR 750 as discount voucher on round-trip booking.
  • 2000 JP Miles on renewal every year.
  • 2 JP Miles for every INR 150 spent and 4 JP Miles for every INR 150 spent on Jet Airways.
  • MasterCard Lounge Access.
  • 5% off on domestic & international air tickets booked on

The fee for this card was INR 1000 per annum, and free for the first year to HDFC Bank’s Premium Banking members (Classic, Preferred and Imperia).


However, HDFC Bank has now dropped the fee for the card, and offering it with an annual fee of INR 500 from now on. 

Additionally, if you choose to swap your existing HDFC Bank Debit Card for the JP Debit Card via net banking, you earn an additional 500 JP Miles if you complete the process till January 31, 2015.

I think this is a sweet reduction, and makes the case for everyone to have one of these cards if they use a debit card for most purchases.

Would you help yourselves to a JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Debit Card now that the price has dropped?

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  1. Hey Guys, can anyone who is using the HFDC Bank Jet Airways DEBIT CARD tell me if I will get the miles for online purchases? For ex: Paytm, Amazon, Flipkart, Bookmyshow and other similar websites.

  2. I am unsure if the process of Crediting miles in your account is manual or automatic.

    Sometimes miles show up within a week and sometimes they do not show up even after 2 months (even when I use the card with the same merchant.)

    Secondly, when I spent Rs 300000/- in a single transaction, I was expecting a credit of 4000 miles. Instead I got 3990. Same thing was repeated when I spent Rs 1.5L, I got 1995 miles.

    Just curious to know why this happens…?

  3. I am in a similar position as Anupa. I recently got this card and nowhere through the upgrade process did they ask for my existing JP number. However, when I received the card, I noticed that I had been issued a new JP number.
    Now, I have no way to track the details of the new JP account issued. JP website does not recognize this number. Even JP CC does not acknowledge this number.
    As usual, HDFC CC has no clue.

    If anybody has had a similar experience, please do share.

  4. Hi , I recently received this jp hdfc card. When I asked the hdfc bank guy he told me that the miles do not get credit in our jet privilege account instead they are shown against hdfc account only. Cause when i took the card frm hdfc bank nowhere they have asked me for my jet privilege number , so how would they know which jp account do they hv to credit the miles?

    so now i m clueless where will the miles be shown , against the hdfc account or in the jp account?

    • @Anupa, I suspect they will create a new JP account for you. have you received the card already? If there is a new JP number you can write to JetPrivilege and they can combine your accounts perhaps

  5. HDFC Bank is one of the worst bank when it comes to Customer Support.. Even for their so called Imperia Customers.

    I am one such Imperia customer and I used my HDFC JP Debit card in June 2015 twice. However even after waiting for 1 month, I did not see the credit of JPmiles in my JP Account. I wrote to them and got a reply that 3014 miles have ben credited and 319 Miles will be credited shortly. When I checked JP statement again I did not see the credit of those 3014 miles. Again I e mailed them saying that no miles are credited.

    After follow up, I got a response that I should send them a screen shot of my JP statement to prove that miles are not credited. I took a printout and sent them the scan copy of my JP statement from 1st June to 15 th August. Now 3 days back I got a revert that I should contact Jet Privilege to get the credit of these miles.

    I exchanged over half a dozen mails, paperwork and in the end I am asked to contact JP programme centre to get this sorted out.

    Strange and annoying.

    Aj_ What’s your experience and advise on this ?

    • @Krishnakumar I write to JP usually and they take care of the situation. As long as the miles are accounted for by HDFC, they have no issues crediting after making some checks at the backend

  6. Where do you get to see JP Miles earned using HDFC Jet debit card ?
    I upgraded my regular HDFC debit which made me eligible for 3500 JP miles but I don’t see these miles anywhere.

    • @pag these will show up in your jp account in a few days. No way to track them online on HDFC website

    • @Rohan not sure. Jet plats do get the benefits while not paying fee but not sure if the same treatment for bank customers as well.

  7. @Ajay

    To be honest – do you really think anyone would be able to earn any decent mileage from this card ? Big enough to make any difference ? Isnt the Platinum debit card with 1% cashback much better ?

  8. I am really struggling to see why anyone should pay 500 bucks for this – the discount voucher is nothing great – most portals have some scheme or the other running. Most credit cards offer much better mile earning potential. Unless someone does not want to have a credit card – this doesnt make sense.

    • @Mihir, for those who don’t like or want or are eligible for credit cards, this is the only option to still earn miles. and there are tonnes of those kinds.

  9. Hope good days ahead perhaps the banking space is getting ready for new entrants. I agree the offer is good. However, in past the I have seen products from this bank with inconsistent lifespan. Looks like a marketing gimmick, no evidence that it is permanent. Highly likely that one fine day they will send an email saying that the fees has been revised upwards 🙂
    BTW they would have charged their existing customers 1000/- in the first week of Jan, the fees for the Year-2015 and will not do any adjustments or refund.

  10. @AJ
    Last I checked, one will not earn JP miles for online debit card transactions.
    Only POS swiping would earn miles..
    Is it still the case?

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