Jet Airways–HDFC Bank Credit Card is now free for Jet Airways Platinum

Yesterday I wrote about the new Jet Privilege – HDFC Bank credit cards which are now out in the market. In a comparison with the old tie-up with Citibank, there were some better benefits which I pointed out. Here is a summary:

  • JetPrivilege Platinum members used to have the Citibank Credit Card free as long as they held their Platinum tier. With HDFC Bank, that was not the case.
  • In the tie-up with Citibank, there were renewal benefits where the card-members would get bonus miles on fee payment every year. With HDFC Bank, that benefit was withdrawn.
  • The upgrade vouchers for Rs. 2,00,000 spend offered by Citibank are replaced with one tier point for the same spend with HDFC Bank. Smart move, since upgrades have an opportunity cost, tier points have no cost at all.

It seems HDFC Bank or Jet Airways got wind of the blogpost, and overnight some of these anomalies have been wrinkled out.

  • The World/Platinum/Titanium MasterCard is now free for the JetPrivilege Platinum members as long as they hold the Platinum tier.
  • 4,000/2,000/1,000 JP Miles will be awarded on card renewal for the World/Platinum MasterCard.
  • Additionally, the fee charged for the card to everyone else will be zero on annual renewal, on meeting certain minimum spend thresholds. This threshhold is Rs. 3,50,000/2,50,000/1,50,000 for World/Platinum/ Titanium cards.

Some readers also emailed me to ask if they would automatically be delivered the new card. To that, I have to say that you will need to contact HDFC Bank, or maybe HDFC Bank will contact you, and a new application and appraisal process will be followed.

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  1. Dear AJ.Subsequent to my last mail above of sept 21, on the decline of my HDFC card,I wrote to the bank expressing my surprise on being refused the card eventhough I was a JP platinum member,further more as their refusal was without even looking at my finacials . MAYBE THEY DID NOT LIKE MY MOUSTACHE…

    A few days later ,I was pleasantly surprised to recieve an apology from HDFC and finaly I was given the HDFC World Master Card with an ADDON for my wife.However as regards fee waiver on account of being a Platinum member HDFC have informed that they are still looking into the matter and will revert??? .

    To cut the story short I did get the card ,but with a queer taste in my mouth for JET AIRWAYS for the manner in which the whole thing was handled by their new “PARTNER”…

    Furher the latest increase in Cash charges by 9W on their redemption tickets also reduces the attractiveness of JP miles and as a corolory their CO-BRANDED CARDS also. I Think Jet should be more sensitive when dealing with customers ,particularly their most loyal ones!!!!or else a greater number of seats will go empty.

  2. Pathetic service levels..from HDFC Bank ..11 days since I have submitted the documents for upgrade and not heard back..simply awful

  3. Is the HDFC card really free for JET Platinum members???

    I would like to see a few confirmations in this regard of persons who are platinum members and who got this card free or is it like the WHEEL Of Fortune ,where I have seen complaints of not being rewarded after guessing correctly.

    In my own case HDFC without looking at my financials declined my application after 4 weeks of applying for the card eventhough I am a JET Platinum member and will remain so till Jan 2014 as I have the needed Tier points today itself.

    AJ maybe you could thow some light !!!

  4. I am a Platinum on Jet by virtue of the number of flights I take. The reason I liked the CITI Jet partnership was the upgrade vouchers. Allowed me and the family to fly Premiere on many long distance International flights. Since the upgrade was only confirmed (normally) at check-in or on boarding, there is no opportunity cost (the seat was unsold).

    If Jet HDFC or Jet XYZ do not offer upgrades, I will stick to CITI PM – at least I have options of redeeming on other airlines.

    • @SB I am with you on that. I think Jet realised the cost was too high of upgrades, and hence no upgrades this time around. Though that is massive devaluation for customers who have already seen better.

  5. @Devendra it is 18 miles per 150 rs. spend, so 12 miles per Rs. 100 spend, which is only 2 miles per 100 better and only on jet airways, no other airlines. rest of the equation remains the same.

    • Sorry AJ,I goofed !so on my example given above u can reduce 690miles from 5630 miles leaving a balance of 4940 miles ,which could still cover DEL-IXJ or BOM-GOI one way.I only hope 9W keeps sufficiant seats to make redeeming easy and convinent.
      The other point however is that ,for travel within India,all carriers are priced in about the same range.Exeptions are there some times.
      JET the only one flying which has Loyalty Program.I dont count KF and AI as serious competition ,not as of now atleast.
      If with all this JET does get into the STAR ALLIANCE,the JP MILE will become as valuable a currency as the USD.So which ever card gives the most in terms of JP miles is bound to get popular,atleast with the 2.8 million JP members.
      At the momment SPICEJET is best placed to give 9W (KONNECT)a fight,as they have the co branded card,the food is great ,and all they need is a loyalty program with some changes in the CARD benefits,and conectivity to the North East to JRH ,IXA ,DIB etc.

      • @ Devendra, if you intend to be encashing your JP miles for international travel, I still reckon the Premier Miles card to have a fighting chance. Your miles transfer to British Airways (great availibility, similar fuel surcharge as Jet), KrisFlyer (again, great availibility except for A380 suites for members) and so on… and plus, I expect them to add more members soon.

        • Dear AJ ,Thanks to the triple miles offer on 9W ,I have 75000 miles,and will have approx 20000 miles more by the next month.After seeing all options,I feel that international travel using points is not the greatest of ideas,considering the cash payouts involved.Correct me if I am wrong.

          I plan to use the miles to buy 2 tickets to Port Blair from Delhi.

          • Hi Dev, how to use miles is an individual preference. But if one manages to get a Rs. 2 Lakh ticket to New York for 25K Rs payout and 188k miles in Biz class, then it is not bad at all i feel.

  6. I used my Citi PM for the Ist time to buy a 9W ticket today,it should get me 1150 miles@ 10 miles for each 100 rupees spend .

    Howevever after reading that HDFC card would be giving me 18 miles for each Rs 100 spent similarly ,I would have got 2070 miles for the same spend.Add the miles [1920] given by 9W,plus the online booking bonus of 500 miles,plus 2 web check-ins giving 250 miles each,and my 30% Platinum Tier Bonus of approx 640 miles giving me total of 5630 miles enough for DEL-IXJ or BOM -GOI one way.

    IF it is 18miles per Rs 100 on 9W spends,I would say certainly HDFC for buying the ticket and CITI PM for entering the lounge.


  7. @Suhail, stay at peace, the game is just starting in India. I expect competition to heat up (ego on both sides!).

    Citi PM will be my primary card as of now.

    Titanium < Platinum < World in the MasterCard heirarchy of products. So it is the same for all banks who issue MC cards.

  8. None of the corrections are visible on HDFC site. Just a case of site not being updated yet? From where did you get this renewed info?

    Citi has bungled up my PM card application big time with all sorts of adds harakiri. One month on, they are still processing it after coming all the way down to their proof-collection foot soldiers.

    Between the new CitiPM and HDFC cards, which would you use for regular use, after the signing benefits. This is so confusing for newcomers like me. I think I’ve chosen the worst period to enter this game 🙁 Maybe you can write another post comparing them when dust is settled on these new entrants.

    Thanks for your updates.

    Also, am I the only one who finds the category naming stupid? Titanium < Platinum < World? In every other membership rewards Titanium is the highest slot. It just messes up the short-ckts my brain employs to compare diff. products.

    • @Swami, Jet Airways really does not operate too many lounges of its own. So, does not make a difference at all to me.

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