How to stake claim for Jet Airways refund from the airline’s insolvency proceedings

On April 17, 2019, Jet Airways shut down operations. The possibility of the grounding being lifted is now slim, given everything the airline had, such as planes, routes and so on are given away, and employees have left the building. Also, the airline has entered the process of being liquidated for whatever is left and to be distributed to everyone whose claims are found valid. Up for sale, perhaps, are the remaining aircraft of the airline which were owned by Jet Airways, the 49% stake in JetPrivilege and right down to the last chair that is still there.

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The airline’s administrator (Interim Resolution Professional) had, in June 2019, invited everyone who the company owed anything, such as the Banks, the Employees and every one, to file a claim. As of yesterday, USD 3.6 Billion Dollars worth of claims were received from Banks, employees, and even for ticket refunds. Back in the day, I had posted about how to get your refund from the airline. I think that it would be very low probability now to receive your money, unless you had booked your ticket from a travel agent and they have access to the IATA deposits, which have still not been released to the agents.

So, to get pennies on the dollar for your refund, you should now apply for a refund from the airline’s Interim Resolution Professional, if you already have not done so.

Send an email to the email address with subject of the email being “Refund Claim” by August 02, 2019. You need to use Form B for the claims, so download it here. Remember, you need to send proof of the ticket with the document for verification as well.

Eventually, your name needs to be on a List of Creditors which the Jet Airways India Limited owed money to. Once the list is finalised, the appropriate court will decide who gets how much money. Here is an FAQ that was put out by the IRP on July 4 as a guidance.


At this stage, the chances of getting your money returned are dim, but you should never say never, and still raise a claim.

Have you had success receiving any money from Jet Airways tickets?

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  1. I am booked a tecket for my son to Canada through jet Airways site after that they cancelled the flight still now I am not received the refund we dont know whtat to do kindly advice me to how I can claim the amount.

  2. I had booked tickets via GOIBIBO on Jet airways and appx INR 89000 but refund is still pending . When i read the list of claims admitted GOIBIBO’s name is not mentioned , in that case what possibly could be done
    Is there any way to get our refunds back from GOIBIBO

  3. Hi Ajay

    i have been an avid follower of your blog. i had booked by ticket on jet through MMT. i have got a message from MMT that they have sent the details of NCLT. should i still go ahead and file it myelf as advised?

    look forward to your response

  4. Mercifully, I have no outstanding cash from Jet. But what happens to my Platinum Status? Does it get downgraded to Gold by end July- or existing status is kept?

    Relevant for status match, credit card fee etc.


  5. I am a travel agent and I had 5 tickets that were not submitted for refund through BSB for refund before the time limit and for a long time the BSB links is deactivated I tried contacting the guest relations by email and I was adviced to check back with them in the first week of July . after repeated e mail in July I have not received a reply from them ,so is there a way I can raise a claim for those tickets.
    Please advice if there is any solution,thanks and regards.

  6. Dear Ajay,

    If we had booked the tickets through Cleartrip, do we still file the claim for the refund or Cleartrip should file the claim on our behalf. Also should the actual person in whose ticket is booked should file or the person who has made the payment (Eg Company making the booking in the name of the Employee and making the payment)


  7. Hi team,
    I am a travel agent and I had 5 tickets that wew not submitted before the time limit as travelers were not available at that time,so is there a way I can raise a claim for those tickets.
    Please advice if there is any solution,thanks and regards.

  8. The redemptions for hotel rooms seem somewhat reasonable through Jet Privilege, particularly as they discount for status.

  9. I was wondering as to what happens to the Jet privilege miles that are being unused and lying into my account. Is there a way to now redeem them. Please help

    • If you want normal value from them, then redemptions on Etihad are your only choice. If you want poor value, then use the direct booking site of jet privilege

    • SUPERB VALUE given only on Etihad network.
      OTHER REDEMPTION OPTIONS have further degraded the value of one jp mile to 12 paise to 19 paise

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