Jet Privilege offering 10% miles back for redemptions in June 2015

I love it when JetPrivilege keeps pumping out promotions to keep their members engaged, and themselves ahead of the competition. While the 20% bonus on JPMiles purchase is still on-going, they are now out with a new promotion valid all of June 2015. This time, to encourage redemptions.


There is a list of flights amongst the Metro sectors, which has been put out by Jet Airways. If you choose to redeem and travel within June 2015 on these flights, you will receive a 10% mileage balance returned in your account within a few weeks. So, for example, the Mumbai Delhi segment, which costs 8500 miles + taxes goes down to 7650 miles + taxes.

Here are the sectors which are valid for this promotion, and the net cost after adjusting the 10% mileage back:

  • Bangalore – Chennai: 4500 miles
  • Chennai – Bangalore: 4500 miles
  • Bangalore – Delhi: 10800 miles
  • Delhi – Bangalore: 10800 miles
  • Bangalore – Hyderabad: 4500 miles
  • Hyderabad – Bangalore: 4500 miles
  • Chennai – Delhi: 10800 miles
  • Delhi – Chennai: 10800 miles
  • Kolkata – Bangalore: 9450 miles
  • Bangalore – Kolkata: 9450 miles
  • Hyderabad – Delhi: 7650 miles
  • Delhi – Hyderabad: 7650 miles
  • Mumbai – Kolkata: 10400 miles
  • Mumbai – Delhi: 7650 miles
  • Mumbai – Hyderabad: 4500 miles
  • Mumbai – Chennai: 6750 miles
  • Mumbai – Bangalore: 5850 miles
  • Delhi – Mumbai: 7650 miles
  • Kolkata – Mumbai: 10400 miles
  • Kolkata – Delhi: 8550 miles

So, if you’re planning to travel between any of these city pairs in June 2015, maybe it is a good idea to check redemptions. Take note that all city pairs are not valid in both directions. For instance, Mumbai – Hyderabad is valid for the promotion but Hyderabad – Mumbai is not.

Here are the T&C for this promotion:

  • This offer is valid only for JetPrivilege members and upon undertaking an eligible activity within the promotion period.
  • Eligible activity is defined as Award Tickets booked on for travel within India in Economy on the specified Jet Airways flights within the promotion period.
  • The promotion period is limited to award tickets booked and traveled on the specified flights between June 1, 2015 – June 30, 2015 (both days inclusive).
  • Such members will be eligible to earn the special credit of 10% of the Miles redeemed on the specified flights only after completion of the flight activity.

Bottomline:  Great promotion, and another time that JetPrivilege is promoting their flyers to redeem their miles as well. This will only increase engagement with the flyers.

Are you going to be using this promotion anytime soon?

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  1. I redeemed a ticket for travel in June that is one of the flights listed in the tnc of this offer.
    Unfortunately, I redeemed it last week, in May. 🙁

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