How I got my credit card to refund my Jet Airways cancelled tickets

I have meant to write this post for a while now. A lot many people have been worried about recovering their ticket monies, which are stuck with Jet Airways. The airline has shut down, of course, and the reason it shut down was that it was out of cash. I elaborated the other day about how to get your Jet Airways Refund after shutdown if you were booked with a travel agent.

Personally, I was scheduled to fly to Paris with Jet Airways this coming week, and that ticket was booked before the troubles started. In the first place, I was booked on a long circuitous route, BOM-MAA-CDG-BOM, because of two reasons. I wanted to experience and review the flight on the Chennai – Paris leg as well, apart from the fact that it was selling cheaper.

Jet Airways Boeing 777-300ER

Jet Airways Boeing 777-300ER

Anyhow, the Chennai – Paris flight got cancelled, and I now got rebooked on the Mumbai – Paris flight itself, the one I was initially not planning to fly on.

Eventually, after the announcement of the grounding, I got an email overnight that my entire travel plan was cancelled, and hence, I needed to apply for a refund. Now, for all the good things Jet Airways has done in their lifetime, they did not have to make people go through this. Directly process the refunds to the original mode of payment.

I filed for a refund the next morning, and I heard back from Jet Airways a few days later, that they had cancelled the ticket, and a refund would be due to me in 10-12 working days. So, I waited for the refund to arrive, just as I presume everyone else did.

Eventually, after 12 days when the refund did not arrive, I picked up the phone and called the bank. As a credit card user, I was still protected in spite of Jet Airways not pushing through the refund. This particular ticket was booked on the JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Diners Club Black card, and all I had to do was to dispute the transaction. Shipra placed the call (the card was in her name) and was immediately sent a dispute form by the bank.

A bit more about credit card dispute mechanisms: dispute mechanisms are provided on credit cards for various kind of transactions. For instance, let’s say there was a fraud on your card, or if a product or service was not provided but charged for. The credit is usually temporary, and the bank and the merchant then clarify it amongst themselves. Remember, if you try and chargeback a legit charge, it will come back sooner than later on your bill, and you will have to pay it up.

In this case, we explained to HDFC Bank that the ticket was cancelled and the due timeline for providing a refund was now over. So, the bank needs to go and settle this with the merchant, since we had done everything in our power to make this work. They asked for supporting documents and emails, and we sent them a copy of everything as per their request.

Eventually, two days after filling up the form and sending it back, a temporary credit for 45 days was issued, which we are assured will become permanent. HDFC Bank was very professional in their approach and guided us through the whole process.

I’ve also heard from others, for instance, those with an Amex Card, that their Chargebacks were done on the phone itself. So, if you have still not received your refund from Jet Airways, or your OTA, and you have made a ticket booking using your credit card, I suggest you call your bank and dispute the transaction. Eventually, you will get your money back only once, and when the refund arrives from Jet Airways or the OTA, the bank will keep it because it has already refunded you your money.


Eventually, the reason I keep harping about the use of a credit card is not just for the points you earn, but also because a credit card is a much more refined product than, let’s say UPI and net banking. A credit card has purchase protection, which, in this case, got me my money back sooner than how it was going to come back from the merchant. And this is not just a feature limited to top-end credit cards.

Have you received your Jet Airways refunds? Will you try a chargeback and report it to us?


  1. How to get refund of Jet Airways flights cancelled of April 2019. Booked thru Makemytrip. Both of them are not responding now. Despite running from pillar to post there is. No response from either of the party. Where could we raise the complaint now?.

  2. Gurwinder, No refund has been received from Jet Airways. However, my brother’s family got lucky that their credit card refunded the ticket amounts as the tickets were issued by a Toronto travel agent and charged to their credit card.

  3. I booked my Air ticket through Agent , she told me I have to call credit company.I am still waiting for my. Refund.My credit card gave me provisional refund but they took it away after 45 days .Still waiting for the refund…

  4. Hello
    I have booked my Jetairways tickets in the month of Feb from CDG-MAA to travel in July through Travelgenio and yet to get reimbursed. Have been following regularly for the last 3 months but did not get any satisfactory response. Anyone in the community have got reimbursed by Travelgenio?
    Thank you for your help

  5. I booked my ticket through mkemy trip one year before. Makemy trip duly cancelled my ticket but refund yet to come through after 6 months. No idea on what to do now.

  6. The flight was cancelled more than four months before but I didt get refund which I booked through tripair. I am wrote so many mail to tripair but no satisfactory reply from them. Still waiting for refund

  7. I booked a fly KTM-CDG in april for june and i am still waiting for a refund.

    Edreams said they are waiting information from Jet airways.

    Nice deal !!

  8. I was not successful in my credit card dispute. Like Ajay who wrote this post, I contacted my credit card to inform them that Jet Airways had cancelled by ticket and then declared bankruptcy. After a 1-month dispute process with Bank of America (the holder of my credit card) I received a letter saying that “We’re unable to determine that a billing error occurred” and that “we’re unable to assist with your inquiry for the following reason(s): We didn’t receive proof that the merchant has filed for bankruptcy and that they’re unable to provide the services or merchandise for which you were charged.”

    • After a second attempt (when I sent them lots of documentation), my Bank of America credit card did refund me for the cancelled Jet Airways ticket. Very happy with that outcome.

      • Hi Gretchen, What documents did you exactly send to the bank??
        I booked 4 international Jet airways tickets via Paytm using ICICI credit card. My travel dates were also in Aug. As the flights got cancelled, I had to re-plan everything and I am still hoping if there is any chance of any refund. I just came across this post, so it would be great if you can help me out. Thanks in advance !!!

  9. CheapOair……….. email me….
    “Your credit card company is likely aware of the Jet Airways bankruptcy and should be willing to assist you with the dispute process for these flights under ‘Service Not Rendered’ . If additional information or documentation is required for credit card company , please contact our offices via at .

  10. My international ticket was cancelled in april, I called Jet airway Mumbai call centre they said 15 working days you will get a refund. Now 3 moths my refund still not received. now their website also not working. how to claim refund now?

  11. I booked tickets for London and return for my wife and my self, out ward fight was due on April 16, 2019,
    The jet airway flight was cancelled, and we were intimated the same with statement, mentioning refund in total shall be made. Here I am clarifying that we also received a letter of cancellation and mentioning the refunding amounts, along with voucher with statements quoting that, the sum was refunded to us, which was actually not done.
    The refunded amount is yet to be received.Earlier in this matter, enquiring in month of May 19, it was mentioned that jet India has sent a letter of cancelation voucher only, which was received my me on mail, and the money shall soon be delivered soon. Its approximately more than two months, we have not yet received the amount. Its a very shameful affair and amounts to the fraudulence in part of jet airways authorities.
    I request the appropriate authorities to look into matter, to dress my grievances.

  12. We booked two tickets Pune Abudhabi and return in March. and and got refund for just one ticket. Waiting for the refund of 2nd ticket. What’s update? There’s no news from jet

  13. I cancelled my 2 Jetairways tickets in April, I called Jet airway Mumbai call centre they said 15 working days you will get a refund. Now 2 moths my refund still not received. now there website also not working. how to claim refund now?

  14. We had 3 tickets from mumbai to Amsterdam and our flight was cancelled..we were assured full refund and its been 2 months..we had booked in dec on hdfc card..can we dispute it?

  15. I also booked my ticket from Amritsar to Montréal through travel agent of jet airways. My flight was on 22nd may and i cancelled my ticket on 15th may and i requested to refund my money.Till date i didn’t receive any amount. When i call jet helpline no they said your ticket is not cancelled and we didn’t receive any refund request and when i enquired this about my travel agent he said we send the request. Now i am in confusion what we do. Please guide us whom we rely.

  16. thanks for the article. i have 2 mum-london-mum club premiere tickets for which flights got cancelled and they were paid by for HDFC Jet Airways Diners Club Card though when i called them up to dispute the transaction they told me that since i have made the transaction i cannot dispute it and i should pursue this matter of refund with Jet aiwrays directly… So am not sure how they agreed to let you dispute your transaction and gave you a credit on the same?

    • @Dushyant, the tickets were cancelled, the airline had promised a refund in 12 days and the 12 days had passed. if they give you resistance, ask for an escalation.

      • There is a time limit by which we need to dispute the amount. In my case I had booked the tickets 6 months in advance. What do we do in that case

      • Dear Ajay, Finally I spoke to a senior manager who handles my accounts at HDFC Private Banking Group and and then this is response from HDFC Jet Diners Credit Card “We have arranged to provide temporary credit of Rs. 205412.00 to the card account and same will reflect in next statement. Investigation TAT 50 days “…

        Though this is just a temporary credit, what happens once investigation is completed and they find that the transaction was made by me using an OTP? Will they reverse the same? In your article you write that this temporary credit will be made permanent though i wasn’t assured this and just told that the they will investigate the transaction and then take a decision..

        • @Dushyant, at the end of 50 days either they would have recovered the money from Jet, or they would know that Jet did not refund you in which case they refund it to you. Simple. The investigation should focus on whether you got a refund or not already. Clearly the service was not delivered.

          • Ajay, will update after 50 days on what happens exactly.. thanks for the blog it’s pretty useful and i follow it on a regular basis.. Hope we get a chance to meet sometime to share mileage redemption experiences..

            • Ajay, HDFC has debited the amount back to the credit card at the end of 50 days. So there was no refund received at all… The credit was only temporary. Dushyant

  17. Ajay,

    Thanks very much for this update using a credit card. I am glad to hear that you and several others have received their 9W refunds thru their credit cards.

    My brother and family had several tickets booked thru a travel agent in Toronto for travel May01. With all the uncertainty prevailing, all tickets were canceled Apr12. I called Jet Airways in Mumbai several days later and they confirmed to me that the refunds had been processed Apr12 itself and to claim the refunds from the travel agent. Each time we followed up with the travel agent he promised the refund would be available in 10 days. A follow up with Visa also did not yield any results as payment was billed six months prior to travel. Later we learnt that the travel agent had used the credit card to pay Jet directly for the tickets and also charged his commission to the card.

    The refunds have not been received after more than two months. In this scenario what recourse do we have?


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